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30 Days Of Truth- Day 2

Day 2: Something you love about yourself.

A few years ago this would have been really tough for me.  I still find it a little tough even though I have come to terms who I am and what I do love about who I am.  I always found it hard to determine what it was about myself I loved, without thinking about what others love about me.  How does one learn to perceive themselves without the perceptions of others getting in the way?

Things I love about myself:

  • I am resilient.  I am strong.  I have bounced back from so much in my life.  I am able to self-reflect and learn from my mistakes.
  • I have a work ethic that is hard to come by; many employers are missing out on a great person simply because I have yet to earn my degree.  That paper says nothing about who I am as a person.
  • I am capable of anything once I put my mind to it.
  • I am loyal to a fault.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I like that my friends/family know they can count on me.
  • I love to have a good time.  Having fun is fun 🙂
  • I love that I am unafraid of saying what I think.  I will stick up for myself or others even against the crowd.
  • I love that in crisis, I can usually pull myself and others together.
  • I will stick to my convictions even if they get me in trouble.  I will never apologize for my morals or beliefs.
  • I love that I am willing to face most of my fears but I don’t beat myself up over the ones I am not willing to face.
  • I love my sense of humor.  I think my ability to laugh at myself if one of my better traits.
  • I love that I am not afraid to get in a car and just drive.  I love that I am okay traveling alone but can travel well with others too.
  • I love that, even though I might be a perfectionist, a little bit anal and slightly obsessive-compulsive, I have learned to embrace those things as a part of who I am.
  • I love that I was able to easily write this list!

And a few materialistic things:

  • I love my blue eyes.
  • I love how my butt looks in jeans. 
  • I have GREAT hair! 
  • I love my scars- they are little reminders of where I have been and experiences I have had.
  • I love that I can be girly but prefer to be in jeans and a t-shirt.

What do you love about you?

19 thoughts on “30 Days Of Truth- Day 2

  1. aw, i really liked that post. and i know how hard it is to come up with a list like that. i’d be scared mine would be way short. i’m still trying to get to this point.

    i love to have fun, too!

  2. yay for blue eyes! I love the you love your scars. I need to adopt that attitude and start loving that every joint is permanently etched to remind me that I’m a bad ass triathlete (who falls a lot.)

  3. What a great list. Nice to remind ourselves that we actually like who we are.

    I am a work in progress (always). I like that I continue to reach just beyond where my eyes can see. And in doing so I see myself accomplishing amazing things!

  4. Such a good post to have, I need a list like this to look back on when I am not feeling the love for myself. I love that I don’t quit easily. I like that I try and try and don’t give up!

  5. Would you come over and fix my hair? Seriously hate it. It was fine a couple years ago but yuck-o-rama now!!

    I love your list, you are freaking awesome! I’d have a very hard time coming up with even half that list!

  6. It took you a long time to realize these things about yourself that I’ve known since day one.

    The thing I love best abount me? That I had YOU!

  7. I love your list! We have a lot of the same things in common. I am also a hard-worker, loyal, determined. I like to think I am thoughtful, but who knows. And I like my smile 🙂

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  9. Another great one! I like that I take on hard stuff and enjoy the process of learning that comes with it. It makes me really excited that I’ve then picked-up that skill and can transfer it to different places in my life.

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