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Life Update- I Do Actually Run!

Onelittletrigirl has been seriously busy!

I am exhausted, I won’t lie..but I am so focused on the long-term goals I have that I refuse to get down.  I am still keeping up with my running which is the priority training right now so as long as I am doing that I feel good.  After the Philly half, I am hoping to get into more of a routine as I get ready for winter training and my 2011 race schedule.  Is it a lot?  Of course.  Can I do it?  Do you even have to ask???? 🙂

Few updates:

  • My swim/bike/strength training is really suffering right now so it is a good thing I am in the off-season!  My efforts to keep up with my running while getting used to my new schedule have kept me from doing much else as far as working out is concerned.  Once I get into my routine, I think know I will be fine, but for right now…if running is all I do until the Philly half, then so be it.
  • Speaking of running- two runs this week.
    • Wednesday I went for a morning run and have nothing to say about it.  It sucked.  Got it done but it sucked.  I was tired and completely out of focus.
    • This morning I had my long run scheduled.  I totally was not into it- from the second I woke up I was mopey and unmotivated.  I think even made up a few “running sucks” songs while I drank my coffee and got ready.  But you know what, running doesn’t suck and I ALWAYS feel better after I run.  So I headed out despite my cruddy attitude.  About a mile in, I was basking in the gorgeous fall weather and loving the run.  I cannot say that my right calf loved the run as much as I did but it was a great run.  I used my first half mile as a warm up my last half mile as a cool down and still averaged 11:15/pace so my confidence level is high at four weeks from Philly.
  • So the Phillies lost.  The truth is, they did not come together as a team.  Giants were definitely hungrier for it and we lost.  And it sucks.  Considering that the Giants and Texas teams have about 384 fans combined, this is slated the be the most boring World Series ever. I won’t watch because I dont want to die of boredom I don’t care, but for the record, I hope Texas wins.  I know what it feels like to root for a team that is the underdog and that no one thinks can do it- plus I got love for Cliff Lee.  So much as I hate the state of Texas, I will be rooting for them to win.  And meanwhile, I’ll be counting down the days till Spring Training and looking forward to the start of the Tarheels basketball season.
  • File this under Things that only happen to Jillian: today on my run, I was about 4’ish miles in when I heard sirens.  A lot of sirens.  I jumped up onto the sidewalk and turned around to see a bunch of cops…and behind them a bunch of motorcycles.  And by a bunch, I mean like over 100 motorcycles.  Must have been some kind of event but it was really cool- they had flags and they were beeping and cheering…it was pretty fun to watch but totally random.
  • My second job is going well but man do my legs hurt.  I forgot how much the first few weeks of waitressing killed my legs before and I am really feeling it.  It doesn’t help that my cheapy work shoes suck.  Next weekend, I plan to invest in some really good shoes so that my feet don’t suffer on account of having a second job.
  • As I said, I am tired…very, very tired.  But I wrote out some long term goals to get myself more financially sound and secure and I feel better just seeing it written down and knowing that I can achieve these goals as long as I don’t lose sight of them.
  • Once again- thank you for all your honest responses on this post and this post.  Love you guys!!!!

18 thoughts on “Life Update- I Do Actually Run!

  1. Don’t worry too much about the swim/bike/strength stuff. The only thing you need to do is run! And definitely invest in good shoes if you’re going to be on your feet that much- I always rationalize that 100 bucks dropped on good shoes is worth 10 times that if it saves you PT for abusing your feet day in and day out.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your long run! I am sure that being on your feet a lot is taking its toll on your running. It is such a nice day here today…I wish I lived someplace with sidewalks so I could go for a walk.

  3. I agree with Emily. We drop so much money on good running shoes, work can be no exception, particularly if you’re on your feet alot. Your comment about legs hurting made me think, “so, how do non-triathletes adapt?” I’m sure you’re managing better than most.
    Philly Half is in a month! My wife and I are volunteering at Medal Distribution in the morning, I guess for both the Half and Full. Hopefully we’ll see you at the Finish Line.
    I’ve had trouble getting out the door lately, but this weather just crushes hot summer days, it would be a shame not to get in quality runs before it gets COLD.
    As for your discussion about trimming blogs, you’re right on. I saw a few posts like this a few months ago. I do the same thing with FB and new sources that I read. Periodically you need to re-evaluate how you spend your time online. Keep up the great blog!

  4. Glad to see your still getting your runs in. 😉 I bet your legs are crazy tired from your jobs and running! Hopefully you’ll get adjusted sooner rather than later.

  5. You are amazing, that’s all. You’re keeping up with it all, doing well, so don’t be too hard on yourself!
    As for my Giant’s beating your Phillies – I’m sorry. I have to say though, I love the Phillies, too! It was like the World Series to me. And I would have loved to see a game 7, only because I’m a huge baseball fan and am sad the season is over 😦
    Keep up the good work, and keep smiling girlie!

  6. I thought of you when I saw that the Phillies lost . . .

    It’s always hard adjusting training to new life schedules, but just keep working with it, and you will fit it in. It seems we can always make time for the things that are truly important. 🙂

  7. Lol about the 300-ish baseball fans. Josh is a Yankee fan so I cheered for the rangers haha. But yeah it is a more-boring series when blah teams get in, but good for them I guess.

    I’m a little disappointed the lyrics of your songs weren’t posted but I can understand not wanting to leak them until you sign with Columbia Records.

    Also. I fully expect an update on that event… Cmon, surely google has an explanation!

  8. You are doing great! Keep up the good work 🙂

    That distraction on your run sounds like a fun one. You should find out what was happenening!

    Have a great week!

  9. I think you’re amazing: working 2 jobs and still find time to run and prepare for Philly!

    Very impressive.

    Here’s a virtual massage for your tired legs, hope it helps.

  10. Oooh definitely invest in some good work shoes, girl! Gotta take care of those feet! I agree that you shouldn’t worry so much about the bike/swim strength…that will come back when you’re ready 🙂

  11. What do we have to do to hear these “running sucks” songs. Are they set to music or just lyrics? Come on. Don’t just tease us with your creativity! We want video! Oh that’d be great. A music video of Running Sucks songs. heeheehee

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