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Rick- The Real Warrior

It is 7:32 am. I just received news that Rick, aka Marathonman, has passed away.

I am devastated.

Anyone who read Rick’s blog or was lucky enough to have Rick read theirs, knows this man was amazing.  He cherished his wife, kids and his job.  And he was a runner.  He was such an inspiration- he really loved the people behind the blogs he read.  He would always leave me facebook messages kidding with me about the Mets.  I am really going to miss Rick’s enthusiasm and dedication to his life.  I was supposed to meet him in 2011 at Boston, something I was looking for forward to.  I am deeply saddened that this will never happen.  Over the past year or so we became more than just two people who blogged. We became friends.

He battled through injuries this year and became a Warrior last month- at the same race I will be running today.  So today, I run for Rick!

I hope you are resting (and running) peacefully.  My life is better for having known you.

16 thoughts on “Rick- The Real Warrior

  1. I just learned of this moments ago. I’m so saddened. I met Rick and his beautiful wife in Boston this year and I will never forget his infectious smile. Rest in Peace, Rick. You will be truly missed!!

  2. This is such sad news. I loved Rick’s wonderful posts and funny comments. Rick was one of a kind…the great kind. I will miss him dearly.

  3. Jill,

    I’m sure his wife will be grateful to learn you ran the race for him today. I learned of Rick’s passing earlier today, through fellow bloggers’ posts. I did not have the pleasure of knowing him, but it is clear he touched the running/blogging community deeply.

    Thank you for this heartfelt post… I do hope your race was a good one today. I suspect it was quite an emotional run.

    *hugs* from Orlando….

  4. I’ve read about Rick on Meg’s blog earlier today. I didn’t read his blog nor did he read mine but by reading a few of his posts and the way you and Meg describe him he must have been a special man.

  5. I thought of you as soon as I heard about Rick. He was always so positive and supportive of YOU and he just seemed to know what to say to comfort and inspire. I know how special he was to you and I agree, we are all better for having known him. However, I can say the same about you, from the bottom of my heart. Thanks.

  6. Jill, very sorry for you and everyone else that new him. I’m sure that he has left his spark in each of us, and it was very appropriate that you would dedicate your Warrior run to him.
    And, you read the last note that Rick had left on my blog, he wouldn’t want hot chicks like you moping around, feeling sorry for him!

  7. On his site, he says: “”I run, therefore I am.” Being able to run is a gift; a gift we should be thankful we have, a gift we should always appreciate and enjoy. Being a runner is a privilege . A privilege that not everyone can enjoy. As a runner, we owe it to ourselves while out on a run to do whatever it takes to have fun. Bask in your ability to enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds while you’re running. There are no bad days of running. A bad day of running is better than a good day of not running or not being able to run.”

    WOW. How sad that he is gone.

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