Card Swap- Final List

Below are the names of those participating in the Card Swap.  You will receive an email by the end of today with the names of your recipients 🙂  Please mail your cards so that they reach their destination in the month of December (cough Lindsay cough). 





 Jill P.-





Jill W.-


Katie B-


 Have fun kids 🙂

Back At The Gym, Pilates Class, And Some Truth

So kids, I did it.  I finally went back to the gym.  The same idiots are still there and they still haven’t found a way to properly clean the bathrooms, however I was happy to see my old Pilates instructor was still there.  I haven’t been in ages and was worried she may have moved on (turnover rate is high at LA Fitness).  My friend Kate came along with me to give the Pilates a try (she had never been) and after class was over I was able to come to two conclusions: I really miss Pilates.  And I have lost a lot of my flexibility this year.  I could not believe how difficult some of the moves were for me; I never had those problems prior to my injury.  The only good part about that, is it will keep me motivated to keep going back to class so that I can get back into the shape I was in pre-injury.  Pilates is going to be a huge part of my off-season in which I am mainly focusing on stregth training.

It felt good to finally be working out again.  I was beginning to feel like a lazy slug and even though I hadn’t gained any weight, I could feel the weight shifting and noticed my clothes looking a bit different.  Getting solid and consistent workouts in around my 60-80/hours a week schedule is tough- I enjoy sleeping in until 6am and have a hard time wanting to work out at 11pm when I get home from work or on my only nights off.  But I know how good I feel when I am done a workout and I try to keep that in mind when I am feeling like doing nothing.


Lacey did this the other day, inspired by Mark Bittman on the Whole Living website, and I loved it…

I included both Mark and Lacey’ answers…

If I could say one thing to myself 20 years ago…
MB- Things will get better, not worse.

L- Write down every single book you read, a favorite quote, and something you thought about it.

Me- Take advantage of being young.

My favorite place in the world…
MB- The United States.

L- My first thought: home. My second thought: some sort of vacation get-away.

Me- Wildwood, NJ and anywhere when I am with people I love

The lesson I keep learning over and over…
MB- Most things that seem hard at first get easier, in either 10 minutes or 10 years.

L- If you stay up too late, you will be tired the next day.

Me- Listen to your gut.  Then follow what it tells you. 99% of the time, you already know the answers.

The movie I watch when I want to laugh…
MB- “A Night at the Opera” [the Marx Brothers].

L- Oooh, tough one. I feel like I laugh so hard at so many but I can only think of a few: Bill Murray in The Man Who Knew Too Little and What About Bob, Leslie Nielson in the Naked Gun movies, Steve Martin in Sgt Bilko, Rush Hour, National Lampoon…

Me- National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The most scared I’ve ever been…
MB- Cannot talk about it.

L- The moment of getting hit by a car.

Me- There have been a few times.

No one knows I…
MB- Will not talk about it.

L- Made an elaborate plan to barricade myself in our log house bathroom and live out the rest of my life there. I figured it had the bathroom and the shower so all I needed to do was install a fold out bed, in-wall fridge, in-wall television, and a  slot for food and books to be passed through. Brilliant, right?

Me- If I told you…people would know.

Unhealthiest thing I’ve ever passed off as dinner…
MB- Hmm. Roast beef?

L- Copious amounts of cereal.

Me- Ice cream.

Personal philosophy…
MB- Seriously? The Golden Rule.

L- Be kind.

Me- Always remember who you are and where you came from.

Book that changed my life…
MB- There are many. Julie Sahni’s “Classic Indian Cooking” is one. “Thank You, Jeeves” [P.G. Wodehouse] is another.

L-  The Diary of Ann Frank. The Giver. Night. My Side of the Mountain. The Berenstein Bears… hehe.

Me- Wow- over the years, I have been riveted by so many books.  I don’t think I could ever narrow it down to one, or even five.  I will say that I was most inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s Biography, written by her son.

I unwind by…
MB- Running, cooking, drinking, sleeping.

L- Castle!!! (TV show). Reading. Sleeping. Taking a hot shower.

Me- drinking wine, reading blogs, reading books/magazines…

Proudest moment in my career…
MB- Landing a column [“The Minimalist”] at the New York Times.

L- Beginning my graduate program…. getting good grades on work I put a lot of thought into.

