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Calling All Boston Bound Bloggies!!!!

Today was a big day for many of you 🙂 

Leave me a note if you are Boston bound this coming April- I will be there for the marathon weekend and would love to cheer you all on!!  I am hoping to get into one of the 5,000 spots for the BAA 5K that weekend; Rick and I had planned to meet up for the race and now more than ever I want to complete that race.  I am going to be flying in on Friday and will be there until late Monday night.

Who’s in for- Running? Spectating? Bloggy dinner meet-up one night?

11 thoughts on “Calling All Boston Bound Bloggies!!!!

  1. I’m up for spectating and dinner! I’m also going to try to get in to the 5k. I work right around the corner from the finish line (I pass it every day walking to my office), so I’ll definitely be around 😉

  2. Oh wow I didn’t know you were going to be there?!?!? I’ll be there to spectate Spike and run the 5k too! 🙂 See you there chica! Bloggy meet-up will be EPIC this year! I already have a growing list of peeps!

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