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Turkey For Me…Turkey For You

Today is a half-day.  And I have off from my day job tomorrow and Friday for the holiday.  And my night job is closed tomorrow and I have off Saturday.  That’s right….I have two complete days off this weekend!!!!  Don’t know how that happened but I am going with it 🙂

Tomorrow, I am set to play football with people from my night job.  It sounds like so much fun and I am really excited, however I am still moving quite gingerly.  My legs/feet are still pretty sore from the race Sunday.  By the way…if you did not read my report, here is it…this is a must read 🙂 (Thanks so much for all the kind words too- I am STILL super excited.) After football, I’ll be meeting up with my parents to go out to dinner.  This is a first for us- we always used to go to my dad’s parents; this is our first Thanksgiving with my Pop-Pop and my Grandmother is going to my cousins…so it is just my mom, dad and me.  We figured why do all that cooking just for three people- and made the decision to go out for dinner.  I am looking forward to being waited on, although as a server myself, I almost feel bad that someone has to wait on me instead of being with their family.

Black Friday is almost here!!!!!!!  I love Black Friday!   I don’t even have that much to get this year, and I don’t even know really what I AM getting yet, but Black Friday is still fun for me.  I have been part of the Black Friday adventure since I was a kid.  My mom, gram and I used to go out super early in the morning and shop all day long.  My mom and gram were extreme shoppers!  One year, I was about seven, K-Mart was giving a vacuum away for some ridiculously great price and with it came a handheld dirtdevil for a penny.  I remember my mom and I pressed up against the doors ready to run as soon as the doors opened.  And we got the vacuum!!  Other years, I have saved huge amounts of money on jewlery, coats, entertainment centers, tv’s and etc.  The last few years my mom and I have changed up our tradition by heading out to the outlets at 11pm on Thanksgiving night and shopping overnight.  My gram no longer is able to come along with us so it is just her and I now and we are usually completely done our shopping by 8am.  Yes, the time most people are waking up!

How do you spend Thanksgiving?  Are you a Black Friday shopper or a Cyber Monday kinda person?

10 thoughts on “Turkey For Me…Turkey For You

  1. Before I met you I had never heard of Black Friday or Cyber Monday 🙂 We don’t have that so either one is the same to me.

    Happy Thanksgiving dear Jill, I hope you have a fantastic day and happy hunting tomorrow night.

  2. ohh lorrrd. i hate the crowds at the stores (and on the roads) at this time of year. you will not see me at the mall/shops! lol. pick up some good deals for me.

    enjoy your days off! woo hoo!! happy thanksgiving pie!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Jill!!
    I have never done a real Black Friday adventure before… well, unless you count when I used to work retail and had to be at work at 4:45am. But I try to block those years out of my mind. The earliest I’ve ever been out to shop is around 6:30 and it was because I had woken up on my own and wanted to see if maybe the deal I wanted was still there.
    We usually do go out at some point later in the morning though but to get to any decent stores we have to drive at least an hour!
    This year my Mom and I are going to try to do my brother a favor and head out at 4:30 to catch a deal for him. I am going to tell him that shopping for him is my Christmas gift to him this year! heh

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