Me- I really don’ t have a career, but my proudest moments academically were all the times I made Dean’s list while also holding a full-time job.  And most of all when I was honored with the Humanities Award in my junior year at Rutgers University.

What keeps me up at night…
MB- Writing a column for the New York Times. Well, not really. I’m 60, therefore: death.

L- What I have to do tomorrow. The next day.

Me- To-do lists, family concerns, financial concerns and so on and so on and so on…

I define “downtime” as…
MB- Almost any time a computer screen is not in front of me.

L- When I feel calm.

Me- Being able to lay in bed or on the couch and veg

Coffee or tea?
MB- Both.

L- Both!

Me- Both!!

Guiltiest pleasure…
MB- Corned beef.

L- Staying in a really hot shower way longer than necessary! Massages… Vacations…

Me- A really good martini and traveling

My mom was right about…
MB- Cooking being a worth-while activity.

L- Everything! She is amazing.

Me- The importance of being smart about money.

My mom was wrong about…
MB- The right way to cook hamburgers.

L- Nothing. See above.

Me- Not a whole lot.

The last time I lost my temper was…
MB- Yesterday.

L- On Saturday when Elliot told me we couldn’t get a train to NYC for New Year’s Day (for a friend’s wedding) but he was kidding except I didn’t know that. WHAT?! WE CAN’T GO?! I ALREADY RSVP’D! I THOUGHT YOU WERE BOOKING THE TRAIN?! ARRRRGHHH. hahaha. Something like that. Slight overreaction?

Me- It has been a long time since I have really lost it, but I get easily frustrated on the daily at my day job.

My favorite moment of the day…
MB- It’s either waking up or going to sleep, but it depends on the day.

L- Tea in the morning. Coffee after breakfast.

Me- The feeling of getting in bed at night

I wish I had more time for…
MB- Movies.

L- Vacation!!!!!!!!!

Me- Myself

I always make time for…
MB- Cooking.

L- Sleeping.

Me- Catching up with old friends when the opportunities arise.

I’m currently reading…
MB- “War and Peace” (yes, really).

L- The DSM IV… (kidding, slightly…)

Me- Notes Left Behind

Home means...
MB- Love.

L- Family!

Me- 208 ♥


I know some of you did this on Lacey’s comments page already; for those of you who didn’t, feel free to leave answers here, or post your own.  I would love to read others wisdom!

Holiday Card Swap Update- Are You On The List?

***I have decided to accept participants until 8am Friday if you are still interested in joining.***

Listed below are the names from whom I have so far recieved an email from with their information for the card swap. 





 Jill P.-





Jill W.-

If you are still interested in the card swap, email me your address to with the subject line “Card Swap” and include in your email:  Your Name, Blog Title/URL, Home Address and Winter Holiday that you/your family celebrates (Christmas, Hanukkah…etc).

I will re-post an updated list of participating blogs on Friday afternoon.  Check the list to make sure you are on it and let me know if you are not.

Monday Brain Exchange Week 21- Alternative Activities

Links from last week: Darlene, Kittzy, Whitney, Kim, Kandi

Every Monday, at the end of the current weeks M.B.E answer, I will post a question for the following week.  This way you can cue your post for Monday if you wish.  If Monday doesn’t work for you, you can still play along any day of the week that works best. If you want to play along, all you have to do is post the question and your answer on your own blog.  Link your post to my blog so that I know you have participated, and in the following weeks post, I will link all the participant blogs from the prior week.

This Weeks Topic:  Alternative Activities

This Weeks Question:  What activities do you enjoy outside of swim/bike/running?  Are you a winter sports person or summer sports person?  Do you enjoy team or individual sports?  Do you participate in more alternative activities during the off-season?

I am definitely more of a summer sports person, mostly because I really don’t like winter.  The only thing good about winter, is skiing.  I do love to ski.  I actually haven’t been on the slopes in a while, but I am going to be getting back out there this winter and I am very excited.  I think the mountains are so much fun- snow tubing, skiing and sleding are all great activites. 

I like to take part in both individual and team sports- I really wish there was a women’s softball team around me that I could join; I grew up playing and for four years coached the team at my work but I haven’t done much with it in over a year and I miss it so much.  Whenever I am presented with the opportunity to play most any sport, I take it.  I really just like to be active. 


Next Weeks Topic:  2010 Bests and Worsts

Next Weeks Question: Tell readers about your 2010 Best and Worst races.  What made them so great or not so great?

