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Delanco 5K Race Report!

This was my third year in a row doing this race…it is held in my hometown, is very no frills and the route is pretty much what I run when I run at home.  I also like that I have been able to see my steady improvement over time…

-The first year I ran it, I was in the back of the pack…still a new runner.

-The second year, it poured rain and only about 30 runners showed up.  I won second AG, but only by default because there were only two of us in my age group.  So even though it counts of course, it doesn’t feel like a legit win.

-This year, I wasn’t sure how I would do but I ran great AND…

…I won THIRD PLACE AG.  Legit win too. Like I really actually beat people- haha 🙂


Woke up and ate a PB bar and got dressed.  Grabbed a cup of coffee and was at my parents house by 815am.  Headed over to the race start, hung around with some friends who were also racing and got ready for the 9am start.


First mile- cold while running against the river but I was feeling fast.  Kept pushing myself and got to mile marker 1 at 9:12-wooohoo!  That was a huge confidence boost as I knew if I kept it up, I would have a PR.  The second mile was my best mile and I was passing some people too!  I was pretty sure I passed some people in my age group and was feeling really great! My dad was volunteering at a stop that I passed twice in the second mile and it was super fun seeing him on the course.  I hit the second mile marker at 18:21 (negative split!!) and was pushing pretty hard.  The wind was insane at this point and even though I knew I was slowing down I was just trying to keep my pace as fast as possible.  I knew a PR was still possible and I wanted to stay ahead of all the people I had passed.  When the wind was blowing in my face and I wanted to slow down, I thought of all the people running a lot further than me that morning and I just kept repeating positive affirmations to myself.  As I rounded into the last tenth of a mile, I knew a PR would be a stretch…and by the time I was in the final stretch, I knew I wasn’t going to PR…but I also knew I was still ahead of the people I passed AND I had a sub-30 time.  I sprinted with everything I had into the finish.

Official time- 29:16; course PR and good enough for an AG win 🙂

Post Race:

My friend Mark’s dad was helping with the race and he told me that he thought I placed.  Normally a 29 minute 5k would never place but that is the nice thing about small races 🙂  My friend Ryan placed 2nd overall and my friend Mark placed in his AG.  Then they got to females 19-29…and third place went to me!!!!!  I got a bronze medal to commemorate my win 🙂

Still waking up!

Ready to Run!!!

Post Race- Ryan (2nd overall), Me and Mark (2nd place AG)

Third Place AG 🙂

23 thoughts on “Delanco 5K Race Report!

  1. “Like I really actually beat people”

    Great race report and way to score 3rd AG.
    Also cool that your Dad volunteered, that helps explain the negative split.

    The only thing better than a hometown race is bring home the hardware, too. Way to run strong.

  2. heheh i did a small town local race for three years too (this was the first year i couldn’t do it, they changed the date and it coincided w/ my maine trip wahhh). i loooooooove small hometown races. and i laughed at the “legit beat people” lol. congrats!!!!! take it hoooome 🙂

  3. Congrats!! Its always nice to have a annual race you do as it really helps to see the improvement. Congrats on the AG win!! very nice!! And totally try some trail runs in 2011. Its is a blast, I know you’d love it 🙂 have an awesome week!

  4. Nice! Congrats on beating real people this time 😉 lol. I guess next year you’ll come in first to complete the collection. And a PR! Woo hoo! Rick is proud of you, you know that.

    …you are so short compared to those guys lol

  5. Whoo hoo! Congrats on the AG win! I LOVE small, hometown races! You did awesome! And, love that each year you have gotten better! Nice!
    Have a good week girlie!

  6. congrats on your AG win! sounds like a great race. thanks for the kind words about chicago by the way, it was a long road, but i guess we both know eventually hard work pays off 🙂

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