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Note: Skiing Uses Different Muscles Than Running

(FYI- MBE will be back next week 🙂 )

Seriously kids, skiing is intense!  I am more sore than after any race I have ever run!

This past weekend my teammates and I headed up to Elk Mountain in Pa for a weekend of skiing and some seriously needed relaxation and fun.  I had to work Friday night but was up and at em super early Saturday for the drive up.  There were six of us in two cars headed up to meet the gang.  Some of them were already there from Friday night and others would be on their way Saturday night.  In total we had about 40 people through the weekend.  And the trip wouldn’t have been the same without them!

We arrived in Elk around 9am.  It has been years since I skiied and the same was for two of my friends.  Additionally, my friend Lisa was going to attempt snowboarding.  Given that, we all decided on the beginner lift ticket which also came with a lesson.  I thought I would be bored  but I am glad I did it- I forgot a few things and it was a nice refresher. 

We skiied all day- afterwards, we had an awesome Italian dinner made by a few of our teammates.  And then the night got crazy!  We partied like we were in college- starting at 6pm and went all night.  We played poker, beer pong and spent some time in the hot tub.  It was an absolute blast and I am so glad that I went even if I was exhausted by the trips end! 

Photos of course 🙂


Snow Bunny

On the slopes with my girls ❤

Monday morning I woke up sore, sore, sore!  I had worked Sunday night which probably didn’t help but working Monday night actually did make my legs feel better.  Today I woke up not as sore and headed to the gym bright and early.  So far I have been doing really well getting to the gym two mornings a week- I really hope I can keep it up.  For right now, I am just working on cardio and strength until my actualy training schedule begins.  I like the ease of it and it reaffirms my decision to wait until later in the Spring to race my first half. 

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!  I hate the winter but January has been super fun so far!


13 thoughts on “Note: Skiing Uses Different Muscles Than Running

  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! I haven’t skied in a few years and would LOVE to get back out there. My trip got canceled a few weeks back. 😦 I definitely agree that skiing gives you an excellent workout though! After my last trip I could barely push the clutch in my car for the drive home! My calves were SO SORE.

  2. You are just about the cutest thing ever in that ski outfit :).
    I can’t ski anymore; I get super whiny riding up the life and then everyone hates to be around me! But I did love it when I was younger…you know, like yourself :). Woohoo for the amazing workout! And having fun, too!

  3. Oh, fun! I haven’t been skiing since my second year of college. I used to go every weekend with my dad when I was a teen. But I always remember the first couple outings of the year making me super sore! But such a good sore! Glad you’re having such a good January!

  4. That sounds like a blast! I have only been skiing once, and cannot remember if I was sore (I know my husband was bruised all over though) but know I would want to take a refresher if I ever go again!

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