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Colorado Bound

As you read this, I will be flying through the skies from the East Coast to the West 🙂

While I am in Colorado-

  • I will NOT be keeping up with my reader.  Something vital you want me to know?  A post I just have to read?  Email me 🙂  I love you all and will miss you but I am very much welcoming this break.
  • I will not be blogging.  Course, I am known to say I won’t blog and then blog anyway.  A photo post is likely.  So don’t hold me to this one!
  • I will DEFINTELY NOT be checking work email.
  • I will be biking and running 🙂  Wooohooo!
  • I will be attending a wine tasting.  All dressed up fancy style 🙂
  • I will be taking lots and lots and lots and lots (and lots!) of photos!
  • I will keep my eyes open for all your Colorado bloggies- if you see me out there on the paths and roads say hello 🙂
  • I will be missing my Daddy’s birthday- we went to dinner last night which was really nice though.  My mom and I got him an authentic Utley Jersey cause we are awesome.

I leave you with some Daddy/Jill photos…

Hope everyone has a fabulous week(end) and I will catch up with you all later ♥


17 thoughts on “Colorado Bound

  1. Have a good trip!! Can’t wait to see pictures. I’ve never been to Colorado but it looks gorgeous in all the pics I’ve seen.
    I just posted a halloween photo post if you want to check it out, not a lot of words.
    Happy Birthday to your dad! I love his beard.

    • Hey- I would love to; I know we will be in Vail tomorrow and downtown Denver all day/night Friday. We are running Friday morning…not sure where but I will email you with details when I know.

  2. Have a great trip, Jill. It sounds perfect.
    I am totally digging that Leaning Tower of Snowman, I promise you my own version if we get smashed by snow again this year.
    Hope you get to unplug and relax!

  3. Have a great trip Jill!

    I’m away for 5 days next week and won’t be blogging either and probably won’t read blogs.

    The photos of you and your Dad are great.

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