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A Message For All


I know I just said yesterday that this was not a political blog.  And it isn’t.  This isn’t about politics.  It is about human life.  Regardless of which side of politics you are on or your personal beliefs system- a human is a human.  This past week a student at Rutgers, the University I attend, killed himself after a tape of him in a sexual act was streamlined by his roomate on the internet.  Here is one of many articles.  It has drawn worldwide attention- but he isn’t the first kid to be bullied to the point of suicide and sadly, he won’t be the last. 

As Americans, as humans…we MUST strive to do better.  

20 thoughts on “A Message For All

  1. i’ve been saying it for a long time, bullying needs to be managed. and now cyberbullying as well. there is no good intervention that i have seen that has been effective. i didn’t realize that this sort of cruelty extended to college aged kids… i thought it was a middle school/ high school thing. it’s devastating and disappointing and everywhere.

  2. This story really hit home for me also, since I am an RU graduate, and his dorm is about 10 minutes from my house. It breaks my heart, and literally makes me sick to my stomach. It also makes me wonder what type of upbringing these kids had, because what they did was downright CRUEL.

  3. OH SNAP!!! You go to the same school! How sad. What a jackass his roommate it… I don’t know what I would have done if my privacy was violated like that.

  4. Wow. It must be really hard for you, since you went there. I feel so bad for that student. I can’t imagine how he felt before, then to have the video come out. Poor guy 😦

  5. this is a political issue? i am soo not reading your blog anymore…

    jk of course.

    agreed. sometimes i think society is just going down the crapper these days. i wonder if our parents/grandparents felt the same way when they were younger… i hope some good comes of this young man’s life/story – wake up america!

  6. So sad. I don’t care if you think being gay is right or wrong, it is never okay to harm another human being. NEVER. People think this is conditional somehow…it’s sickening.

  7. We are a nation built on intolerance. Rather probably a world built on intolerance and arbitrary classifications to make some powerful and others weak.
    We may think we’re evolving in the USA, maybe we do a little better with equality and stuff, but we just push that hate onto the next group.
    There’s plenty of fiction written about society when everyone is equal. That won’t work much better.
    What’s important is that you treat everyone fair. How you determine what is fair? Well, that’s why we wake up every day.

  8. it’s absolutely terrible what goes on. why do people care so much about how someone else chooses to live their life. what’s wrong with just accepting someone for who they are and leaving it at that.

  9. Hi Jill,
    I have a college son and this news made me feel so sad. My heart goes out to this boys family:) The guilt that his roommate must be feeling right now. Hopefully people will learn from this and become more compassionate.

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