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On The Horizon

I have been so busy- this past weekend alone I worked 22 hours!  All total from last Sunday to this past Sunday, I worked 78 hours between both jobs.  I am exhausted; but I am not complaining, I swear!  I chose this and it is paying off, literally, to have both jobs right now.  The only real bummer is that I missed my 8 mile run this weekend.  My training has taken a huge hit but I still feel confident that I will be ready for Philly in three weeks.  Mostly because my goal is simply to finish- I just want to get to the start line and then the finish line…uninjured!

So I am tired, and behind on my reader, and I haven’t run AND I am only half packed for my trip…but thankfully, I have so much to look forward to this month 🙂

-Tomorrow, I leave for Colorado 🙂  I am so excited!  I have never been to Colorado but have always wanted to go.  Candace is an old teammate of mine that I met the first year I was in TT.  She moved out there after going through some hard times and has been living the dream ever since.  She and I have been planning this trip for over 6 months!  We have a lot of fun stuff planned- touristy things, bike rides, wine tasting, running…but most of all relaxation!!!

-I get back from Colorado on Saturday and then the following Friday I am off again.  This time to North Carolina; I will be cheering on my friend Kate at the Beach to Battleship Ironman.  It is her first and I am road tripping with my friend Victoria to watch her complete her dream!  It will be a crazy weekend, but I am excited.

-Philly half is only 3 weeks away (whhhhaaaaattt??) and even though my training hasn’t been where I have wanted it exactly, I still feel good about the race.  My last half marathon was back in February- I have been through so much since then- just finishing is going to be a huge accomplishment.  I am trying my hardest not to put any “goal” pressure on myself outside of simply finishing healthy!

-November means Thanksgiving…and Thanksgiving means Black Friday.  Black Friday is a day sport that my mom and I take very seriously.  Don’t mess with us, because we are professionals.  We start out at 11pm on Thanksgiving and shop all through the night.  We usually end up eating breakfast and calling it a day by 8am on Friday!  Typically, I begin my Christmas shopping in October.  Not kidding.  By Black Friday, I am usually just grabbing odds and ends.  However, I have a feeling that this year I will be doing most of my shopping that day!  Between CO, NC, training and two jobs, I have no idea when I will get my shopping done if I don’t do it then!

What is on your horizon?

By the way…did ya know, Christmas is only 52 days away? (GASP) Better start making your lists!!


20 thoughts on “On The Horizon

  1. Jill – talk about a full plate! You are going to have a great time out in Colorado – I have two sister-in-laws out there and another good friend. I always have a blast visiting. The time is going to fly by and you’ll wish you could have stayed longer.

    I know you know this, but be a little careful running out there if you get a chance to. I always run fine in the elevation – but end up with headaches a bit. Drink a lot of water, even when you don’t think you need to – it helps me a lot.

    Very exciting regarding your friend Kate taking on Ironman. Give her some positive energy and support for me – that is a dream of mine to accomplish before I turn 50 (time is running out faster than you would think!) – good for her!

    No racing for me until the Decker Challenge Half Marathon December 12th. 6 weeks without a race? What!

    Have a great day Jill and safe travels!

  2. Have a great time in CO! I’m jealous!
    I can’t believe you usually start Christmas shopping in October! It usually doesn’t cross my radar until at least November (though I did pick up a shirt for my brother already). I’ve never been into the crazy Black Friday shopping- possibly a result of working retail for too many years. But, I have gone out as early as 6 before. The problem I face at my parents house is that they have very little shopping opportunities in their town. So we usually head out around 8 and drive an hour or so and hope some of the items we are interested in are still available. 🙂

  3. Hmmm…sleep at all lady 🙂 Sounds like some great times ahead and you deserve a break! never been to Colorado even though its so close…sometime soon!
    I stay away from Black Friday, especially this year with no extra funds! But looking forward to seeing goo friends and hopefully family over the holiday season!

  4. Work sounds so busy. Even though it’s good to get the extra money, I’m sure it’s tough to put in so many hours. Have fun in CO and on your road trip. Both sound wonderful!

  5. Wow, tons of excitement! Colorado is SUCH an awesome state. You’ll have a blast. I’m bummed my stupid foot/shins are keeping me from Philly AND beach2battleship. Have fun on the trip!

  6. Hi Jill,
    OMG, you worked 78 hours this past week!?! That is crazy insane! Have a wonderful trip to Colorado! Take tons of pictures:)

  7. Wow you shop all night after Thanksgiving and into Black Friday!! That sure is a good way to burn off all that Turkey! Have fun on your trips! I have always wanted to go to Colorado – hopefully one day!

  8. Well at least you’re staying out of trouble, that’s quite a few hours on the grind.
    Have fun in Colorado! I bet it’s beautiful this time of year. Or maybe all year.
    Ya know, I’m gonna propose to my wife and her cousins that they volunteer in a soup kitchen for Black Friday versus crazy shopping. But that same 11PM to 8AM schedule will be calling their name, I know it.
    You have the perfect goal for the Philly Half and I know you’re gonna have a great time. Enjoy the training that you can squeeze in between now and then.

  9. Hi Jill,

    Great to hear that you’re busy!!!

    This coming Sunday is the start of our “summer triathlon season” and I’ll be taking part in my first race – can’t wait (but I’ve been sick for the past 3 days so that sucks) – I’m targeting to beat my time from last year and see where I’m sitting. Last year I did this race with zero training so I’m hoping to beat my time – I’ll keep you posted on the results.

    Have fun out west

  10. You are really busy! I don’t think I could work two jobs anymore at the age I am now. My 36 hours workweek is sometimes exhausting enough.

    I remember you and your Mom went shopping on Black Friday last year. We don’t have that here but I do love the concept of it.

    Have fun in Colorado!

  11. You have so many exciting things coming up! I cannot wait to hear all about it all… but especially your Black Friday shopping. I hate to shop, but I do miss the craziness of that day with my mom. Fun memories!

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