Quick Post-Photos-Reminder

Short post bloggies-

-First up-


If you are interested in the Onelittletrigirl Holiday Card Swap I need your information by midnight tomorrow night.

To learn more about the swap, go back to this post.


I have decided to get caught up on my Reader rather than write just another post about how I did nothing by way of working out (don’t give up on me interwebs, I promise, I am back on the wagon tomorrow!) but I do want to share some photos from this weekend.

This weekend was FABULOUS 🙂  Saturday night I had my first get together at my house.  When I lived alone, in my past apartment, I would have people over all the time.  Now that I have a roommate, who isn’t as social as I am, I have to keep her feelings in mind and therefore I haven’t really had people over at all.  When I lived alone, I did this at least every other weekend; I would have people over for drinks, movie nights, game nights or themed type parties.  The fact that I have lived in this place for three months and this was my first party…I had to make it great!  And it was 🙂  So many of my favorite people came out and it really made the night special.  I was able to catch up with so many friends and make use of the amazing bar I have in my home.  Overall, great success!

The bar in my house- LOVE it!

Work besties 🙂

Teammate love

Today was my families Annual Christmas Reunion.  My Mom’s side all gets together each year- we rent a hall and have it catered; Santa comes for the little kids and we do door prizes and 50/50- and it is always a great time.  I couldn’t make it for the whole time because I had to work tonight but I was able to get there for enough time to catch up and get some great photos.

My cousins- more like, sisters

My “little” cousin Dan

Creepin in on the Santa photo!


Lots of racers out there this past weekend- looking forward to all of your reports!

Snail Mail For Christmas- Blogger Card Exchange!

I don’t know about all of you, but rarely do I get mail that is not junk.  A few times a month I open up my mailbox to a new Runners World, Fitness or Triathlete magazine, but for the most part, the mail sucks!   With the popularity and ease of email, snail mail has becomes almost non-existent.  But you know when the mail gets good again- the holidays 🙂  I love the holidays and I love snail mail!  And I still send my Christmas cards the old-fashioned way.  I simply cannot wrap my brain around emailing a card!!!

Does anyone else still mail Christmas cards? 

Would you like a little holiday cheer in your box?  I know I would LOVE some!  If you enjoy mailing Christmas cards and you also love opening the mailbox to find something nice, this is for YOU!  For those of you who are in my dying breed club of mailing Christmas cards, I invite you to join:

Onelittletrigirl’s Blogger Christmas/Holiday card swap!! 

Here’s how it will work:

  • Email me your address to with the subject line “Card Swap” to let me know you want to participate, by midnight, Monday, December 6.
    • Include in your email:  Your Name, Blog Title/URL, Home Address and Winter Holiday that you/your family celebrates (Christmas, Hanukkah…etc)
  • I will link all participating blogs in a separate post by Wednesday, December 8, to make sure I have included everyone.  Check the list to make sure you are on it and let me know if you are not.
  • Each participating member will receive an email over the following weekend from me that will include the information of three participating bloggers.  Therefore, each blogger will be responsible for sending three cards.  Please note: if you choose to participate, your address WILL be given out to three bloggers
  • Depending on the amount of participants you may receive more than three cards, but you are only responsible to send three.


  • You must have a blog to participate.  (Sorry Mom!)
  • Please only sign up if you plan to send the cards.  It just isn’t fair to others if you sign up and don’t send.
  • Cards are to be sent at any time within the month of December. 
  • This exchange is open to ALL bloggers, in USA, Canada and elsewhere.  If you DO NOT wish to exchange with a blogger outside of the USA, please note that in your email and I will make sure to give you only USA bloggers.
  • I think this goes without saying, but I will say it anyway:  the addresses of bloggers I send out are not to be shared.  We must always remember safety first!

Hopefully this goes as well as I hope.  It is my first time doing anything of this nature!

Sweetest Place On Earth

Yesterday, my mom and I spent the day in Hershey Park.  You know what is fun…not going to work and instead spending the day at Chocolate World. 🙂

Every year my mom and I take a hooky day from work and spend the day shopping. Some years we just do the malls, some years we went to Atlantic City; this year we had planned to go up to the Hershey Outlets.  I say had, because it wasn’t long before we decided to ditch the shopping idea and spend the day at Chocolate World instead!

