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Making It Happen

ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS (who what how??!?!?!?!)

Ok interwebs, my pity party is done and over.  I have snapped out of my shitastic mood, pulled myself together and gotten back on the ball.  For now anyway.  As always, you are all such amazing support.  Sometimes a girl just needs a kick in the ars to remember that no one is superwoman.  And since wallowing in my suckage wasn’t getting stuff done, I went out and just did it!  And I feel so much better 🙂

Thursday night we had a snow dusting- so of course everyone in NJ had to go ape-shit and drive zero miles per hour…it took me AN HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES to get home when normally it takes me less than 20 minutes.  However, I was not going to let the snow hold me back.  I pressed on and headed out Christmas shopping.  With the exception of a few small things, I got most of my shopping done.  And I bought myself a pair of UGGS.  Here’s the thing- for years and years and years, I made fun of people who wore UGGS.  I hated them and refused to give into them.  I was not going to wear something that ugly just because it was trendy.  But then, recently, I had tried them on.  Instant love.  While I still think they are quite ugly, I cannot lie…they are the best thing I ever put on my feet!

In addition to getting most of my shopping done, I also filled out all of my Christmas cards.  As of 9am this morning my cards have been mailed.  Oh, and my partner in the secret gift exchange should be getting their gift either Monday or Tuesday–I am very excited for you to open it- I looked for the most perfect gift and I think I found something great; I hope you love it as much as I do!

Speaking of the secret gift exchange…MINE CAME IN THE MAIL!!!!  Actually, it came on Wednesday, but I refused to open it until I had my own partner’s gift mailed out.  Since I mailed it this morning, it was finally time to open mine up.  Petra was the lucky girl to buy for me and she did GREAT!  Here are the goods-


UK’s #1 Triathlon Magazine, Lindor Chocolates (YUM!), shortbread cookies (my favorite!) and a shirt from a race she directed this year!

She also invited me to visit but did not include a plane ticket- HEY JILL….you have to up the value of next years exchange to that of t a flight ticket, okay???

I had so much fun with the exchange, both waiting for mine to arrive and buying/sending my own out.  Thanks for the badrillionth time Jill- I know it was a lot of work to put together and I appreciate it!

In other news…I am still eating too much candy and drinking too much wine, but I am going to just allow it.  Obviously, my body needs a break.  Why should I feel bad about having some fun over the holidays?  I am working hard (like 60-75 hours a week) and I deserve some fun.  I talked to my manager at work and we had a nice little chat about how come the first of the year I need for him to only schedule me three or four days a week.  Once I have my schedule under control, I will have a lot more time for working out.  And I know once I feel less stressed, I will be ready to get back in gear!

I am spending today with friends ♥  Today is the Kona party at my teammates house with all the TT kids!  Want to get inspired to do a triathlon?  Watch Kona World Championships today at 4pm on NBC.  It is the triathlon of all triathlons!!!  After the party, I am going to fill up on patience and head out to a few stores.  Yeah, it IS crazy to shop today but I just don’t think I will have much time this week.  Tomorrow I am working a double (glutton much??) because I really want some extra money to spend over winter break.  Then all I have to get through is Monday-Wednesday and then I have 10 days off from my day job- woooooooohhhhhhooooooooooo 🙂  Any and all spare time is going to be dedicated to the Griswold Family Christmas wrapping gifts.  I cannot wait to get them all under the tree.  And open them all.  I loooovvvvvvvvveeeee Christmas.  Seven more sleeps 🙂

11 thoughts on “Making It Happen

  1. Ugg I hate when people drive ultra slow just because it is snowing!! We have been pounded here and people just don’t understand they don’t need to go 20 mph on the expressway!

  2. I don’t mind a 3-hour commute due to a dusting of snow, because I have 3 Wawa’s off my route home.
    Hey, thank you. I haven’t sat down to watch a TV show all year. But, here I am watching Ironman Kona. I appreciate the reminder.
    Enjoy your Christmas shopping!

  3. I have never tired Uggs on and I’m not sure I ever will. I think my friends ridicule would never end! Please tell me you don’t own Crocs though.

    I think I want to do a tri this year… but I don’t have a tri bike. Is that ok? It’s not quite a full fledged mountain bike but it has wide tires.

  4. SO glad the present arrived safely – our postal system has been ALL out of whack so I wasn’t sure what would happen – massive relief. Glad you like it – enjoy!

    As for UGGs yes they are ugly but once you have them on you really couldn’t care. I have two pairs – have been wearing them for years, and now have some leather biker ones – cool on the outside, WARM AND FUZZY on the inside..

  5. Hi Jill,
    Wow, that is an awesome secret santa package!!! You scored for sure:) Ha ha, I had to laugh at eating too much candy and drinking too much wine! I thought that you were talking about me:) I have been giving my body a break too. I know I am going to pay for it later but that is just the way it has to be! Life gets nuts this time of year and we are only human:)

    Take care Jill! Hugs and love!

  6. It’s good to hear you’re back on your feet Jill.

    I really don’t like Uggs, a lot of people here have them too. I do understand from those who have them that they are really warm on your feet but as I’m a heels girl I prefer buying boots with heels 🙂

  7. I think whoever has me is waiting til I announce that I did, finally, mail mine out. Haha.

    I’m also watching Jessica Simpson on tv (Christmas special) and wondering what the heck is she doing gaining all this weight. Yikes.

    Ok that was unrelated.

  8. Yay, you opened it. I knew Petra wouldn’t disappoint, and you deserved it after last year’s fiasco. I want a farm shirt – I think I need to talk to Petra 🙂

    Sorry I missed this post, weekends I don’t get to read much…I’m so busy cleaning my house. Bahahaha.

    Glad your back in the holiday spirit, can you send me a little bit? 🙂

  9. you definitely deserve to enjoy yourself! and if it makes you feel better, i’m drinking too much wine too. it’s everywhere! glad you’re feeling better and in the holiday spirit. i didn’t want to have to take you out to the middle of no where and leave you for dead…

  10. And here I am…. the recipient of said secret gift exchange. Yay!!!! Jilly, you are SOOOO awesome! I can’t believe you got my name!!! My package arrived yesterday, but I didn’t see it ’til late last night, when I FINALLY got home from errands/shopping, etc…

    OMGosh!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the wonderful things you sent me!! Thank you sooooooo very much, friend. 🙂 You went way beyond!

    I’m working on my post now, with pics, so look for it soon. Meantime, have another glass of wine and a bon bon or two, three, four…. hee hee, especially since today was your LAST day of (day gig) work for 10 DAYS… Yay! Enjoy and THANK YOU.



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