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Happy Two Years & 400 Posts To My Blog

Today is the TWO YEAR anniversary of this blog!  Two years!!!  Wow!

I noticed recently that I completely let my 400th post go by without any hoorah so this is a combination of my belated 400th post and two year post.  Want to take a look back- here you can find my 100th, 200th and 300th posts.

Over the last two years, I have gone from a few readers who knew me IRL to meeting people from all over the world who read my blog.  I have even been lucky enough to meet some of you in person- and will get to meet more in Boston!  I know when I find a new blog that interests me, I love looking back on some of their older posts in an effort to get to know them.  As my readership has built, I notice that some of you have also gone back and read some of my older posts.  In honor of my two-year anniversary and 400th post, I have listed what I think were my top 10 posts over the last two years!

  1. Gotta Tri- My first post.  It all started with a few small paragraphs.  I had no idea whatsoever what this blog would turn into; I definitely never thought I would have kept it up for two years!
  2. My Sponsored TiaRT Back before I started the MBE, there was TiaRT.  For a series of months, faithful TiaRT’ers sponsored their own questions and put together a slideshow of racing. 
  3. Philadelphia 1/2 marathon 2010 Race Report This race has so much meaning to me.  It represents almost everything 2011 stands for.  The attitude I went into this race with is the way I feel about the year 2011.  I think, of all the road races I have done, this one has shaped me more than any other.  Oh yeah…and there was that 4 minute PR!
  4. Full Disclosure This post will forever be a top post.  It really defined me as a blogger because it was the day I let you all really know me.  The good, the bad…the ugly.
  5. Tips for Tri’s Never hurts to go over this post again!
  6. Happy Living Tips Another one it never hurts to revisit.  Make the most out of every day!
  7. NJ State 2010 Race ReportMy all time best time at a race from start to finish.  And my favorite race of all time too!  Re-reading that post always make me smile!
  8. Delaware 1/2 Marathon race report Because you only get one first half-marathon!
  9. Biggest Loser Gimmicks One of my more controversial posts.  And one of the first times I really ranted about something on my blog.  Recently, I have been watching A&E’s Heavy, which is amazing.  It is like Biggest Loser but without Jillian screaming and they don’t bother with gimmicks. Go figure.
  10. Too Slow to Race I still remember the smoke that came out of my ears as I read the article that precipitated this post.  For the record, you are never, ever…EVER, too slow to race.  Ever.

Here’s to 100 more posts and another great year of blogging for Onelittletrigirl ♥

16 thoughts on “Happy Two Years & 400 Posts To My Blog

  1. Two years already?!?!? Crap that means my blogiversary is coming up too!!! Holy crap! I can’t believe it’s already been that long! I’m so excited we’ve had a chance to connect IRL and run the Donna together. I smile everytime I think about tu-tu’s for ta-ta’s and cutting your sock and that guy in the pink skirt and… oh man… Happy Blogiversary girl! Keep on TRI-ing, living, loving, and blogging! ❤

  2. Hey Sweet Girl!
    First off, I can’t seem to subscribe to your blog even though I’ve been trying for months. I miss the regular posts!
    Next, I have never read most of those posts that you mentioned and they just made me want to give you a HUGE bear hug. You are so real. Thank you for that.
    Finally, HAPPY 400 POSTS!! You are SO inspirational and have contributed to my dream of doing a TRI.
    I can’t wait to see what else life brings you! Hope all is well, thanks again for being YOU!

  3. congrats on 2 years – that’s a long time in blog land! i enjoyed reading some of your older posts, especially ones that i wasn’t around for the first time around. yay!

  4. Congrats on the two years and the 400 posts! A big Woot!

    I always get good ideas from you of things I might like to post about. I don’t always get there but like the idea as I like this one of highlighting favorite/meaningful posts. I may copy this one for my 300th! Keep on blogging, that is what I have to say!

  5. Happy 400 and two years! Wow! I love you and your blog. I especially love your “how to” posts! I am thinking about a duathlon in June and may have some questions for you!

  6. I hope you’re here for another 2 years and 400 posts :).

    (I’ve been mia in blogland a couple days…bad heel problems again and just messing me up inside. I still love ya though 🙂 🙂 :))

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