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Quick Post-Photos-Reminder

Short post bloggies-

-First up-


If you are interested in the Onelittletrigirl Holiday Card Swap I need your information by midnight tomorrow night.

To learn more about the swap, go back to this post.


I have decided to get caught up on my Reader rather than write just another post about how I did nothing by way of working out (don’t give up on me interwebs, I promise, I am back on the wagon tomorrow!) but I do want to share some photos from this weekend.

This weekend was FABULOUS 🙂  Saturday night I had my first get together at my house.  When I lived alone, in my past apartment, I would have people over all the time.  Now that I have a roommate, who isn’t as social as I am, I have to keep her feelings in mind and therefore I haven’t really had people over at all.  When I lived alone, I did this at least every other weekend; I would have people over for drinks, movie nights, game nights or themed type parties.  The fact that I have lived in this place for three months and this was my first party…I had to make it great!  And it was 🙂  So many of my favorite people came out and it really made the night special.  I was able to catch up with so many friends and make use of the amazing bar I have in my home.  Overall, great success!

The bar in my house- LOVE it!

Work besties 🙂

Teammate love

Today was my families Annual Christmas Reunion.  My Mom’s side all gets together each year- we rent a hall and have it catered; Santa comes for the little kids and we do door prizes and 50/50- and it is always a great time.  I couldn’t make it for the whole time because I had to work tonight but I was able to get there for enough time to catch up and get some great photos.

My cousins- more like, sisters

My “little” cousin Dan

Creepin in on the Santa photo!


Lots of racers out there this past weekend- looking forward to all of your reports!

10 thoughts on “Quick Post-Photos-Reminder

  1. Yeah, I can’t believe that bar is in your HOUSE. I thought you were at Job #2 when I first saw it. Wow.
    Santa is pretty flush there.
    Cool weekend!

  2. Great photos, you had a great weekend!

    Must be kind of difficult for you that your roommate isn’t that social since you love to invite people over.

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