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Snow-ver IT!!!


Perhaps you remember snowmaggedon 2010.  Well, its 2011 and at the rate we are going it is going to be even worse.  I refused to go out in the crap yesterday (we had a snow day) so all of these photos have been stolen from my mom.

Word on the streets is that it is going to snow more tonight and again next Tuesday another storm should arrive. Frig.  Tomorrow I plan to run and it looks like I’ll be stuck on the dreadmill again.  Thanks snow. Another thing I can dislike you for.

Anyway, I made the best of my snowday yesterday by getting on the trainer while watching What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and doing some P90X abs.  Grape is such a fantastic movie; it had been years since I last watched it and I forgot how much I loved it!  After my awesome workout I pretty much felt justified in doing nothing for the rest of the day.  I watched a bunch of cheesy Lifetime movies, ate Kraft Mac & Cheese and eventually got bored enough to clean my house.  And it was still only 6pm!  How do people stay home all day and not work?  I don’t even like my job, but man, I need to work!

And while we are on the subject of work: somebody asked me the other day what my dream job was…and it dawned on me that I didn’t really have one.  I mean, I do, but they are all completely unattainable.  Which sucks. but it’s true.  I mean, I can’t just be a travel writer.  I can’t just be the PR person for an organization I really believe in.  Those things don’t just happen…they have to be made to happen.  I don’t necessarily feel stuck for life in the job I have now…if I did, I would probably lose my mind…but I do feel like I will always have an office job of some sort.  Perhaps one day that office will be at a magazine, or in a building that does non-profit work.  And I will go there and be happy every day because I love my job.

Speaking of happiness…28 days until I am in sunny Florida.  🙂 There is no snow in sunny Florida-score!  And speaking of Florida…I need to get myself into bikini form, stat!  It has given me the motivation to go at my work-outs hardcore and even finally give into the P90X.  But here’s the thing about P90X…I wouldn’t say I am doing it, but I am.  It’s like this- I enjoy some of the workouts and like doing them at home, but I am not following the schedule or the nutritional parts.  So I really don’t like to say I am “doing P90X” since I am really just half-assing it as part of my off-season training and to get ready for Florida.  Thoughts on that anyone?  Have you done it to the T or modified it in any way?

Oh, and FYI- for whatever reason, I have no idea why…my google reader will not log on when I am on my laptop at home.  I finally got caught up on blogs and then BAM can’t get on all the sudden.  I am hoping it is a fixable cookies type issue but if not, I’ll catch up with you all on Monday!  Have a fabulous weekend everyone ❤

11 thoughts on “Snow-ver IT!!!

  1. I think the snow is pretty but I hate going out in it and I hate driving in it. I love looking out the window at it and that is about it.

  2. Great pictures.

    I love the snow but we don’t get very much where we live but my wife is from Canada and she really misses it.
    I guess I’ll have to plan a trip and suprise her 🙂

    Don’t worry, the 28 days will just fly by aand soon enough, you’ll be “beaching it” Florida style – enjoy the countdown.

  3. I’m over the snow too! Although we haven’t seen as much here as you have. But we did get hit pretty hard (and super quickly) this week and I heard the same thing about Tuesday of next week.
    I’ll be in FL on Feb 18-21 but in Jacksonville/Orlando. I can’t wait!!

  4. Well, it certainly is pretty – to look at. I should mention, should I, that it was 68 degrees in Denver today??? Ok, I won’t. I had an awesome run outside on the dry trails the other day and it was so much fun. Denver has certainly had it’s fair share of snow, but we never seem to get blasted with those snow years from hell! Stay warm, girl…and remember 28 days is going to fly by!! 🙂

    Happy Weekend!

  5. I’ll try to keep my prayers for snow limited to PA, OK? Jill running in the snow is so peaceful, try it. You’ll like it!

    As for those “can’t just” thoughts about your dream job. Get to work! Please don’t sacrifice your day at a job you don’t like. Life is too damn short.

  6. Hi Jill,
    We have had our own little share of the massive amount of the white stuff! I am with you…totally over it! Is it almost spring yet? Seriously, I can’t wait for the days to get longer, snow to melt and warmer temps:)

    Even though I am over the snow the pictures you posted are very beautiful and peaceful looking.

    Happy weekend!

  7. My friend’s moved out East to get away from the crazy mid-west snow a few years ago. Boy are they regretting that now! Good luck digging out of it!

  8. The pics are beautiful but boy am I glad we’ve had our share of snow in December and that it’s gone now and hopefully doesn’t come back this Winter.

    I have no tips about the P90X, I’ve looked into it a few times but never bought it.

  9. i’m torn. i love the snow but it’s killing me on saturday long runs. just did 20 on the treadmill and i’m chafed to hell. so bad that andy just told me i should give up running.

  10. I love running in the snow! Sadly, we have gotten very little snow this season for some reason. We got about 3 inches last night and I went out for a long run in it this morning – so peaceful and enjoyable.

    Good plan with P90X. I am on my second 90 days, but like you, I’m not “doing” P90X. I’m just doing the strength routines and substituting my swim/bike/run for the cardio.

  11. umm. it was 70 degrees here today. 🙂 you love me, i know. come be my neighbor!!

    i don’t have a dream job either… well, i’d take a travel writer. maybe we can start our own business together! hah. sometimes i wish i’d gone into something med-related so i could help people/find cures for stuff but a) i’m not going to spend the next 10 years in school again and b) i get grossed out looking at other people’s blisters/cuts/etc. pretty sure i couldn’t handle the real gore.

    sometimes at work i do those ‘career tests’ online. i think they usually tell me to be a librarian… hmm what does that say about me? hermit? haha.

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