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How I Spent My Thankgiving Break

Hi bloggies….long time, no write 🙂

I cannot think of a better way to tell you about my break, than in my favorite…list format!


I had a half-day at my day job and spent the time in between that and going to my night job, getting my hair done.  My friend Michele does my hair, so it always turns into a catching up and gossip session too.  I decided to cover some of my blonde so my hair is a bit darker now (although, as it seems, I am the only one who notices) and I really like it.  After my hair was done, I pretty much had to get ready for work.  I had the WORST.NIGHT.EVER.  My day had been pretty bad and the night was a great match-up.  I used to live to go out the night before Thanksgiving…this year, I could not wait to get home, have a glass of wine and go to bed!


I woke up pretty early on Thursday to get some stuff done with the intention of taking two naps throughout the day.  I did some random stuff around the house and then headed out to my cousins football game.  She is a cheerleader and it was her last game as a Varsity cheerleader.  As I was on my way…it started SNOWING!  Whoa…snow!  Seriously, I am still not over the snow from last year!  Needless to say, I did not last very long at the game.  Instead I went back home and tried to catch a nap.  Couldn’t sleep, so I just got ready for dinner.  We ate a local restaurant this year; it wasn’t the best meal I ever had, but I liked the idea of eating out…so much easier!  In talking with my parents we all decided to keep the tradition of eating at a restaurant, but to try a new one next year.  From dinner it was back home for nap attempt number two.  That also did not happen.  I headed to my parents house to pick up my mom…and at 11pm we were off on our Black Friday adventure 🙂

We headed to the outlets first; they open at 12am and stay open throughout all day Friday.  We did hit some good sales and it was worth going but again…we decided to do something different next year.  This was our third year there and we both kinda realized we needed something new.  From the outlets we went to grab a snack (it was about 2am’ish) and headed to a diner.  And then it was off to Kohls, followed by Target.  All in all, I did really well and saved a ton of money.  I didn’t have too much in mind for this year, but it just wouldn’t be the same if my mom and I didn’t go out on this day.  And speaking of my mom…at Target, there was a lady who’s card wasn’t working.  She was about to have to put some of her toys back…but my mom paid for her.  She just handed the money over; my mom is a generous and giving person…and this was no different.  She was, in no way, going to watch as someone put their children’s Christmas toys away.  Just another reason why my mom is such an amazing person.  All she asked is for the woman to pay it forward…something my mom and I very much believe in.

By the time we were done at Target, I had to get home and sleep.  It was about 7am and I had to work Friday night.  I slept 8 hours and was off to work.  It was slllooooowwwww and boring at work.  UGH!  I ended up out of there by 9pm and met up with my friend for a drink.  It was the perfect way to relax after a long day/night.


Yesterday, I was super duper productive.  Cleaned the whole house (other than my room), got our Christmas tree, decorated for the holidays and had dinner with an old friend.  It was a great day/night.  Unfortunately, I woke up today feeling like poo and ended up in bed all day.  I just could not get it together at all.  I did not get out of bed until I had to be at work.  Work was slow, but okay- and after Wednesday and Friday, I needed a good night!


I feel better now, but lately I have been having the worst stomach issues.  It passes eventually but while I feel that way, I feel really bad.  So I hope that ends soon because it really sucks!  I took the week off from all workouts- which I desperately needed…the break was nice.  Tomorrow it is back to the grind…the start of the off-season to rebuild and re-coop.  I am still going to stay off running for a week or so, just to really give my shins the break they have so desperately needed, but I need to do something!  So this week is back to the gym 🙂

Back to work (at my day job) tomorrow; not looking forward to that AT ALL.  I was very much loving the time off- thank goodness for Christmas break in 19 days 🙂  Monday night, my mom and I are heading to Hershey Park to go to the outlets up there and take a mental health day off on Tuesday!  Every year we take a “hooky day” and do some Christmas shopping.  I am looking very forward to it and it is making going back tomorrow a lot easier!



I am so behind on my reader…so…tell me about your Thanksgiving.  What was the best part of your holiday?

17 thoughts on “How I Spent My Thankgiving Break

  1. Whew! I’m tired just reading about it! Glad you and your mamma got out and got shopping, I did the same thing – only we slept in like normal people 😉
    My Thanksgiving was as perfect as I could hope for. I did all the cooking and cleaning, but my mamma entertained my MIL so I didn’t have to deal with her too much 😉 Have a great week and enjoy your hooky day!

  2. None 😆 as we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

    Seems to me you had a great weekend. Congrats with the good deals at the shopping. You’re mom is so sweet that she bought the toys. To be honest I think I wouldn’t even think of doing that but I’ll remember it if the time comes that I’m in the same situation.

    Sorry to hear about your stomach issues, I know how annoying it can be, have had it for months. I stopped using milk products (except for a little bit in my coffee) 3 weeks ago and it’s as good as over now. Can’t believe milk was the problem since I never had issues with milk before.

  3. Hi Jill,
    Your mom is so wonderful:) What a wonderful thing to do for that family…reading about her kindness brought tears to my eyes:) I am glad that you had fun shopping on black Friday. I went shopping too but not at the crack of dawn:)

    Naps are the best, I love them and need them on the weekends!

    Holy cow, I wish that I had a nineteen day Christmas break! You deserve it:)

    Have a great week Jill!

  4. Sounds like you had a nice holiday week! I thought I was going to go out on a Black Friday shopping adventure (I had grand plans to be out all night trying to score a deal for my brother but I couldn’t find a partner in crime and I knew I couldn’t do it alone) but ended up just doing the regular up by 6 and out with my Mom for a few hours. That was so nice of your Mom to buy those toys!!

  5. This year I asked myself “where did the traditional family Thanksgiving go?”. Yours seems to have changed also. Good/Bad? Who is to say.
    I spent Thanksgiving hiking in the Smoky Mountains, then running a marathon. (Check my blog later today for the story.)
    Wow, what a busy weekend though.

    • I think traditions change, as families change. We used to do it with my dad’s family, but my grandfather passed away. My grandmother went to my cousins and it was just my Mom, Dad and I. So for us, it was a good thing.

  6. Your mom is awesome! I wish I had endless money can could do that for everyone I came across needing a hand…I was so touched you mom did that!!! I’m probably going to be thinking about that all day…and just so happy that woman’s children are going to have a happy Christmas.

    You crack me up about the early shopping on Friday!! Glad you got some great deals, though :).

    • My mom is pretty awesome! This is not a first for her though, or for me. We have done it before for people- we truly just believe that even though we don’t have as much as we want, we have much more than others. And hopefully the people we help, help others. Every little bit to make the world a better place 🙂

  7. Spent two whole days with hubby’s family and my little niece and nephew since hubby got a second day off!! A few extra hours with family, good food which included a sweet potato donut makes it all good 🙂

  8. Ew for Black Friday shopping but that was super awesome of your mom! I always keep an eye out to do something random/nice like that 🙂 As for the mental health day – you just frigging had time off and only 3 weeks til some more! You are so slack 😉

  9. Sorry you’re not feeling well 😦 You are so brave for going out and doing shopping on Black Friday!! I did it for a few years in the early 2000’s, but haven’t had the guts in about 7 years! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I love when we divert our endurance abilities to things like Black Friday (an event which I am fundamentally opposed to, but at the same time I respect a good deal).
    As for your Mom, she just plain rocks. Great example for you.

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