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A Different Kind Of Monthly Review

Listen kids…I am living the life in 2011!

Instead of making a long list of things I’ll stop keeping up with resolutions in the beginning of January, I decided that I would make a few life changes instead.  The idea for 2011 is to give myself as many experiences as possible.  Let go a little, be more spontaneous and make as many memories as possible even if it means losing some sleep in the process!  And to take a lot of photos.  Everything is better in pictures 🙂

Combining my new outlook on life with my new outlook on racing (just have fun with it) has made my life so much less stressful.  I am finding it easier and easier to dismiss drama (restaurant business is drama-rific) and I have really been focusing on the people in my life who matter.  I am working hard and playing hard.  I am dating for fun and meeting a lot of new awesome people.  I am loosening up a little, planning random trips and having a blast.  I planned a race schedule that is all about fun.  In summation: I have taken the pressure off of myself!  I am living the life I was always a little too afraid to live- the one I want to live.  For me, and no one else.  And man, it feels good!

Things just really feel like they are finally coming together for me.  I feel back on track with my weight, my exercising and eating right, and in general I just feel good about things.  I am learning (how did it take me until 30 to get this?) that it is just so much easier to be happy.  It uses less energy and generally feels better.  I am aware that I still need to work on my stress levels and that bad days happen; however, the way I have been feeling, something tells me there will be more good days than bad in 2011!

January has been a great month; I spent lots of time with friends, partied it up in A.C for a weekend and recently went on a fabulous ski trip.  And best of all, I held to my plan of being spontaneous and booked a trip to Florida in less than two hours one day when the mood struck me to get away for a long weekend.  Between working, training and various weekend events, I’ll be in the Florida sun in no time soaking up the much-needed Vitamin D.  ♥


How did you January shape up? 


15 thoughts on “A Different Kind Of Monthly Review

  1. I need to adopt this attitude Jill! I’m glad things are coming together for you, and it’s probably because you are letting things fall where they fall, enjoying yourself. Sounds like it will be a good year.
    For me, January has been stressful. But I’m getting past that. I needed to read something like this.

  2. What an awesome month! 🙂 I love your new perspective on happiness. January was a good month for me too. I met lots of new friends and stayed busy. Apparently for me, busy=happy!

  3. My January started off great, but ended with the last week being a pile of suckitude. But it’s February 1… new month, I get a fresh start.

    I’m glad you’re taking the pressure off yourself (and that you’ve learned it at 30!)… I’m still trying to figure out how to actually do that myself! I know it’s good to, but I have a hard time holding myself to that!

  4. First, got your email and will respond soon…got lots to say to you!! 🙂

    I think we read blogs and blog and blogs where everyone is so race-fixedated…times, PRs, stress, stress, stress…..and that’s fine if that’s what you like, but it can make those that don’t feel kinda like we’re missing something….when we really aren’t, we just feel insuperior, you know?? You are you and you are figuring out what makes Jill from NJ tick…at least for now…and what’s more cool than that!?!?

    Love ya girl… 🙂 Oh, and can I sneak in your suitcase to Florida??!!

  5. For some reason as I read your post, the Beach Boys song, “And we’ll have fun, fun, fun” popped into my head. Not sure if you have a T-bird or not, but I think “fun, fun, fun” is the key!

    Great start to 2011! Keep having fun because that is what matters the most!

  6. You are a sunflower today, it put a smile on my face! I loved your idea of being more spontaneous and booking a trip to Florida. Go girl!
    Last summer I promised myself that I wouldn’t say NO to any invite to do something fun, even though it might not be convenient. I had the best summer of my life. That kind of reminds me of your post, HAVE FUN AND LIVE YOUR LIFE. See, you are a sunflower 🙂 .
    So happy 2011 is off to an awesome start. Enjoy your Fabulous February!

  7. seriously this is a beautiful post!!! my goal truly has been consistently to enjoy more days of my life more fully and in some ways I need goals for that and in others I need to let got a little

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