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I hold myself to a very high standard.  I am extremely critical of myself.  At times, I fail to remember that I am as human as the next person and I can only do so much.

Here is a list of things I am giving myself permission to do from here on out:

I give myself permission to…

  • run, bike, swim whenever I feel like it

  • travel whenever possible

  • take a bath with a good book in hand

  • separate my skittles by color and eat them in a specific order

  • spend too much money at the book store

  • have breakfast for dinner…or ice cream for dinner

  • delete my reader when necessary

  • be content with sprint tri’s for now

  • laugh at myself

  • take mental health days

  • sing at the top of my lungs while driving

  • not read emails that cause me angst

  • sleep in on a Sunday

  • hide people on Facebook and unfriend them when I see fit

  • stand up for what I believe in

  • put myself first

  • watch mindless TV every now and then

  • always order the same dish in the same restaurant

  • be honest with myself and others – hopefully, not always brutally

  • drink a glass of wine every night if needed

  • not waste time with relationships that are one sided

  • say no when I don’t want to say yes

What do you give yourself permisson to do?

18 thoughts on “Permission

  1. i love this!!!

    really a great idea. should prolly print and post somewhere to see all the time 🙂

    i would put on mine to have permission to not worry about when/if i’ll get things done, but just have faith in myself (b/c i’m so busy right now! ah!) hehe.

    also permission to relax and workout fewer days, … i have less time to workout anyway, so i have to “be okay” with it instead of being bothered by it.

  2. I gave myself permission to take a breather from running this week (at least so far.. might go out tomorrow or Friday). I didn’t take last week off as planned so why not this week?
    Also- I might give myself permission to open a bottle of wine this evening.

  3. I separate my m&m’s!! I always think it’s silly how responding to an email (even a non-angst one) can stress me out. I have issues, I know. I wish I had the cajones to call in for a “mental health” day. Heck I probably don’t need the ” “s as it isn’t much of a stretch these days haha.

  4. Oh, I love your list! I need to do something like this too:) Actually, you have many things on your list that I could put on mine! I hope that your week is going well! Keep smiling girl!

  5. Love it…so many of them would be on my list!
    Guess I need to give my list some thought, thanks for the push! Sometimes we need to just slow down and breathe…..

  6. Jill – one of my favorite posts of all-time.

    I find myself reevaluating a lot of things right now as I’m trying to find the balance between husband, new Dad, work, training and fun ….. so far “fun” has taken a backseat for the last 3-4 weeks, which is all part of it – but I know I need to find some time to do something frivilous from time to time.

    Ride the Harley is a goal for this weekend ….. Need to make that happen.

    Thank you for the reminder!

  7. How do you handle the Skittle tattooing though? I handle them for just a few seconds and I’m wearing the rainbow.

    Carpooling totally kills my time-to-sing in the car, but on those days when I’m by myself, oh what a release.

    Keep taking care of yourself, and enjoy your happy life.

  8. great post!! honestly, i think we should all abide by these rules. i, like you, am so strict with myself. i’ve been really trying to change lately as i’m realizing i’m wasting so much time worrying about the stupid stuff. it’s time to do what i want, when i want, and have fun doing it.

  9. Well a lot of the things I give myself permission to are on your list. F.e. sleeping in on Sunday, sort my candy by color (loved this one), drink a glass of wine every night, I buy way too many books because I love them, I don’t accept everyone on facebook and if someone follows me on Twitter who I don’t like I block them.

    Great list Jill, make sure you follow it because it’s going to make your life even more fun than it already is.

  10. Fantastic post!

    I give myself permission to live life to its fullest whenever humanly possible, including tomorrow (Fri, Oct 1st), when I take a half day for personal time and head over to take part in attempting to set a Guinness World Record for World Smile Day. How often do you get that kind of chance? So excited! See Friday’s post to learn more and wish me luck!

    Live fully. Have fun. Laugh much.
    It’s not a dress rehearsal!

    *hugs* from Orlando!

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