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Truly Starting Over

Flashback to: December 2007:  “I want to do a triathlon”

My first triathlon was set for August of 2008.  I honestly believed that I had plenty of time to train when I picked that race.  I honestly thought it would be easy.  It was not easy. Before I started training, I had not run more than a mile in years. I hadn’t been on a bike since middle school. I hadn’t swam seriously since getting my lifeguard certifications ten years prior.  Even though I had been an active member of the gym for 10+ years and was a pro at walking on the treadmill, riding the stationary bike and lifting, I had little to no base when I began the road to my first tri.

Flashback to August 2008: I finished my first tri.

In the time since, I have completed nine 5k’s, four 8k’s, one 7-miler, one 10-miler, six half-marathons, two duathlons, six triathlons and been the swimmer for three relay triathlons.  Additionally, I am a finisher of the Air Force Mud Run and Warrior Dash.

I have conquered knee issues, shin splits and most notably a torn hip flexor.  I have been down.  But I have never been out.  I was told this year I probably wouldn’t race until late summer and half-marathons were probably out of the questions.  I was racing in May and in November I PR’d at the Philly Half-Marathon.

However, I have done very little since the Philly Half by way of working out.  A few pilates classes, a couple two mile runs and a little biking here and there.  It was a much needed break physically, and more importantly mentally.  I was so drained coming off this season I wasn’t even sure I wanted to race in 2011.  But some time off and a fresh perspective has all those thoughts in the past.  And I am ready to get it going for 2011.

So, this week, I started over again.  Of course this time, I have a much better base and I know my capabilities.  I know I am capable of running 13+ miles, riding a bike and swimming for a mile or more at a time.  The differences between 2008 and 2011 are immense.  But one thing is the same: starting new is never easy.  It will be a slow couple of weeks.  You may have noticed my first race, an 8k, isn’t even until March.  My first half is in May.  I am going to start off walking and work my way up, following the 10% rule like it is my job!  The idea for 2011 is slow & steady, have fun, stay healthy & uninjured and kick ass. 🙂

Yesterday was the first day of my 2011 training season.  I went for a walk with my roommates dog and we had a blast.  We were out for about n hour; not sure how far we actually walked and not sure I care.  I worked up a great sweat and had a fun time in the snow.

13 thoughts on “Truly Starting Over

  1. The calendar always seems free and clear months before a race. Somehow all those spots start to fill with competing and often much more compelling events. As others have already said, you’ve got the right mindset. Good luck this year.

  2. wait. so 8-9 months isn’t enough? yiiikes. glad my “back up plan” never went into effect in 2009… i was all “if i get laid off i’ll sign up for this half-iron (in may/june)”. that would have been miserable i think with less than 6 months of prep. especially since i don’t swim.

  3. I think you are approaching 2011 very smart and having fun and stay healthy should indeed be the most important things for all of us.

    When ever I go out for a walk with my dog I never look how much we walked afterwards because it’s not important. The important thing is that Bella is enjoying herself, is she is, I am 🙂

  4. Starting over is hard…you know what you are capable of so I think we tend to be less patient with ourselves on the journey. Stay positive and stay focused. And don’t forget to celebrate the wins, even if you’ve won them before!

  5. Starting over with all the knowledge you’ve acquired over the past several years will be a benefit and a detriment! You’ll know you can do it, which might make it harder to hold back. But I love your attitude about the walk, you went out and had fun without concern about distance. I’m also glad that you took the break, not just for physical reasons but for the mental rejuvenation that comes. You are so wonderful and I think 2011 will be a good year for you.

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