We headed down as soon as I got home from work on Monday night.  The drive was harrowing to say the least!!!  Look, I am from South Jersey…hills don’t exactly exist here and winding roads aren’t all that popular either.  Oh, and here, we light our roads.  So yeah, I was more than happy when we finally made it to the hotel!

So we get to the hotel and as we walk in, I see this display and notice it has my mom’s name on it!  Turns out, my mom was Guest Of The Day 🙂  We got our room upgraded to a suite!  And because my mom and I are total dorks, we totally took pictures!

Once we were settled in, we headed out to get some dinner; we were both totally starving and on a recommendation we went to the Chocolate Pantry.  This place was super cute and the food was delicious!!!  Our eyes were WAY bigger than our stomachs and we ended up with an appetizer of crab fries, side salads and our meals.  Our amazing meals- italian chicken and pasta for me and crab cakes for my mom.  (We later left these meals in the fridge at the hotel 😦 )  We really enjoyed our dinner and the place; I would highly recommend it!

From dinner it was back to the hotel and bed in preparation for a fun day at Chocolate World.  Let me just say, that from the time we stepped foot in that place on Tuesday morning we were like two little kids.  We were so excited we didn’t even know where to begin!  The last time we were in Hershey, I was about 12 and things have changed quite a lot!  Thankfully, the world’s nicest people work at their front desks and were happy t0 give us some direction.

We decided to first make our own candy bars.  This was a blast- it was only my Mom and I, so our tour guide Kim was our personal guide 🙂  Kim was awesome- so sweet and friendly (and origonally from south jersey!!) and you could tell she really likes her job.  Making your own candy bar is some serious business;  you are in the real factory so you have to wear hairnets and aprons and take off all jewlery.  You start with a plain chocolate bar (I chose dark) and then you get to choose three inclusions and a topping.  My inclusions were white chocolate chips, pretzels and toffee with Christmas sprinkles as my topping.  After you program your bar, you get to watch it be made.  And from there you get to design your wrapper.  The whole process takes about 30 minutes and is so much fun.  I highly recommend this for all ages 🙂

From there we headed through the free ride through how chocolate is made- its totally cute and you get free chocolate at the end 🙂  After that we headed to the trolley to take a ride through Hershey.  This was by far my favorite part of the trip; it was informative and fun.  We had a very charismatic trolley guide and again, like Kim, you could tell how much he liked his job.  While talking, you could see that he took pride in working for Hershey.  And even though I know quite a bit about Hershey, having done a paper my senior year on him, I really learned a lot.  Even with the rain, it was a great ride.  I especially loved being able to go through the Hersey School grounds and into the Rotunda building where we saw the gorgeous dome with all the flags.  Plus, the Christmas tree was up and it was beautiful.

After the trolley, we decided to round out our trip by seeing the 3D movie.  It was about 20 minutes long and obviously geared towards kids, but we still both really liked it a lot.  3D is fun!

The last thing on our list was to make the candy bar wrappers.  I made one for a friend and my mom made one for co-worker.  Then we made a Hershey Syrup bottle for my dad.  It was fun but it was also the one thing that could have been better; they really need a better system.  For one, they should take more than one photo and let you pick…we lucked out and got good photos but it still would have been nice to have a choice.  Additionally, the wrappers were not put on very well.  It’s a small complaint and it wouldn’t keep me from doing it again or recommending the activity.

When we were all finished with the days activities we went into the shops and spent way too much money on chocolate 🙂  Then we headed home, stopping on the way at Bertucci’s for dinner.  It was a super, much-needed, awesome overnight trip.

Oh…and if you are curious…in the world of working out…well, I have been absent big time.  I hope you will all stick with me through my off-time whilst I get my ish together!

Monday Brain Exchange Week 20- Stay Fit Through Holidays

Links from week 18- Kandi, KitzzyKim and Whitney

Links from week 19- Darlene, Kitzzy and Kandi

*If you are playing, and I am not linking you, please let me know!

Every Monday, at the end of the current weeks M.B.E answer, I will post a question for the following week.  This way you can cue your post for Monday if you wish.  If Monday doesn’t work for you, you can still play along any day of the week that works best. If you want to play along, all you have to do is post the question and your answer on your own blog.  Link your post to my blog so that I know you have participated, and in the following weeks post, I will link all the participant blogs from the prior week.

