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Card Swap- Final List

Below are the names of those participating in the Card Swap.  You will receive an email by the end of today with the names of your recipients 🙂  Please mail your cards so that they reach their destination in the month of December (cough Lindsay cough). 

Katie- http://www.one-run-at-a-time.blogspot.com/

Joe- http://joerunfordom.wordpress.com/


Darlene- http://myfirst5k.wordpress.com/

 Jill P.- http://www.runwithjill.blogspot.com/

Tanya- http://www.girlxoxo.com/

Whitney- http://runningwhit.blogspot.com/

Jamoosh- http://lastmilelounge.blogspot.com/

Lindsay- http://www.chasingthekenyans.com/

Jill W.- http://jillwillrun.com/

Brian- http://victoryisfinishing.blogspot.com/

Katie B- http://runthisamazingday.blogspot.com/

Julie- http://minnesotamilage.blogspot.com/

 Have fun kids 🙂

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