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Monday Brain Exchange- Wrap Up

Last weeks participants….it was a great week! Anne, Kandi, Kittzy, Heather, Whitney, Kim and Darlene

This Weeks Topic: 2010 Wrap Up (+ Give-A-Way)

This Weeks Question: Write a poem (any kind works) that sums up your 2010 year of racing.  The most creative poem will be rewarded.  (Poem must appear in a MBE post on your own page by Tuesday, December 21, 2010 to be eligible.)

I am not participating in this week (however, I will be posting my wrap up in a separate post) since I am holding it as a give-a-way as well.  Don’t forget, if you are participating this week you have until tomorrow to post.  I will be voting then; if I get enough participants, I will be holding a poll to help me vote a winner 🙂  The give-a-way will be reader specific so until I have a winner, I don’t know the prize.


Next Monday, I will post a question for Week 23. 


18 thoughts on “Monday Brain Exchange- Wrap Up

  1. Oh wow, not only did I make it two weeks in a row for the MBE, but it appears I’m the first to post my poem. Looking forward to reading the others.

  2. Well I am only entering bc I thought it would be fun. I don’t have to win a prize. My post will go live at 9:50 so keep your eyes peeled and turn up your volume. Haha Jk might want to keep the volume down.

    You are kind of lame for not participating.

  3. Awk – pressure!! It takes me a good week to write a post – hehe. Don’t think I can make it by tomorrow. oh but here’s my 2010 summary poem: It SUCKED! Well, maybe I can write that by tomorrow. 🙂

    In other news, I keep getting a delivery error message for some email I sent to you about a week ago. Not sure why. And did you open your gift yet?? Dying to see what you got!

    Happy Monday, girl!!

    • Well that’s why she gives the MBE topic a week in advance Colorado Jill. DUH. No excuses. Feel free to stop by my blog for some lyrical genius in 15min.

      I’m building up hype for no reason. Hahaha

      • Ok Jersey Jill and SC Lindsay, I am on VACATION for the next two weeks – hello! I have mucho laying in bed past 10:00, watching the most stupid television shows and eating cookies to tackle!! Blogging will have to take a back seat until I have gained 30 lbs and have watched evey episode of HGTV, sorry guys!

        Lindsay, how ironic that your gift is mailed and will arrive by xmas eve – I heard a rummor your gift exchange buddy sent you a note indicating hers to you will be late. Oh the irony! I did choose well this year.

        Jill, if you can email me the MBE 10-14 days in advance, that’d be awesome – I may actually get a post out!

        And anyone (or ones – plural) who has a 2010 wrap up written, or sung, is just too dang organized. I’m usually scrambling for that NYE at 11:30pm.

        Ok guys, I’ve crawled out of the comfort of my flannel sheets and heading to the mall now (gawk. I have managed to stay away from thus far but I am one gift short of the mandatory “each child must posses x number of gifts” rule. Well, this was the rule back when they were little, now the little brats know how to tally up the cost of each. Never teach your children math!!

      • Excuses excuses. You’re not even working. And you call yourself an American citizen? Americans work hard! On unemployment… (wop wop…)

        That was a joke.

        And you’re just jealous because I can sing and work at the same time. And now I’m mad that mine is late. I busted my butt getting it out on time. AND spent way more than $5. And mine can’t even get it out on time? Lame. Better be a sick present like a new car and it’s late bc they are driving it over to surprise me! Gah. Who sends out presents late.

      • We were both gypped Jersey Jill!

        Well, we can still anxiously wait out the next few days for our new cars/plane tickets… They must just be having a hard time with the USPS.

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  5. The exchange above is too funny. Anyone on vacation already has no excuse for not getting things done. Only those of us not on vacation yet can use the excuse of procrastinating. Must say I LOVED Lindsay’s “wrap” and it will be hard to beat.

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