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Starting Fresh

I did not go spectate at Rock and Roll yesterday.  Being at the expo Saturday made me sad and I did not think being at the race would be good for my inner being since I have been so down on myself as it is lately.  And as it turns out, I was up half the night with a raging headache and woke up feeling like poo.  I am feeling better now but I am taking it as a sign that resting my body was a good idea.  For the record, not racing still sucks.

Before I get into my plans for a fresh start, I would like to give a huge shout out to my friend Jen who finished R&R with an awesome time and since it was her first, it is an automatic PR!  Woo-hoo!  Additionally, huge props go out to all my teammates who participated in Syracuse 70.3- there was a huge bunch of them…I have been randomly checking in on them and they are all doing awesome- way to represent TT!!!


Okay, now about this fresh start! 

Here’s the plan: the plan is, there is no plan.  That’s right.  No plan.  Other than the fact that Iwill be progressing in run mileage in preparation for the Philly half, I have no need for a plan.  Therefore it’ll work a little something like this…when I want to swim, I will swim.  When I want to bike, I will bike.  Lifting?  Yeah, if I want to.  The new goal is to keep up with my running and workout a total of five days a week.  And for now, that is it. 

The plan that isn’t a plan started today.  I swam.  For the first time all year, I swam just to swim.  No plan, no equipement, no timed laps…just 35 minutes of freestyle swimming.  And it was wonderful 🙂  I feel absolutely rejuventated and ready to get back into the swing of things!

PS- I finally(!!!) updated my sidebar 🙂

14 thoughts on “Starting Fresh

  1. Jill – you do realize that the “no plan” plan, is actually a “plan” 🙂

    I love it – good for the soul your approach to training. I can’t wait to hear about the run in Philly. I would not be surprised AT ALL by a great, great performance.

    Enjoy Jill! That is what this is all about anyway ….

  2. I’m on the “no plan” plan and totally enjoying it. No races for the first in my lifetime….and you know what?? It kinda feels good to just get the mileage built up and no pressure. For now. The time will come when it’s time to plan….but for now, enjoy the base building and have fun :). HUGS!!

  3. I like your no plan plan. 🙂 Sounds perfect for fall. I suppose I’m on the same plan right now, but then again, the only real plan I’ve ever made was my half marathon training… and it was a vague plan. 🙂

  4. This is kind of the way I have been rolling for the past month or so. No training plan, just working out 4-5 days a week with good runs and bikes and a lot of strengthening, stretching, and core stuff!

  5. I missed commenting on your last post, but I did read it. I think you totally made the right decision. There are so many races – there are races every weekend!! There’s no need to do one when you’re not ready.

    It’s so nice to go with no plan. You can just enjoy doing what you want to do, and I think that’s great!!

  6. i know what you mean. i went to the flying pig expo in may. i had signed up for the half which ended up being too much for me so soon after giving birth. i went to the expo to switch to the 5k. it was seriously sad.

    good idea about a fresh start. puts things in perspective! good luck!

  7. Well done on the sidebar 🙂

    You know Jill, I’m kind of jealous somehow of your no-plan. I’ve got everything planned till April next year when I want to run my first half but sometimes that means pressure because I have to go on.

    That’s one of the reasons I have a recovery week after every 3 weeks in which I can take a step back, that helps.
    On the other hand: I’ve been without a plan at the first half of this year and noticed I was doing less and less. But that’s me, knowing and following you for over a year I know you will stick to your 5 workouts.

    Enjoy the workouts!

  8. I think it’s so smart to not have a plan sometimes, it is truly a test of listening to your body long-term. I’m glad you’re feeling better and it sounds like despite the issues, you’re moving forward and staying optimistic, as always. You inspire even when you think you aren’t so THANK YOU!
    Nice sidebar…

  9. Aww Jill, thanks so much for the shout-out. Don’t even think twice about the fact that you were unable to attend on Sunday, because I definitely know you were thinking of me! And as for not running it, you already know how I feel about that. Don’t beat yourself up about it, and try not to feel down. It wasn’t meant to be, and you made a smart decision by letting your body rest. You’ve accomplised SO MUCH this summer, and SO MANY PR’s! So, think about that girlfriend, and SMILE!! No plan is a good plan. I am on that plan now myself, and it feels great!
    Sorry we didn’t get to race together, but it will be in our near future….I know it. Thanks for all of your advice with the half, it definitely helped me have the best experience possible! XOXOXO

  10. I am a no plan kind of person sometimes too. It is nice just to do what you want for exercising when you feel like it!! Go for it and hope it works well for you!

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