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Notes On Yesterday’s Post

Wow- what great and honest responses on yesterdays post!!!

I wish I could say “I had no idea people felt that way” but the truth is, I KNEW people felt that way.  I have emailed with enough people on the topic to know that this not something I alone was feeling.  I know that I am not the only one that grapples with my own self-guilt over what I read and don’t read.  And I know I am not the only one that follows someone just because “everyone else” does.  That was part of the point of the post- to get an honest discussion going about those feelings.  And to hopefully make others realize that if they are feeling like the only one who feels this way, they aren’t alone.

A few things I thought about as I read through all your comments, which by the way were thoughtful, honest and very much appreciated!

  • I had to laugh when so many of you kept writing “if you still read mine” because every single person who commented is a blog I love and read 🙂  Like with most things in life, when you try to point something out–the ones who you are referring too, never see it in themselves.  It reminds me of my job; often I will send out an email correcting a procedure- I send it to everyone because that is fair and polite- without fail, all of the people who did it right, will respond.  Those who did it wrong, rarely recognize it.
  • Like many of you, I keep my Reader organized with folders.  I have the ones I try to read every day, the ones I try to get to each week and the ones I stop by when I can.  I always star the posts I want to read later if I know it is one I want to take my time to read. 
  • In regards to my notes on commenting- I suppose I should have clarified.  In no way do I assume anyone has time to respond to every single comment or visit every single blog every day and comment.  Mostly what I meant is, that after repeated attempts to reach out to certain blogs without any reciprocation, I feel a bit…let down.  And I do think that if someone is specifically reaching out, especially with questions, they should be reached out to by the writer.
  • Meg and Lindsay– yes, I am sure we all had the same conversations with Rick 🙂

Again, thank you all so much for your thoughtful and honest responses.  I have to admit- even thought I knew people felt the way I did- I did worry a little that putting this out there so honestly would cause me to lose readership.  But then I reread my post and remembered what it was all about it the first place!  It is about people, not numbers.  And people who enjoy my blog will respect my honest posts. 

Blog on interwebs…blog on 🙂

13 thoughts on “Notes On Yesterday’s Post

  1. i agree- i blog and i am open to who wants to read it. i don’t blog so certain people will read it. i understand that some people will want to and some people won’t. it is easy to get caught up in page views. admittedly it is exciting, but it also completely changes your blogging experience. i think it’s a constant back + forth what your blog actually means to you and how you use it. it’s interesting to see other blogs go through phases as well. some declare it and some just make changes that come naturally. really interesting.

  2. I missed out on commenting yesterday, so I thought I would share my thoughts today.

    I do a cleanup of my Google Reader every other month or so. It seems I like I am constantly adding new blogs to read and everything needs to be organized.

    While I try to read everything I subscribe to, there are time (like when I am gone for two or three days) where I just have to cut my losses and do a “Mark All As Read” for the 50+ awaiting posts. I also try to comment as much as possible because I like receiving comments myself. I only wish there was a way to comment on a blog straight from Google Reader – that would be awesome.

    Anyways, I completely agree with your post yesterday. One personal addition (and this may sound selfish) – I blog for myself. I honestly didn’t start blogging to meet people or make connections. I started blogging because I wanted a way to hold myself accountable as I train. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love and admire each and every person I have connected with because of blogging. Without them, I don’t even know where I would be. They provide knowledge, inspiration, encouragement, and friendships that I never thought I would make online. But when it comes down to it, my blog is a my personal place and I never want to feel like I have to blog. Hopefully that makes sense and doesn’t come off as being an ass 🙂

    • It totally makes sense. I think in a way, we all do this for ourselves. I mean, that is why I started- and like you said…the friendships and connections were a great bonus!

  3. yeah, if yesterday’s post pushed anyone away then they weren’t important anyway! you made me unsubscribe from “that certain blog” rick and i would joke about. i only still had it in my reader so that i could update him on the totally ridiculous stuff that was said. that’s a little mean and immature, i know. but we had fun with it…

  4. Hey you…
    I had to read yesterday’s blog to catch up to speed here :). I agree full-heartedly! I have this conversation with many bloggers and it’s all the same: you can only do so much! I only blog once or twice a week and that’s all I can make to to people’s; if they blog daily, I’m sorry, but I can’t get there but just a couple times a week. I love reading blog and enjoy the journey’s of so many, but if they can’t take the time to read mine, then so be it, I have others I like equally as well. And I’m just loyal to some (you!!) because I just feel a connection. Some blogs just don’t click and I just give up. I am a little fortunate because I do have some downtime at work and that’s when I do most of my reading :). If I get a new job at school, which I applied for, I may not be so lucky – grr. You’re great, so fun to read, and such a huge inspiration. If I don’t make it here for every post that day, I promise I will get to it soon :). (hugs) btw, I miss Rick a lot, too. I feel bad that I didn’t comment a lot, but I did read. I hadn’t head from him on my blog in ages, but I did read his and I loved keeping up with him on FB. So miss him.

  5. At first I tried to email reply to every.single.comment (not that I get a lot) but then I realized that not everyone has their email attached to their comments. (I don’t even know how that is set up) So I was sending this little messages for quite sometime and they went to a no-reply email address. I was soooo upset when I figured it out! I reply to some comments. The ones that have a need for a reply and an email. I wish their was a rule book so that we wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. But like most everyone, it’s a relationship that goes both ways. thanks for starting the conversation.

    I wish I could get my blogs organized in reader. I keep trying and never seem to figure it out! ugh. I also wish I could get my “gotta have it” blog updated sent to my stupid smart phone. I need to take a class. heehee

  6. I had no idea that you could manage your blogs with folders! Thanks! That’s going to make my life so much easier… I like your idea of daily, weekly, when-I-can.

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