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Do You Believe Finishing Is Winning?

As you all know, this blog supports any and all swimmer/bikers/runners.  Regardless of your speed, distance or anything else…if you put yourself out there, I consider you a winner!  If you support the idea that Finishing is Winning, and you are one of the first 15 to tell me, I will send you this…

That’s right, my very own sticker!  Thanks to Megan at Build-A-Sign that provides custom bumper stickers!  Megan contacted me earlier last month and asked me if I would be interested in making a car sticker.  Self promote?  I was all about it!  From beginning to end, Megan was great to work with.  I am not exactly the most creative person and I seem to have problems with anything technical.  But Megan was eager to help and I was able to get a sticker made up.  I love the final product!  Megan was kind enough to send me 25 total stickers so that I could give some away to my friends 🙂

If you love the final product, support Finishing is Winning and want to sport one of these awesome stickers, let me know!  Email me @ Jillyfly81 at comcast dot net.  I suck at getting to the post office (just ask Lindsay) but I promise I will get them to you before…well, lets not give me another deadline to screw up.  Just trust me, you will get them!

15 thoughts on “Do You Believe Finishing Is Winning?

  1. Finishing is definitely winning! I can’t remember where I heard it, but one of my favorite quotes is, “The last person to cross the finish line is not the loser. They are just the last winner.”

  2. Jill, this is the best! Finishing is absolutely winning! It means you went through all the hard work it takes to get to the finish line.
    I can tell you from firsthand experience that it doesn’t matter how far back you are when you cross the finish line, the feeling when you cross is still the best feeling in the world!

  3. Is the checkered part clear? jw. And if 15 commanders get a sticker, what are you doing with the other 10? 😉 just bustin chops.

    Sorry I’ve been MIA–work is crazy (puts a damper on my blog reading, ugh) and then I was traveling all weekend.

    Anyway, I assume there is already a sticker in my mysterious package… Because I do want one if I’m not late 🙂

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