Writers Block

I have 14 unfinished posts in my drafts.

I have writers block.

How does that happen? 

I am going to go ahead and guess part of this is because I have not worked out in over a week.  Over. A. Week.


But seriously, I did spend roughly four days moving and was on semi-vacation and the school year just got under way.  But tomorrow…tomorrow is back to the grind.  Back to mornings at the gym, pool time, spin class, pilates, after-work runs and the hard core club.  Vacation weight begone!

And that is about all I have for you today.  That and this link, where you can donate to BOMF for my half-marathon in November. 🙂


A Look At Summer

As much as 2010 has been a thorn in my side, with a lot of stress, injury and more stress…this was a really great summer.  Despite my injuries this year and what seemed like constant pain in one form or another, when I look back I feel extremely accomplished.  It was a good summer for racing, I had a most excellent birthday and I am wrapping up my third weekend in a row down the shore as we speak.

As I laid in bed falling asleep last night I started to really give thought to how far I came this summer; I was hard on myself because I often switched up my goals and in part it felt like I was taking the easy road.  But this road was not easy, it was full of challenges.  Was it the summer I expected?  No.  But the end result was one PR after another and some really great experiences.  And I’ll take that as a win.

I consider my kick-off to summer Black Bear Relay in May; the coldest swim I have ever endured and also my first 1500 meter ows.  It was brutal cold and I threw up in the water before finally finishing…but I finished.  I knew my next swim of that distance would seem like cake in comparison!  Next up was the Scott Coffee 8K- I still wasn’t allowed to push or run hills of any kind but it was still a good way to gauge my recovery.  I did well too and it was the start of getting my confidence back.  After that, I had a small break wherein I attended two weddings in two weekends and then my birthday.  And before I knew it I was back to racing; with the exception of two weekends, I raced every weekend from July 11 until this weekend, Sept 11.  First up was Philly Women’s Tri which was once again turned into a DU; it was just as brutal as the year before but at least I knew what to expect.  It was also my first PR 🙂  I followed that race up with NJ State…probably my most anticipated race of summer.  First it was an Oly, then I made the smart but agonizing decision to drop to the Sprint.  In the end it was the right thing to do.  It was the best race I had all summer and the most fun.  Oh, and another PR 🙂  A week later I was in Belmar for a Sprint Tri; another fun race and another PR!  I followed that up with a Spring relay at Steelman where I had a great swim.  The seond 1500 swim, and just like a predicted…in comparison to Black Bear, it was cake!   Just as I was getting used to all this PR’ing…Wildwood came along and beat me up!  To date, this was my most challenging race.  I knew I was tough when I crossed that finish line!  A week later I did the Medford Sprint as a relay and had my best swim time to date.  Another PR! It was a great way to end my tri season!  And I topped the race off by heading down the shore.  And the racing did not stop…last week, I ran the Avalon 7-miler and although it tested my strength and my body, I finished well.  And this weekend…well, this weekend I am enjoying the end of summer!

And because I love photos…I give you, a summer in photos!

The thing is, I haven’t figured out a way to post it to this page- WordPress doesn’t support the OneTrueMedia, and on YouTube the music doesn’t play.  And it just isn’t the same without the music.  Therefore in order to see the montage (and you know you want to!) you have to click here.

What’s next?  That is still a tough question.  I am still not running…I will run this week and see how I feel to determine my course of action for PDR.  The Warrior Dash is still a definite and as long as my legs feel healthy, so is Philly.  But after Philly, I am taking a major break from running.  I need to heal- I need to just enjoy running without the pain or lasting aches that come with my longer runs.  For a few weeks, if not more, I will be much more focused on getting back to 100%.  Cause if you know me, you know I am already looking for ways to make 2011 even better than 2010!!!!

What was your biggest accomplishment in the summer of 2010?

*This day cannot go without acknowledging its significance- thinking of all those who gave 9-11-2001 and still give. ♥

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Woooo-hoooo; I have been a winning machine lately!

