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The Seven Links Post

Got this idea from Kim; it definitely took me some time to narrow down my choices (and by “some time” I mean it took be almost two months to complete) and as you can see, I still could not pick just one in all categories!  I really had fun with this and hope some of you will participate and re-post as well. 🙂

  • Your First Post
  • The post was called What I’ve Learned and it is still one of my favorite posts.

  • The Post You Enjoyed Writing the Most
  • My 200th post was definitely the most fun post I ever wrote.  But a close second would be my 100 things about OneLittleTriGirl, which was actually written as a “page” not a post.

  • A Post That Had a Great Discussion
  • This is a three-way tie between my Taco Bell post, Biggest Loser post and my Full Disclosure post.  With the first two, it was good to see different pov’s and also see that I was not alone with my thinking.  With the Full Disclosure, it was just nice to finally really feel like everyone knew me.  It was such a good post for me to write and the support was amazing.

  • A Post on Someone Else’s Blog That You Wish You’d Written
  • At least once a week, I write on someone’s post “you took the words right out of my mouth” or “I feel exactly like this” or “love this, I totally relate” or something to those degrees.  The point is, I could never narrow this down to one or two or even ten posts.  But I can say this…there are many times when I wish I was as poignant as Joe, as motivating and positive as Robin, as funny as Beth and as creative with my posts as Lacey.  Now Lacey is a girl who can title a post!!!

  • Your Most Helpful Post
  • I think my most helpful posts are the ones in my Swimming 101 series.  You can find them all under the swimming tab in my categories.

  • A Post With a Title You’re Proud Of
  • This goes to my Squish A Boob and Save A Life post!  I struggle with coming up with titles for my posts, but this one was clever, attention-getting and the post helped to spread awareness.  That’s a win, win, win for me!

  • A Post You Wish More People Had Read
  • My post on Hard Work and Balance is one of my favorites but I had so few readers at the time, it went pretty much unnoticed.  I still look back on that post when I am struggling.


    14 thoughts on “The Seven Links Post

    1. Jill – This is beyond tremendous – love it, love it, love it. I definitely feel as if I will also be “borrowing” this idea from Kim in the coming weeks. Great stuff Jill!

      I really enjoyed reading a couple of your “oldies but goodies”, thank you for all that you do!

      (By the way, I think our Phils are looking good!)

      Best to you from the Airport in New Orleans on my way back to Austin. J

    2. good way to draw people to an old post… definitely going to go check out that ‘balance’ one when i am doing with my comment here 🙂

      titling a post is the hardest part about blogging!

    3. I got this post yesterday and knew I would like it so “saved” it until I had time to really read it. I have a different post I “copied” from someone that I have been working on for three months. I have a feeling this will be my next long effort!

      I want to do the Boilermaker 15K. Maybe we can meet at it sometime! I did a post on a race where I raised money for St. Jude’s. It was my most meaningful race and if I do this post I am sure I will include it somehow.

      You have written so many great posts I can see why narrowing it down for this took some time. Keep on blogging!

      And I agree about the titles. I am usually pretty boring. Hence lots of three things Thursday. Bleech!

      • Thank you so much Andrea. Lately, I have felt like I might be boring, so this comment really lifts my spirits!

        I will be doing Boilermaker next year actually; it lands on the weekend of my 30th birthday so many of my teammates and I are heading up. Should be a good time- hope to see lots of bloggers too!

    4. Hey just wanted to respond about your comment regarding the CEP v. Oxysox comparison. I think I’m reviewing a pair of CEP socks in the near future, if you want to wait to make your final decision. Otherwise Aron (runner rambles) did an EXTENSIVE comparison of all compression socks probably within the last 6 months you could search for!

      P.S. I love this post. I may have to steal the idea in the future. 🙂

    5. Jilly! I LOVE this post!!

      What a great way to look back AND invite readers to find previous posts. Well done!

      And ‘thank you’ for your kinds words… definitely something I needed to hear after a tough summer with ‘motivational anything’ being a REAL challenge. Thank you, friend. (I think I’m back on the right track as of late!)

      You are a doll, I enjoy reading your posts very much, and I’m glad to see you jumped on the recent blog hop over at the Turtles blog… a fun way to meet new folks of all stripes, not just in our running/swimming/biking world. 🙂

      So, mind if I borrow yours and Kim’s idea and do a similar post, with props to you guys, of course?!

      *hugs* from Orlando!

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