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Monday Brain Exchange Week 25- 2011 Excitement

Every Monday, at the end of the current weeks M.B.E answer, I will post a question for the following week.  This way you can cue your post for Monday if you wish.  If Monday doesn’t work for you, you can still play along any day of the week that works best. If you want to play along, all you have to do is post the question and your answer on your own blog.  Link your post to my blog so that I know you have participated, and in the following weeks post, I will link all the participant blogs from the prior week.

This Weeks Topic: 2011 Racing

This Weeks Question: What race are you most excited for in 2011?  Any destination races?  Are you trying out a new distance.  Tell us what it is in general you are looking forward to when it comes to 2011 racing.

The race I am most excited for is NJ State.  It was my favorite race last year and I am looking to do even better this year.  The second race I am most excited for isn’t even one I am running, and that race is Boston!  I am so excited to meet so many of you and watch the race that Monday 🙂

And as for trips…well, this is me so of course I have trips planned!  First up, Shamrock 8K in VA Beach.  Then hopefully I’ll get into the B.A.A 5K for when I am in Boston.  I am also planning to travel to New York for the Boilermaker in July to celebrate my 30th birthday.  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Next Weeks Topic: Extreme Weather & Keeping it Fun

Next Weeks Question: Do you deal with any types of extreme weather where you live?  Heat warnings, a lot of snow, frequent tornados?  How do you keep your workouts fresh and fun when you are stuck indoors?

7 thoughts on “Monday Brain Exchange Week 25- 2011 Excitement

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  2. My first race, to test the heel out, is going to be the Skyline to Sea trail marathon in April in Calif. I’m pretty excited for it, but a little nervous as to how the heel will cooperate and how my body will handle the out-of-shapeness it’s in. But I’m chipping away at that slowly :). Then I am going to do a marathon in Iowa, just for training, in June. If all is good, then I’ll train for the 50-miler in Sept. I may throw in a few other races just for fun along the way…one being a marathon in May here in Denver. Not sure.

    Boston is going to be so much fun…I almost wish I were going now, just to see you (but so glad I decided NOT to run it!!)

  3. I’m most excited/nervous for St. Anthony’s Olympic on May 1. It’s my first Olympic distance and it’s in Florida. I’m also supporting the Leukemia Lymphoma Society by doing this race, so it’ for a worthy cause.
    The rest of my race schedule isn’t really set yet, but after this one, I’m hoping summer sprints will feel easier!

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