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Snail Mail For Christmas- Blogger Card Exchange!

I don’t know about all of you, but rarely do I get mail that is not junk.  A few times a month I open up my mailbox to a new Runners World, Fitness or Triathlete magazine, but for the most part, the mail sucks!   With the popularity and ease of email, snail mail has becomes almost non-existent.  But you know when the mail gets good again- the holidays 🙂  I love the holidays and I love snail mail!  And I still send my Christmas cards the old-fashioned way.  I simply cannot wrap my brain around emailing a card!!!

Does anyone else still mail Christmas cards? 

Would you like a little holiday cheer in your box?  I know I would LOVE some!  If you enjoy mailing Christmas cards and you also love opening the mailbox to find something nice, this is for YOU!  For those of you who are in my dying breed club of mailing Christmas cards, I invite you to join:

Onelittletrigirl’s Blogger Christmas/Holiday card swap!! 

Here’s how it will work:

  • Email me your address to JillyFly81@comcast.net with the subject line “Card Swap” to let me know you want to participate, by midnight, Monday, December 6.
    • Include in your email:  Your Name, Blog Title/URL, Home Address and Winter Holiday that you/your family celebrates (Christmas, Hanukkah…etc)
  • I will link all participating blogs in a separate post by Wednesday, December 8, to make sure I have included everyone.  Check the list to make sure you are on it and let me know if you are not.
  • Each participating member will receive an email over the following weekend from me that will include the information of three participating bloggers.  Therefore, each blogger will be responsible for sending three cards.  Please note: if you choose to participate, your address WILL be given out to three bloggers
  • Depending on the amount of participants you may receive more than three cards, but you are only responsible to send three.


  • You must have a blog to participate.  (Sorry Mom!)
  • Please only sign up if you plan to send the cards.  It just isn’t fair to others if you sign up and don’t send.
  • Cards are to be sent at any time within the month of December. 
  • This exchange is open to ALL bloggers, in USA, Canada and elsewhere.  If you DO NOT wish to exchange with a blogger outside of the USA, please note that in your email and I will make sure to give you only USA bloggers.
  • I think this goes without saying, but I will say it anyway:  the addresses of bloggers I send out are not to be shared.  We must always remember safety first!

Hopefully this goes as well as I hope.  It is my first time doing anything of this nature!

15 thoughts on “Snail Mail For Christmas- Blogger Card Exchange!

  1. Ooooo! I love this! I’m in! Off to email you! But don’t get too excited when I email you and my name comes to your inbox in all caps and a reallllllllllyyyyyy long last name 😉

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  3. Nice idea!

    I always sent my cards the old fashioned way, most of the people I know do that, at least at Christmas. I don’t like getting birthday or Christmas cards in my email box.
    I do use a website where I can pick a card, “write” something on it and mail it but then the receiver gets a real card in the mailbox.

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  5. I’m SOOO behind on the blog world, I deeply apologize. It took me all freaking weekend to get my exchange list up and everyone’s blog linked. Anyhoo, I am in and will send an email in a few minutes. Can I send some of my kids’ past art work, perhaps, too? 😉

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