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Avalon 7-mile Race Report

In an effort to not become completely lazy on vacation, I signed up for this run.  I was really nervous leading up to the race given I hadn’t really run much and my half-marathon training has been less than stellar.  I knew this race would determine how I would proceed with PDR in two weeks.

Pre-Race:  Since I was staying in WW and the race was down the road in Avalon, I was able to sleep in a little bit.  “Sleep-in” is relative of course and I was awake at 6am.  Quick breakfast and my mom and I were out the door.  I was feeling really antsy and not confident- I hadn’t run in over a week and I was still having some soreness in my shins.  As luck would have it, we ran into some of my teammates; I hadn’t said anything about this race so this was a nice surprise.  Seeing them lifted my spirits a bit and I decided to just get out there and go.

Race:  Miles 1-3 were good; excellent spectating and I felt strong- and I was doing great- I hit the 5k mark at sub-30.  And then something happened to me that hasn’t happened in a long time…I felt a blister brewing.  This was no good and by mile four it was screaming at me!  (I have to imagine I missed this area with the body glide because I do not get blisters!)  I pushed through but by mile five I had really slowed down; I hit the five miles at just over 50:00- still better than I had expected but I knew I was fading fast.  I turned up my IPOD, tried to put the pain out of my head and kept on trucking.  But it did not work.  Nothing I did worked.  I could not run.  I tried changing my stride…I tried tilting my foot outward to alleviate the pressure.  All that did was add pressure to my shins and worse my achilles was feeling the weight of my outwardly turned foot.  This was a mess.  A total mess.  And by mile six I was well over an hour.  With people passing me left and right, I got myself together and just put one foot in front of the other…not really running, more like shuffling, but moving.  As I rounded the corner to the finish I picked up the pace and saw my mom 🙂  She said “It’s right there, the finish is right there” and I just hauled through.  And by hauled I mean move at a slightly faster pace than a shuffle.  But I finished.  And still better than I had expected!  I grabbed a coconut water, found my mom and teammates, took some photos and then we headed off for some breakfast.

Time: 1:13:28

Post-Race: I was really hurting…everything friggen hurt.  But mostly the blisters.  Yes, there were two.  And my shins, calves, ankles, feet…everything friggen hurt!  It really forced me to focus on the fall.  Whatever I do, I do not want a repeat of the winter.  I ran Florida injured…when I knew better.  I still ran and ended up being out for the count for months.  Some decision making was necessary.  Right away I decided, that if I could, I would be participating in PDR.  I have no plans to run this week; I will run next weekend and see how I feel.  If I hurt, PDR is a walk.  If I do not hurt, I[‘ll give it what I got at PDR.  The one decision that is final is that I packed too much in this fall and something had to give.  I deferred Baltimore.  I am going to do a smaller, more local, race that weekend.  As PDR gets closer I will be able to make more definite decisions.  Time will tell.

Photos 🙂

Reminds me of Amy Pohler on SNL- haha

Rounding the corner into the finish

With mom, post-race

Post-race breakfast!

After breakfast, I spent the day at the pool reading.  Later, we headed to the beach.  That has pretty much been my weekend…reading, pool, reading, beach, wine, pool, wine, reading…and I have loved every second!!!

Up next: tomorrow is moving day- YIPPEEEEEE!  And eventually I will get caught up on my reader.  And get back to working out regularly so I can get rid of these vacation pounds.  And soon, I will feel like life is getting back to normal 🙂

17 thoughts on “Avalon 7-mile Race Report

  1. Good luck with the move, hope this beautiful weather continues.

    Well, very little you can do once the blister appears, short of carrying your own treatment kit.
    And so you accurately describe the consequences of attempting to adapt your gait for the blister, very sorry everything hurt afterwards!

    Good time though and your body will appreciate the week off, I’m hoping it leaves you strong enough to pursue the PDR.
    Meanwhile, no sweat dropping Baltimore, you’ve had a very busy schedule! (Busy until the reading, pool, reading schedule :-))

  2. I’m still trying to get rid of my summer running blisters! These suckers are blisters on top of calluses now! I hope yours go away soon.

    Listen to your body and make sure you do what’s best for you. Racing is awesome, but being able to do your best in your top races is even more awesome!

  3. I’m so sorry you got blisters! Sometimes sh*t just happens in races.

    I love how you weigh everything and prioritize what means the most to you. Deferring Baltimore is a wise move if it means you stay healthy, we don’t need a repeat of the injuries!

    Your pictures are cute… even the one-legged-Amy-Poehler-esque one!

  4. That sounds so painful Jill and I’m so proud of you that you kept going!

    I’m lucky that I never had blisters during running and hopefully never will.

    Good luck on the moving!

  5. Jill, awesome job with your 7 miler! So weird….I got my first blisters this weekend on my long run also!! I’ve run pretty much my entire life, and have never gotten blisters! I even took pics of them, and sent to my parents to show them my 11 mile run battle wounds…lol. I hope your run next weekend goes well. And just remember….you always have me to run with in the PDR if you want…..very SLOW and steady like you said. 🙂 Looking forward to it!!

  6. Argh! stupid shins and blisters! Way to finish strong though girlie! And I’m just getting all caught up here in blog land – you had a great August and summer! Be proud!
    And you’ll be glad you postponed that race – being smart isn’t always fun but it does mean you will probably extend not being injured!
    Congrats girlie!

  7. I always smile when I see your pictures – you’re such a happy person!! Great job on the run and doing so well….but sorry you hurt so much after. I guess it’s a sign you just worked so freaking hard! Hope the move went well…that’s never fun, but always so cool once you’re all in! HUGS!!

  8. Hi Jill,

    great race report, good luck with the move and I hope you enjoy the beach.

    I’m hoping that life gets back to normal for me soon as we’ve just had a series of eartquakes in our city – check out my blog for some pictures.


  9. Sorry to hear about the aches and pains but congrats on the race! Hope the pains are nothing serious? You have a gorgeous smile, or maybe breakfast was just that good 🙂

  10. Way to hang in there and finish the race.
    Avalon is so small! I’m surprised they could host a 7 mile race. 😉 I’ve been to Stone Harbor a handful of times so I’m a bit more familiar with that area but haven’t been in years.
    It sucks that you aren’t going to Baltimore but maybe if you are doing it next year, I could come up and run it too. We’ll see how I feel about half marathons after Sunday…

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