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The August Review

Hello August- you were here and gone before I could blink!  Life is busy, busy, busy right now so this is a much shorter, non-graded version of my normal monthly review.  Some areas were better than others but this was the best month I ever had racing!  This has been a summer full of PR’s, great races and challenges to overcome.  I am now well into half-marathon training with my first post-injury half only 2 weeks away.  This week I have been resting my shins and this weekend I have 9 miles on deck.  As for August…well, good-bye summer and hello fall 🙂

The Stats-

Swimming: 7200 meters total.  Most of this was actually in races- I only actually made it to the gym a few times this month.

Biking: 61.9 miles.  Much less than July, but still really good.  Plus, my bike is improving with every training ride and every race so I still consider it a success.

Running: 23.4 running and 11.5 walking.  Great mileage and the best post-injury!

Strength: 2 hours and 10 minutes.  Normally this would not be enough for me, but considering how insane August was, I feel good about it.  And I have been rocking the HCC exercises so that is a plus too!


And a Meme-

Current Book: Little Bee.  Really tough read but I am loving ever page.  I started it down the shore and will finish it tonight.  I read fanatically by the pool and on the beach- I have eight books down the shore- and I plan to so a big book review so stay tuned!

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:  Between moving and vacation, everything I eat is shameful these days!

Current Colors: Fall is in 🙂

Current Obsessions: WILDWOOD ♥

Current Drink: Arizona Diet Green Tea and water

Current Song: I have been really jamming out to old school rap- my all time favorite CD had been on constantly- Chronic 2001.  Also diggin the new Eminem, which is a close second in the favorite line up.

Current Wish-List: to be moved in and relaxed!

Current Need: Wildwood sunshine 🙂

Current Triumph: Have you seen my race reports- this summer was all triumphant

Current Bane of my Existence: Still the damn shins!

Current Goal: Get all settled in my new place before losing my mind.

Current Blessing: Having the pleasure of spending three weekends in Wildwood.  Many people go without vacations despite them being well-deserved.  I know how truly lucky I am to have a vacation.

Current Excitement: So much- two more weekends in Wildwood, being moved in, PDR 1/2 weekend, Warrior Dash, Colorado…lots to look forward to!


Hope you are all well- I know I have been in and out but I am thinking of you all and wishing you amazing training and race vibes 🙂

9 thoughts on “The August Review

  1. Good luck with the move and getting settled – it will be good in the end, right?? When are you coming to Colorado?? Will you be in my neck of the woods? Oooo, I hope so!! Happy Weekend. XO

    • I am only on vacation on the weekends 🙂 but the thing is, I actually have more time there because I am not running 27298 errands a day!

  2. What a great month!
    As far as Em’s new CD, as a long time fan that still supported him despite the questionable Encore and Relapse albums (I won’t even mention Curtain Call), Recovery was well worth the wait.
    I could listen to it all day. In fact I do.
    And, No Love and Love the Way You Lie are so intense, it’s almost unfair.
    I want to see your biking confidence continue to grow, and have August 2011 be even better.

  3. Don’t say your food intake is shameful! Food shouldn’t have an emotion applied to it! 🙂

    You did have a good month and I love your current triumph! Your racing this month has been awesome and you’re doing great things, despite the injuries you battled! Thank you for being an inspiration to me!

    Where did August go? It arrived and left in a matter of moments!

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