First, I won this awesome Chocolate prize pack from Paige:

The very next day I found out I was the winner of Suzy’s give-a-way and won me some of this:

And then I won Jill’s give-a-way and scored these:

Additionally, I recieved the following tags whilst on vacation 🙂

Indi and Kim both tagged me for the Happy 101 award:

The rules are to name 10 things that I like, and then pass along to 10 bloggers.

  • Wildwood Crest, NJ- my home away from home
  • Flipping my pillow over to the “cold” side- anyone else do this?
  • Vanilla flavored milk- makes my coffee perfect!
  • The Phillies- ♥ them!
  • Homecooked Meals- really, there is nothing like it!
  • Scrapbooking- I am working on a running/tri one right now.
  • Getting a magazine in the mail- always nice to get something other than a bill!
  • Wine- ’nuff said!
  • When my clothes are still warm from the dryer- best feeling, especially in winter
  • Unexpected blessings- they happen all the time, you just have to look!

And Jamoosh tagged me in the Cherry On Top Award:

Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

Is it cheating if I say nothing?  Cause honestly, I have always felt like if I changed one thing, no matter how big or how small the experience, it would change everything.  And I don’t think it would be worth it.  However, if I could change things out of my control…if I could change that Jimmy died, I would- I still have yet to find a reason why that had to happen.

Thanks for the tags everyone!  I hope September is being good to you- I have moved in, school has started and after this weekend down the shore things will be getting back to normal!  I hate when summer ends, but I do like being on a routine.  I am slowly catching up on my reader too!

PS: If you haven’t yet checked out my BOMF donation page, please do.  The link is in my sidebar.  This is a charity near and dear to me.  Any amount helps!

Avalon 7-mile Race Report

In an effort to not become completely lazy on vacation, I signed up for this run.  I was really nervous leading up to the race given I hadn’t really run much and my half-marathon training has been less than stellar.  I knew this race would determine how I would proceed with PDR in two weeks.

Pre-Race:  Since I was staying in WW and the race was down the road in Avalon, I was able to sleep in a little bit.  “Sleep-in” is relative of course and I was awake at 6am.  Quick breakfast and my mom and I were out the door.  I was feeling really antsy and not confident- I hadn’t run in over a week and I was still having some soreness in my shins.  As luck would have it, we ran into some of my teammates; I hadn’t said anything about this race so this was a nice surprise.  Seeing them lifted my spirits a bit and I decided to just get out there and go.

Race:  Miles 1-3 were good; excellent spectating and I felt strong- and I was doing great- I hit the 5k mark at sub-30.  And then something happened to me that hasn’t happened in a long time…I felt a blister brewing.  This was no good and by mile four it was screaming at me!  (I have to imagine I missed this area with the body glide because I do not get blisters!)  I pushed through but by mile five I had really slowed down; I hit the five miles at just over 50:00- still better than I had expected but I knew I was fading fast.  I turned up my IPOD, tried to put the pain out of my head and kept on trucking.  But it did not work.  Nothing I did worked.  I could not run.  I tried changing my stride…I tried tilting my foot outward to alleviate the pressure.  All that did was add pressure to my shins and worse my achilles was feeling the weight of my outwardly turned foot.  This was a mess.  A total mess.  And by mile six I was well over an hour.  With people passing me left and right, I got myself together and just put one foot in front of the other…not really running, more like shuffling, but moving.  As I rounded the corner to the finish I picked up the pace and saw my mom 🙂  She said “It’s right there, the finish is right there” and I just hauled through.  And by hauled I mean move at a slightly faster pace than a shuffle.  But I finished.  And still better than I had expected!  I grabbed a coconut water, found my mom and teammates, took some photos and then we headed off for some breakfast.

Time: 1:13:28

Post-Race: I was really hurting…everything friggen hurt.  But mostly the blisters.  Yes, there were two.  And my shins, calves, ankles, feet…everything friggen hurt!  It really forced me to focus on the fall.  Whatever I do, I do not want a repeat of the winter.  I ran Florida injured…when I knew better.  I still ran and ended up being out for the count for months.  Some decision making was necessary.  Right away I decided, that if I could, I would be participating in PDR.  I have no plans to run this week; I will run next weekend and see how I feel.  If I hurt, PDR is a walk.  If I do not hurt, I[‘ll give it what I got at PDR.  The one decision that is final is that I packed too much in this fall and something had to give.  I deferred Baltimore.  I am going to do a smaller, more local, race that weekend.  As PDR gets closer I will be able to make more definite decisions.  Time will tell.

