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This Week Was A Good Week!

Seriously, first good week in about a months time.  Solid good week. Woo-hoo!

I think this calls for a review 🙂

Monday: headed to the gym for a 30 minute morning swim.  Freestyle…good overall swim.

Tuesday: Back to spin class.  Woo-Hooo!!!!!!  Followed that up with a little HCC session.

Wednesday: Needed to run…wanted to run…and it was storming.  Go figure.  Before I lost my desire I jumped in the car and relegated myself to the gym treadmill.  It sucked like the treadmill tends to suck but at least I got in a run.

Thursday: Another 30 minute morning swim.  This swim sucked…like couldn’t get into a rhythm, my goggles were bothering me and I kept forgetting what lap I was on.  I just couldn’t groove.  I was actually happy when time was up.

Sunday: Did a HCC session before hitting the asphalt.  Had a great run…outside!!!  This was the perfect run’ it is how I wish every run could be.  The weather was perfect, the new route I took was great and I felt awesome the whole time.

Weekly High: Today’s morning run.  This was a good week in general and I am feeling great!

Weekly Low: Thursday’s swim.  Something was just off.

Three things I am grateful for this week:

  1. Fall weather- it is lovely!  I miss summer, but I love fall too!
  2. Bloggies- You are all awesome- thanks for always making me feel so special, especially when I am down 🙂
  3. Friends with benefits- no, no…not like THAT…get your head outta the gutta!  My friend Greg is a podiatrist and has been helping me with some issues I have been having with plantar fasciitis.  He is also going to get me a brace to help with my shin splints- I will wear it during the day to help stabilize my legs.

Quote of the week: “Never give up what you want most, for what you want right now.”

11 thoughts on “This Week Was A Good Week!

  1. Way to go:

    Tackling the treadmill. (I’m making my peace with it, too!)

    Getting back in the game (Me, too, thankfully. Your posts are inspiring me!)

    Having friends with benefits (of the ‘foot variety’ – even better!)

    *hugs* from Orlando!

  2. Jill – Good for you! Sounds like a great (and tough!) week of training – and it also sounds like you enjoyed all of it.

    (Treadmill notwithstanding).

    Love the quote of the week by the way. Enjoy your Monday and let’s root home those Phillies starting Wednesday!

  3. yay! you were busy. love the enthusiasm and you got a lot of work in. glad it was a good week!

    giggled at the friends w/ benefits… heh.

  4. You certainly did have a great week.
    Good for you to use the dreadmill when you couldn’t run outside. I really need to do that more. Usually I just skip my run instead of going to the gym.

  5. Sounds like a good week! I hate when my swimming workouts don’t go well. With biking and running I can usually get back into a good rhythm, but with swimming, when things are off, it’s hard for me to fix them!

  6. I’m so behind on your blog, you overwhelmed me with links to like 7 other posts. I almost need to take a vacation day just to keep up.
    You know, um aside from your attraction to the podiatrist as expressed by Lindsay, I’m seeing entirely too many endurance athletes confronted by PF. It’s almost like our feet want us to find another hobby…very frustrating.

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