This Weeks Topic: Staying fit and healthy during the holidays

This Weeks Question: How do you manage diet and exercise during the holidays?

It’s no secret that November and December are tough months; it is hard to get outside and workout (at least for us NorthEast folk!) and even harder to resist all the amazing food.  And everyone knows that the only way to truly stay fit is to eat less and workout more.  so how do I get around the holidays?  Truth?  I don’t stress out about it!

Look, I am not suggesting anyone go ape-shit crazy over holiday foods.  A month of eating nothing but crap will hurt in more ways that just around the waist.  So don’t go stuffing your face and blaming onelittletrigirl.  However…it is also best not to come to me for advice on how to keep away from holiday treats because my advice is, and always will be, don’t deprive yourself!  This is a time of celebration and food/drink is a part of that celebrating.  No reason for you to sit in a corner eating carrot sticks.

Here are a few of my tips for enjoying the holidays without going overboard:

  1. Moderation is KEY!  I like to have a little of everything I want to try, rather than too much of one or two things.  This way, I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything and I feel satisfied.  Additionally, I try to eat the healthy foods first, so that by the time I get to the goodies, my stomach is already somewhat full.
  2. Be a social butterfly.  The more you move around a room and spend time with others, the less time you will spend at the food table.  I find that if I am in a coversation with someone, I am less likely to be shoving my face with food.
  3. Eat before you eat.  You’re thinking: Say what huh???  But really…it works; before attending any event where I know there will be a lot of food out, I eat something small at home.  This way, I am not tempted to eat everything in sight.  Do not attempt to “save calories” by not eating all day…all this will do is result in you eating twice as much as your normally would eat.
  4. Choose alcohol wisely.  A mixed drink is great if you plan to have only one…but more than one and you have just tacked on 300+ calories to your night!  For the record, an ounce of sour mix is 27 calories- AN OUNCE!  I recommend wine or a light beer if you plan on throwing a few back.  Not into wines and beers?  Try a spritzer or  use a low-calories mixer with your drink.  For example, I use a low calorie cranberry juice for my cosmo’s making them very fit-friendly 🙂 
  5. Forgive yourself 🙂  Did you eat more than you planned?  Feeling guilty?  Don’t!  Acknowledge that it happened, figure out where you went wrong and work out a plan for the next time. 


Next Weeks Topic:  Alternative Activities

Next Weeks Question:  What activities do you enjoy outside of swim/bike/running?  Are you a winter sports person or summer sports person?  Do you enjoy team or individual sports?  Do you participate in more alternative activities during the off-season?

How I Spent My Thankgiving Break

Hi bloggies….long time, no write 🙂

I cannot think of a better way to tell you about my break, than in my favorite…list format!


I had a half-day at my day job and spent the time in between that and going to my night job, getting my hair done.  My friend Michele does my hair, so it always turns into a catching up and gossip session too.  I decided to cover some of my blonde so my hair is a bit darker now (although, as it seems, I am the only one who notices) and I really like it.  After my hair was done, I pretty much had to get ready for work.  I had the WORST.NIGHT.EVER.  My day had been pretty bad and the night was a great match-up.  I used to live to go out the night before Thanksgiving…this year, I could not wait to get home, have a glass of wine and go to bed!


I woke up pretty early on Thursday to get some stuff done with the intention of taking two naps throughout the day.  I did some random stuff around the house and then headed out to my cousins football game.  She is a cheerleader and it was her last game as a Varsity cheerleader.  As I was on my way…it started SNOWING!  Whoa…snow!  Seriously, I am still not over the snow from last year!  Needless to say, I did not last very long at the game.  Instead I went back home and tried to catch a nap.  Couldn’t sleep, so I just got ready for dinner.  We ate a local restaurant this year; it wasn’t the best meal I ever had, but I liked the idea of eating out…so much easier!  In talking with my parents we all decided to keep the tradition of eating at a restaurant, but to try a new one next year.  From dinner it was back home for nap attempt number two.  That also did not happen.  I headed to my parents house to pick up my mom…and at 11pm we were off on our Black Friday adventure 🙂

