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How I Feel On Hold…

This is how I felt today(minus the testicles!) on hold with my credit card company:


A little something light after my two serious posts.  Oh, and if you are wondering if I still work out and do running-type things…the answer is yes 🙂  And perhaps this weekend, I will write about it!  Meanwhile, the second job is going splendid and I am waiting for the Phillies to get it together and take home this series at the Bank!!!!

*Of course I stole this off of a website- it is an “Oatmeal” original.  If I were funny and smart enough to come up with that myself, I would have so much money a credit card wouldn’t be necessary in the first place!

8 thoughts on “How I Feel On Hold…

  1. OMG!! I totally had to deal with something like this last week! I wanted to throw the phone out the window!! Seriously, I just want to talk to a real person….and today would be nice:) I was getting frustrated with……I am sorry I didn’t understand you…..WTH!!!! Super funny and sooooo true!

  2. Hope you finally got what you needed from them. I have dropped a company :::cover mouth and cough Verizon::: for this very thing.

  3. LOL at your disclaimer. i looove being on hold… i do have one vendor for work though that plays the SAME song whenever you call but it’s ok b/c it’s “start me up” by the rolling stones and they sell alternators haha. i just got that, hahaha. well, if they were that creative anyway to purposely plan that.

  4. I love this lighthearted (but oh so true!) post. I’m a little late to the discussion about keeping up with blogs. Seems this time of year it is especially overwhelming to stay “social.” (And I am not on Facebook because I have so little time as it is!) See, you are far from alone.

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