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Spinning In The Twighlight Zone

No, my spin class is not held in the middle of the night.  Let me explain.

After months of saying I was going to get back to spin class, I finally bit the bullet and went.  Alarm was off at 5am and I was up, fed and out the door by 530.  This was my first time taking spin at this L.A. Fitness; the one I went to prior to moving had a spin class that was never full so I was shocked to see only 3 empty bikes when I got to class, which was five minutes early.  I found a bike in the back corner and got set up.  The seat was broke.  I moved to the only other open bike, which was crammed even further in the corner and got on just in time for class to start.

Then I entered the twilight zone…

  • The instructor was overweight.  And I don’t mean a few pounds.  I don’t even mean heavy.  I mean, her BMI is likely to place her in the obese category.  Of course I was a little surprised by this, but figured she was legit since the class was packed- I mean, no one is going to go to a 545am class if it sucks.
  • The instructor kept getting off the bike.  This is without a doubt the oddest thing I have ever witnessed at a spin class.  Now I have to assume that she herself cannot complete the entire class, but still…I would think she would at least stay on the bike.  Seriously, every 4 or 5 minutes, she would get off the bike and walk around in between the bikes cheering on the class.
  • And by cheering I mean screaming.  This woman was loud with a capital L!
  • And she made us do countdowns for everything- 10-9-8-7…you get the idea.  And there was this old guy who needed to be louder than everyone, including the instructor and not only was it annoying, it was downright creeping me out.

When we got back into the locker room, a bunch of the ladies from class were talking about how great the class was…and one asked if I as new.  I explained that I was new to this class but not to spinning.  They asked me what I thought- I wasn’t as honest as I was in the bullets above, but I did mention that I thought it was odd that she got off the bike.  Every single one of them agreed that they thought the same thing when they first took the class but they all came back because there is just something about her that makes the class good.  And they are right.  And her weight had nothing to do with her ability to give people a good workout.  I can’t even pinpoint what made it so great because I seriously felt like I was in the twilight zone the entire time and at times I was downright annoyed.  But I broke a major sweat, felt totally energized and ready for the day when it was over and had the urge to go back.

So even if it is a little weird…and not quite what I have ever experienced before…I will be going back.  I’ll need to get there earlier so I can get a bike that isn’t in the corner without air circulation and I might need some earplugs to drown out the loud countdowns and creepy dude, but it looks like spin class on Tuesdays is a sure thing!

What is the weirdest experience you ever had with a class?

15 thoughts on “Spinning In The Twighlight Zone

  1. Dude! My BMI says I’m obese, too, ease up!
    Well, you’ve described every gym teacher I ever had. But hell, you had a good workout and you’re gonna go for class #2.
    Glad you’re motivated, because we want to see more positive experiences on the bike next year…and it looks like you’re well on your way.

  2. I don’t usually take classes so I don’t know- and I’ve never done spinning (Since my work gym doesn’t offer it). The only class I took was a boot camp style class. It was intense and it made me hurt worse than anything before… but I kept taking the class because I didn’t want the teacher to think he defeated me. haha

  3. Jill – Definitely “different” I would say with regards to the class …. but I can definitely see how that class, instructor, vibe is motivating. Sometimes you see instructors that seem “impossibly fit” and it can be really intimidating or discouraging in a “I could never be that strong/look like that/train that hard kind of way”.

    Sounds like you got a great workout, but yeah, all the yelling at 6:00 a.m. …. earbuds might be a good call!

  4. That is strange that she is so large yet so good. I’m guessing very motivating? I’ve had instructors get off and walk around/cheer so that part doesn’t seem as weird. Unless maybe she spent more time off than on? I can only imagine how hard it is to talk/instruct and workout – like in a step class? I’d definitely be walking around haha.

  5. Wow that is interesting. My spin class instructor usually stays on the bike, unless she needs to turn on the fans or refill a water bottle. I guess everyone has a different teaching style! I just hate it when the instructor doesn’t play good music!

  6. lol wow that does sound really strange! glad you got a great workout in though – thats what counts the most 🙂 at least the time probably passes quickly with all the randomness going on!

  7. It sounds like her style is a bit different but really works. Cool!

    Gosh. I have not done enough classes to answer that question! Bummer 😦

  8. I love this post, it made me laugh out loud.
    I never had a strange experience in a class (yet).

    And now you’ve put this song in my head from a Dutch rock band called “The golden earring” song is called “The twilight zone” 😆

  9. Gosh, I haven’t taken a spin class for a few years, you’ve inspired me! I love spinning but it’s pretty tough and it really depends on the instructor. I haven’t had any strange experiences except one guy who didn’t speak English clearly and I couldn’t understand him, which didn’t matter but it kept making me laugh(out loud)and no one else was laughing. My bad 😦 !

  10. Hi Jill,
    I have never taken a spin class. I have watched a few and to be honest, they intimidated the hell out of me:) I know that with time I would fit right in but I would start out in the beginner class. I am glad that you had a positive experience and will be going back!

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