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Writers Block

I have 14 unfinished posts in my drafts.

I have writers block.

How does that happen? 

I am going to go ahead and guess part of this is because I have not worked out in over a week.  Over. A. Week.


But seriously, I did spend roughly four days moving and was on semi-vacation and the school year just got under way.  But tomorrow…tomorrow is back to the grind.  Back to mornings at the gym, pool time, spin class, pilates, after-work runs and the hard core club.  Vacation weight begone!

And that is about all I have for you today.  That and this link, where you can donate to BOMF for my half-marathon in November. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Writers Block

  1. Jill – I think you’re “break” over the last week was really well deserved. You’ve been going at it really hard lately, balancing a lot outside of your training and it was time for a little breather. (And some Down the Shore time!)

    Congrats on being able to unplug a bit, it is good for the soul. Best to you, J

  2. You and me both.I have not worked out for a week either.Its crazy!! I keep telling myself I needed a break and work was busy..but sometimes life happens and well…it just happens 🙂 Here’s to getting back into the groove.

  3. Wow, 14?
    I’ll tell ya what, I can’t save a post and resume it later. When I sit back down, I’m already a different person and cannot retrieve the mindset I started with.
    Maybe just work hard, publish one-per-day and give us 2 non-stop weeks of Jill.

  4. I have so many thoughts I jot down and then I forget where I was going with them. Half my posts make no sense b/c it’s just a slop of words. Haha.

    I’d think moving is an excellent workout!!! 🙂

  5. After such an active Summer a week of rest was well deserved and wise to take it.

    And a writer’s block can happen, it will get back to you as soon as you’re back on your feet and settled in in your new home.

    Remind me in October again about your fundraising, by that time I can probably donate something, right now money is short.

  6. I think when we don’t work out, we can’t post about it, and we don’t get the inspiration and ideas we get when we work out! At least for me 🙂

    Seriously, I can relate 🙂

  7. i’ve been working out and i still can’t come up with anything to write about. i’m talking about nonsense lately! it’ll come back to you, and me, hopefully soon!!

  8. It’s silly how many of us get writers block when we aren’t totally dedicate to working out. I so need to get rid of “vacation” weight aka past two years of gluttony :-/

  9. i have so many drafts in my dashboard, it’s ridiculous! sometimes I think we even need to take a break from blogging!
    I’m sure getting back on your workout routine will get you back on the blogging track. You deserve a break once in a while too!

  10. I have to tell you, I completely empathise with you! I have about 10 unfinished posts in my draft box 🙂 My excuse isn’t lack of exercise though (which I agree can cause my brain to be in a funk) it’s more that I don’t have time to post them and keep up with the comments I tend to get (many of which include questions and opinions that I must respond to). Lame excuse. Obviously I will post them eventually, and so will you, when the time is right!

    Have a great week and enjoy getting back into the exercise groover!

  11. I’ve so missed you during my blogging break! I can totally relate with the blogging block. I get tired writing about myself, dull. My break from blogging was good and I’ve come back with a refreshed attitude.
    Good luck getting back to the grind, you sound busy!

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