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Seven More Things About This Girl

Jamie tagged me in a seven things post…and all I have to do is tell you seven things about myself.  Easy enough, especially because the post I wanted to post today is still in progress.

  1. I love listing things about myself. And listing things in general. I am a list person.
  2. One of my goals for 2011 was to try new things; one of those new things is beer.  I have already tried two and I liked one of them.  I think Jamoosh will be proud!
  3. I am having so many emotions about turning 30 this year.  Not one of them is because I feel old, because I do not feel old at all…I just feel…different.  And part of the emotional confusion is that I don’t know why I feel so different.  I just do.
  4. I have been trying to move this blog to my own domain for at least three months now- I am such a tech moron that it has been a complete fail.  I will take any and all help you can offer- my email is Jillyfly81@comcast.net!
  5. I have always wanted to be good at art.  I think even though I will never be good at art, I might start painting anyway.
  6. I feel like I was born in the wrong generation- I just feel really out of touch with people my age.  I tend to connect with people much older or a little younger.
  7. In my next life, I want to be the lead singer of a local band.  I don’t need to be famous, I just want to be on stage at local bars and sing and maybe play a little guitar.

I am supposed to tag seven people but so many already have been…how about this, if your birthday is in January, consider yourself tagged 🙂


16 thoughts on “Seven More Things About This Girl

  1. I’ve always wanted to be good at art too. That’s why I enjoy photography.. it’s like art but I don’t have to have skill with a pen/paintbrush/pencil.
    What kind of beer did you like?!
    I am kinda excited about turning 30 this year. Not sure why. Part of it is moving into a new age bracket.

  2. If you feel this conflicted about turning 30, just wait until you’re officially middle-aged. By then, you’ll maybe be a rock star who does her own CD cover artwork … you never know.

  3. 30 was weird for me b/c i have always been the youngest in my group of friends. but for some reason, i thought that would change when i hit 30. now, 35, i’m not looking forward to that one so much. and that’s this year. boo.

  4. I felt weirder when I hit 31 than I did with 30… something about actually being “in my 30’s” as opposed to “turning 30” clicked with me funny.

    Email me with your site migration goals/plans. I can probably help you.

  5. I can’t help you with #4. it’s a miracle my blog functions.

    #1. ditto
    #2. I’ve been venturing into wine lately, you would be proud.
    #3. whoa, you’re old 😉 thanks for making me feel better about being 26 :-p
    #5. do it! won’t get better til you swipe the brush around. I need to get back into drawing/art in general. I used to be semi-decent. Or semi-semi.
    #6. I just need friends
    #7. umm no thanks. Didn’t you hear me sing in raise your ade? Haha. I’ll be your lyrics writer k?

  6. I have my own domain but don’t ask me how I did it, I’m just glad it works 😆

    The one drink I just don’t like, no matter how often I tried it, is beer 🙂

  7. What a great list Jill !!!!

    My first tri was October 2009 and I’ve just done my first sprint distance tri as part of our national series races and I had a ball and did a better time that I had targeted.

    I love your blog Jill and keep up the great work 🙂


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