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30 Days Of Truth- Day 1

I liked doing my Truth post so much that I went in search of something else like it and found http://punchitin.wordpress.com/.  Oddly enough, her blog roll includes many of the blogs I read however I had never visited this blog until I found it through google the most amazing tool ever created.  I am all about stealing off other blogs new things so here we have 30 days of truth.  Which is more like 30 weeks of truth since I plan to only post once a week.  Actually, there is no plan outside of the fact that when I feel like it, I will post a Day of Truth.  Cause the truth is, I wanted to post this weeks ago.  I didn’t get to be President of the procrastination club by doing things in a timely manner, that is for sure!

And thus it begins…

Day 1: Something you hate about yourself

The truth is, I don’t truly hate anything about myself.  Hate is a strong word.  But I don’t let myself off the hook that easy…there are a few things I dislike:

I dislike my low fuse…I tend to let really little things bother me.  And the fact that they bother me, bothers me.  I cannot stand when I know I have flipped out over something stupid, especially when it is happening and I cannot stop it even if I want to.  This is something I have been working on and will continue to work on throughout 2011.

I dislike my disdain for change…I am a creature of habit.  I like everything a certain way.  I struggle with change.  Change of plans, change of heart…change of any kind. 

I dislike how much pressure I put on myself…I suppose if you read this blog you are already aware of the fact that I pressure myself.  I put such an insane amount of this pressure on myself that I have literally made myself sick over it before. 

I dislike that I am short. You would think after 29 years I would be over it. You would think, since I’ll be short the rest of my life, I would have come to terms with it. Nope. Still dislike the shortness!

I would love it if you all commented a little truth about yourselves…either here, or if you are interested in challenging yourself to the same project.  What do you hate (or dislike) about yourself?

19 thoughts on “30 Days Of Truth- Day 1

  1. I don’t think I can take on a project of this magnitude on a daily basis, but I love that you are. This is a great idea. I really don’t hate anything about myself either, but I will take your idea of dislikes. I dislike that I am dependent on the approval of others, whether it be my wife, boss, dog or anybody else. I continually want to please them and make sure I’m viewed in a positive light, almost to a fault.

  2. Hey, how did I miss this!

    The short thing cracked me up! The only time being short bothers me is when I need to get a chair to pick something off a shelf that’s too high… ANNOYING! I also wonder how different the world looks if you are 6’10’ or something.

  3. I love this! I might try to do something like that but I already feel backlogged on my blog as it is.
    Things I dislike about myself:
    My face gets CRAZY RED when I work out… or am in the sun/heat/humidity and it’s usually not sunburn because I wear spf. But everyone comments about how “sunburnt” I am. Annoying to have people tell you that all the time.

  4. I don’t hate anything about myself either, don’t like the word hate.

    I dislike my tummy. I’m quite happy with the rest of my body but this balloon is always bothering me.

    I dislike it that I have discipline to do a lot of things but not when it comes to eating less.

  5. Thanks for the bloggy love. 🙂 Another thing I dislike about myself is that I loathe confrontation and sometimes it leads to my own unhappiness. Like, there have been times when I know I should address a situation that’s bothering me with the person who is causing the situation, but (apparently) I would rather sit around and let my rage stew under the surface. It’s awesome, really. 😉

  6. I love that you said there’s nothing you hate about yourself! I dislike that I can’t cook. It gets in the way of the whole healthy training thing…

  7. I dislike my teeth… they’re crooked and I get after myself for not wearing my retainer as religiously as I should have after getting braces off!

    I dislike how I doubt and discredit myself, but I’m not entirely sure how to fully engage self-confidence!

    Like Kandi mentioned, I hate how red my skin gets. If I blush, it stays red for hours. I get really red when I exercise. And if I haven’t even enough I flush and it lingers.

    You’re so right though, hate is such a strong word. I’m glad you can’t bring yourself to apply it to your feelings toward yourself.

  8. Being a 5’1″ member of the short club myself, I can relate. This is where 6’4″ Husband really comes in handy. Every time I say, “Husband, come here. I need you.” His reply is usually, “What do you need me to reach now?” Ha!

    Something I dislike about myself…..how easily I can talk myself out of doing something and how mad I get with myself for letting myself get talked out of it. Grr!

  9. You are hate is such a strong word. I used to hate my hips, I guess I just dislike them now. I wish they weren’t so disproportional but I am coming to terms with my legs and hips and seeing them as part of myself and accepting them. I think that is about it.

  10. I dislike that sometimes I don’t speak up for myself. I am getting better but it has taken me years.
    I generally dislike my weight.
    I dislike myself when I am tired because I get so grumpy.

  11. I liked the first paragraph or so justifying why you were making this weekly/whenever you felt like it 😉

    Get some hooker heels, shawty.

    I dislike that I hold grudges easily/for too long. I dislike how I have such a “save money” mindset that I feel guilty whenever I spend any.

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  13. What a great topic. I think that I dislike that I always catch a “grass is greener” virus. It makes me always strive for more but makes me perpetually unhappy with what I have.

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