Photos 🙂

Reminds me of Amy Pohler on SNL- haha

Rounding the corner into the finish

With mom, post-race

Post-race breakfast!

After breakfast, I spent the day at the pool reading.  Later, we headed to the beach.  That has pretty much been my weekend…reading, pool, reading, beach, wine, pool, wine, reading…and I have loved every second!!!

Up next: tomorrow is moving day- YIPPEEEEEE!  And eventually I will get caught up on my reader.  And get back to working out regularly so I can get rid of these vacation pounds.  And soon, I will feel like life is getting back to normal 🙂

Just Putting It Out There…

If you have been reading my blog long, you know I have been running/walking/biking to raise money for Back On My Feet, an organization I really love.  I will be running for BOMF at the Philadelphia Half Marathon on November 21, 2010.

If you are new to the blog, you can read about how my journey started here.  To read more about Back On My Feet, go here.

I had planned to run/walk 550 miles on the year and bike as much as possible.  Unfortunately, I was injured for part of the year and have not been able to run/walk/bike as many miles as I had anticipated.  More than likely I will not hit my goal of 550 miles, but  I still want to meet my fund-raising goal.  Therefore, I am reaching out to you bloggers- for whatever you can give.  Think of it as donating your morning Starbucks ($5) or perhaps a 12-pack of beer ($10) just once 🙂  Every little bit helps and I appreciate anything you have to give.

If you do not have anything at this time, I completely understand.  Many of you are raising money for your own charities and I understand the state of the economy.  There is no pressure, there will be no give-a-way bribes;  I am simply putting it out there.

You can click the donation link here or it is on my sidebar for those interested 🙂

The August Review

Hello August- you were here and gone before I could blink!  Life is busy, busy, busy right now so this is a much shorter, non-graded version of my normal monthly review.  Some areas were better than others but this was the best month I ever had racing!  This has been a summer full of PR’s, great races and challenges to overcome.  I am now well into half-marathon training with my first post-injury half only 2 weeks away.  This week I have been resting my shins and this weekend I have 9 miles on deck.  As for August…well, good-bye summer and hello fall 🙂

The Stats-

Swimming: 7200 meters total.  Most of this was actually in races- I only actually made it to the gym a few times this month.

Biking: 61.9 miles.  Much less than July, but still really good.  Plus, my bike is improving with every training ride and every race so I still consider it a success.

Running: 23.4 running and 11.5 walking.  Great mileage and the best post-injury!

Strength: 2 hours and 10 minutes.  Normally this would not be enough for me, but considering how insane August was, I feel good about it.  And I have been rocking the HCC exercises so that is a plus too!


And a Meme-

Current Book: Little Bee.  Really tough read but I am loving ever page.  I started it down the shore and will finish it tonight.  I read fanatically by the pool and on the beach- I have eight books down the shore- and I plan to so a big book review so stay tuned!

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure:  Between moving and vacation, everything I eat is shameful these days!

Current Colors: Fall is in 🙂

Current Obsessions: WILDWOOD ♥

Current Drink: Arizona Diet Green Tea and water

Current Song: I have been really jamming out to old school rap- my all time favorite CD had been on constantly- Chronic 2001.  Also diggin the new Eminem, which is a close second in the favorite line up.

Current Wish-List: to be moved in and relaxed!

Current Need: Wildwood sunshine 🙂

Current Triumph: Have you seen my race reports- this summer was all triumphant

Current Bane of my Existence: Still the damn shins!

Current Goal: Get all settled in my new place before losing my mind.

Current Blessing: Having the pleasure of spending three weekends in Wildwood.  Many people go without vacations despite them being well-deserved.  I know how truly lucky I am to have a vacation.

Current Excitement: So much- two more weekends in Wildwood, being moved in, PDR 1/2 weekend, Warrior Dash, Colorado…lots to look forward to!


Hope you are all well- I know I have been in and out but I am thinking of you all and wishing you amazing training and race vibes 🙂