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Monday Brain Exchange Week 18- Unconventional Races

Last week’s M.B.E players: Kandi, Darlene, Whitney, Kim, Kitzzy

Every Monday, at the end of the current weeks M.B.E answer, I will post a question for the following week.  This way you can cue your post for Monday if you wish.  If Monday doesn’t work for you, you can still play along any day of the week that works best. If you want to play along, all you have to do is post the question and your answer on your own blog.  Link your post to my blog so that I know you have participated, and in the following weeks post, I will link all the participant blogs from the prior week.

This Weeks Question:

Have you ever partcipated in any unconventional races?  If so, tell us about them.  If not, is it something you would consider and if so which one(s)?

The unconventional I have raced are the mud races.  I have done two; McGuire Air Force Mud Run and Warrior Dash. 

McGuire Air Force Run was a 10K with ten obstacles.  It was a very cold and rainy day- VERY COLD!  I did this as part of a group team and we really did have a blast despite the cold and the fact that the obstacles left a lot to be desired and there was too much running in between obstacles.  Unfortunately, for this race, the negatives outweight the positives and it is not one I would do again.

Recently, I took part in the Warrior Dash- and in comparison to the Air Force Run, this was awesome!  It had it’s pro’s and con’s (you can read my race report and see photos here) but overall this race was a blast. 

In 2011, my teammates and I are planning to run the American Odyssey Relay and I am super stoked.  Other than that, I have nothing planned that would be considered unconventional, but I am always up for a fun challenge. 


Next Weeks Topic: Giving Thanks

Next Weeks Question: In the spirit of Thanksgiving…tell me what you are most thankful for; one thing, five things, or many things.  But here’s the fun part…tell me, in photos!

10 thoughts on “Monday Brain Exchange Week 18- Unconventional Races

  1. Is Hood to Coast a long relay? I have been wanting to do a race like this but have had trouble putting a team together. Maybe I’ll have to meet up with bloggers to do such a race…
    I’m already looking forward to next week’s post!

    • Yes- Hood to Coast is a relay. I had to edit mine though because I had the wrong race. The one I am doing is American Odyessey.

      Next week should be fun!

      • I got an email about that race a few weeks back and I considered it but still don’t think I could find enough teammates. That’s in my neck of the woods though. Let me know when it gets closer- Maybe I’ll come offer support!

  2. I have done the Colorado Outward Bound Relay and it was a total blast. 10 of us (super highly competitive runners – eeks) ran 193 miles in 23 hours 13 minutes.

  3. No unconventional races here but I do have some friends doing a Warrior Dash in Hastings, MN in July. Not sure if I’m up for that yet but you make it look fun!!

  4. That Odyssey relay looks amazing, I’m sure it will be a helluva experience. And I still want to do a Warrior Dash (or the equivalent) one day, but for now I’ll just have to live vicariously through you crazy kids.
    As for the MBE, I think I finally figured it out.
    Now I just need time to blog.
    And find the photos.

  5. What is the relay like?

    I really want to do a mud race!

    I have done a corn maze race, and a race dressed up as Santa. I guess those are my unconvential ones! And I ran my last race dressed up as a pumpkin – but just for fun!

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