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Run For Tony 5k Race Report

If you were a reader of my blog a year ago you might remember that this was my first sub-30 5k ever and that I was ridiclously elated about it- and that my race report was written on the 100th post of my blog!  If you weren’t a reader then you were totally missing out on awesomeness you can read about it here and here.  Yes, a first sub-30 is cause for two blog posts!

Besides the fact that this is a race I hold close to my little runner heart, I really like the race and love supporting the cause.  I think one of my favorite things about this race, is that it is held at night, making it different than most races.  It is held in a small town, close to where I used to live, but about 30 minutes from my parents house.  The turn out is amazing (400-600 people yearly) and the atmosphere is great.  It is held at a local bar and afterwards they have free food and beer. 

Pre-Race:  I was almost late- I hit some traffic and then the roads were already all blocked off when I got there so I had to go the super-ridiculous long way and then there wasn’t any parking!  UGH-this is why I always go early!  I finally ended up parking, illegally I am pretty sure, and running to pick up my packet!  Luckily I registered online so I was able to just grab my stuff.  Gathered with all my teammates and my friend Michele, used the bathroom and got ready to run.  I was feeling a little off- not sure how I was going to run- but I had three goals…

  1. I would be happy with 10:20 pace.  Given all my racing lately and how my calves were acting up earlier in the day, I did not want to have too high of expectations. 
  2. I really wanted to get a sub-30.  I feel like this would be a good indication of my recovery and give me the confidence to really go after my half-marathon goal time in September.
  3. Of course, a PR is always the goal.

Race:  I started off great- even though I had some tightness in my calf I was running through it without pain.  I felt strong so I picked up my pace and went for it.  I was going hard and feeling good; I saw my friend Michele at the first water stop and knew I was doing well- she runs a faster pace than me- so I was feeling really pleased.  There were no mile markers on the course but I was pretty sure I had nailed two miles at a 9ish pace.  It was so hot and humid and I was starting to feel a little winded; I slowed down and ended up walking through the second water stop.  From there on it was a bit tough for me.  I didn’t allow myself to walk but I was jogging pretty slow.  Having done the course before, I knew when we were at the last turn and decided to give it my all.  The last quarter mile was in sprint mode and really showed me how much my speedwork has been paying off.

The Stats:

Time: 29:57/9:38 pace   (SUB-30!!!! 🙂  Not a PR but damn good if I say so myself!)

Overall: 375/487

Females: 146/231 

Post-Race:  As soon as I came through the finish I was feeling lightheaded.  Truth is, I was a little dizzy before I sprinted the last half-mile.  I felt like I was going to throw up or pass out and it was not a good feeling!  Some guy came over to tell me thanks for pacing him (I had no idea, but it was pretty cool!) and he was like “uh, you’re kinda white, are you okay?” and he ran to get me some water.  About 5 seconds later my friend Michele came over, got me some more water and we went over to the food tent.  I think the problem was that I ate too soon to run…not enough time to digest but enough time to make me feel like crap.  As soon as I ate some oranges I felt a ton better!  For about 2 hours post-race my teammates, friends and I all just pretty much hung around the lot drinking some beers (not me, I don’t drink beer) and chatting it up all things running and triathlon.  It was a really good night.

16 thoughts on “Run For Tony 5k Race Report

  1. Hi Jill,
    Congrats on your 5K race:) I can’t eat before 5K races for just that reason…I end up feeling like crap! Nice work and enjoy your weekend Lady:)

  2. Wow, has it really been a year since your post on your sub 30 race?? I can clearly remember reading that one!! Awesome job Jill. You and and I are around the same pace, so I definitely know how rewarding it is to sub 30 a 5k. Way to go!!

  3. congrats on another sub-30! not a pr, but you have spent a good chunk of the year on a comeback so it’s totally ok. 🙂 i’m glad you didn’t puke!

  4. Very well done! You’re fast girl!

    I remember this post, so I’ve been reading you for a while and up till today with the same pleasure as in the beginning.

  5. Sounds like a great race and the atmosphere I’m sure helped you sub the 30, congrats!
    I try not to sprint at the end of races anymore (that’s my suggestion anyways) and prefer to head out too fast and crash mid-race.

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