We headed to the outlets first; they open at 12am and stay open throughout all day Friday.  We did hit some good sales and it was worth going but again…we decided to do something different next year.  This was our third year there and we both kinda realized we needed something new.  From the outlets we went to grab a snack (it was about 2am’ish) and headed to a diner.  And then it was off to Kohls, followed by Target.  All in all, I did really well and saved a ton of money.  I didn’t have too much in mind for this year, but it just wouldn’t be the same if my mom and I didn’t go out on this day.  And speaking of my mom…at Target, there was a lady who’s card wasn’t working.  She was about to have to put some of her toys back…but my mom paid for her.  She just handed the money over; my mom is a generous and giving person…and this was no different.  She was, in no way, going to watch as someone put their children’s Christmas toys away.  Just another reason why my mom is such an amazing person.  All she asked is for the woman to pay it forward…something my mom and I very much believe in.

By the time we were done at Target, I had to get home and sleep.  It was about 7am and I had to work Friday night.  I slept 8 hours and was off to work.  It was slllooooowwwww and boring at work.  UGH!  I ended up out of there by 9pm and met up with my friend for a drink.  It was the perfect way to relax after a long day/night.


Yesterday, I was super duper productive.  Cleaned the whole house (other than my room), got our Christmas tree, decorated for the holidays and had dinner with an old friend.  It was a great day/night.  Unfortunately, I woke up today feeling like poo and ended up in bed all day.  I just could not get it together at all.  I did not get out of bed until I had to be at work.  Work was slow, but okay- and after Wednesday and Friday, I needed a good night!


I feel better now, but lately I have been having the worst stomach issues.  It passes eventually but while I feel that way, I feel really bad.  So I hope that ends soon because it really sucks!  I took the week off from all workouts- which I desperately needed…the break was nice.  Tomorrow it is back to the grind…the start of the off-season to rebuild and re-coop.  I am still going to stay off running for a week or so, just to really give my shins the break they have so desperately needed, but I need to do something!  So this week is back to the gym 🙂

Back to work (at my day job) tomorrow; not looking forward to that AT ALL.  I was very much loving the time off- thank goodness for Christmas break in 19 days 🙂  Monday night, my mom and I are heading to Hershey Park to go to the outlets up there and take a mental health day off on Tuesday!  Every year we take a “hooky day” and do some Christmas shopping.  I am looking very forward to it and it is making going back tomorrow a lot easier!



I am so behind on my reader…so…tell me about your Thanksgiving.  What was the best part of your holiday?

Turkey For Me…Turkey For You

Today is a half-day.  And I have off from my day job tomorrow and Friday for the holiday.  And my night job is closed tomorrow and I have off Saturday.  That’s right….I have two complete days off this weekend!!!!  Don’t know how that happened but I am going with it 🙂

Tomorrow, I am set to play football with people from my night job.  It sounds like so much fun and I am really excited, however I am still moving quite gingerly.  My legs/feet are still pretty sore from the race Sunday.  By the way…if you did not read my report, here is it…this is a must read 🙂 (Thanks so much for all the kind words too- I am STILL super excited.) After football, I’ll be meeting up with my parents to go out to dinner.  This is a first for us- we always used to go to my dad’s parents; this is our first Thanksgiving with my Pop-Pop and my Grandmother is going to my cousins…so it is just my mom, dad and me.  We figured why do all that cooking just for three people- and made the decision to go out for dinner.  I am looking forward to being waited on, although as a server myself, I almost feel bad that someone has to wait on me instead of being with their family.

Black Friday is almost here!!!!!!!  I love Black Friday!   I don’t even have that much to get this year, and I don’t even know really what I AM getting yet, but Black Friday is still fun for me.  I have been part of the Black Friday adventure since I was a kid.  My mom, gram and I used to go out super early in the morning and shop all day long.  My mom and gram were extreme shoppers!  One year, I was about seven, K-Mart was giving a vacuum away for some ridiculously great price and with it came a handheld dirtdevil for a penny.  I remember my mom and I pressed up against the doors ready to run as soon as the doors opened.  And we got the vacuum!!  Other years, I have saved huge amounts of money on jewlery, coats, entertainment centers, tv’s and etc.  The last few years my mom and I have changed up our tradition by heading out to the outlets at 11pm on Thanksgiving night and shopping overnight.  My gram no longer is able to come along with us so it is just her and I now and we are usually completely done our shopping by 8am.  Yes, the time most people are waking up!

How do you spend Thanksgiving?  Are you a Black Friday shopper or a Cyber Monday kinda person?