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A Tale Of Two Runs & Off To The Sunshine State!

Tuesday Afternoon Run

  • Tuesday, when I was off for my snow day, I hit the gym for a run and some lifting. 
  • Short run; just a few miles.
  • Didn’t really want to run. Just wasn’t in the mood.
  • Did it anyway.
  • Everything was perfect (especially considering I was on the dreadmill) and I felt great!
  • When the run was done, I was sad.  I wanted to keep going.
  • Damn 10% rule!

Thursday Morning Run

  • Long run planned.  I should say “long” run since my mileage is generally still low.
  • Was excited and ready to go!
  • My legs were dead and barely moved.  I felt like I had lead weights around my ankles.
  • Everything hurt.
  • The excitement of the run was gone and I just wanted to be done.
  • I was sad, and wanted to stop.
  • Did it anyway.

Why is it that we can have such a great run one day and such a terrible run the next time out?  I mean, no run is ever terrible…I always feel good after getting my miles in, but some runs are a serious pain in the ass.  And it seems to me that a not-so-good run always follows an awesome run.  Frustrating!  

I think the lesson in the good/bad run, is that I get through them.  Even when we have bad runs, it is so important to get through them.  Especially since the mental game is definitely the hardest.  In fact, I tend to think of the mental aspect of triathlon as the fourth discipline.  We can swim, bike and run all we want…as fast as we want…as long as we want.  Unless we get beat mentally.  How do you overcome being mentally beaten?


And for the best thing in my life right now:  I leave for Florida in a matter of hours.  My excitement is through the roof- not even sure how I am going to make it through my half-day at work!  It is rainy and gross in NJ right now and the perfect day to take a trip to the Sunshine state 🙂  I cannot wait to take a run down A1A!

I will be blogging here and there- some photos and I’ll post the MBE, but for the most part I will be too busy in the sun and sand with a drink in my hand. 🙂

11 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Runs & Off To The Sunshine State!

  1. It can be frustrating to have good runs when you know you should stop and bad runs when you know you need to keep going! Ugh! Luckily, for me, the good runs far out-number the bad. At least for now… we’ll see how it goes as I start marathon training. Hoping I can push through all the long runs!
    Have a good time in Florida. Can’t wait to see your pictures and hear about your adventures. Perfect timing on your trip. 🙂

  2. Looking forward to hearing about Florida for sure!! Have a great time!
    Running is so much mental..sometime you have to just suck it up and keep moving. My ultra runner friends keep telling me..when it gets tough just put one foot in front of the other and stay upright and move forward!!

  3. Have fun on your trip! I have a good week and then a bad week. It seems to be happening more frequently lately 😦 But, I know the lack of motivation will pass.

  4. Hope you are enjoying FL! Just getting all caught up! Miss ya!
    And couldn’t agree more, sometimes it makes no sense at all one day is sheer bliss, and the next a slug-fest!
    Have a great week!

  5. my runs are like that too. just gotta keep getting out there. “the bad ones make the good ones that much better” is what everyone says anyway 😉

    hope you had fun in fl. i think you’re back anyway. boo for the end of vacation.

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