A Different Kind Of Monthly Review

Listen kids…I am living the life in 2011!

Instead of making a long list of things I’ll stop keeping up with resolutions in the beginning of January, I decided that I would make a few life changes instead.  The idea for 2011 is to give myself as many experiences as possible.  Let go a little, be more spontaneous and make as many memories as possible even if it means losing some sleep in the process!  And to take a lot of photos.  Everything is better in pictures 🙂

Combining my new outlook on life with my new outlook on racing (just have fun with it) has made my life so much less stressful.  I am finding it easier and easier to dismiss drama (restaurant business is drama-rific) and I have really been focusing on the people in my life who matter.  I am working hard and playing hard.  I am dating for fun and meeting a lot of new awesome people.  I am loosening up a little, planning random trips and having a blast.  I planned a race schedule that is all about fun.  In summation: I have taken the pressure off of myself!  I am living the life I was always a little too afraid to live- the one I want to live.  For me, and no one else.  And man, it feels good!

Things just really feel like they are finally coming together for me.  I feel back on track with my weight, my exercising and eating right, and in general I just feel good about things.  I am learning (how did it take me until 30 to get this?) that it is just so much easier to be happy.  It uses less energy and generally feels better.  I am aware that I still need to work on my stress levels and that bad days happen; however, the way I have been feeling, something tells me there will be more good days than bad in 2011!

January has been a great month; I spent lots of time with friends, partied it up in A.C for a weekend and recently went on a fabulous ski trip.  And best of all, I held to my plan of being spontaneous and booked a trip to Florida in less than two hours one day when the mood struck me to get away for a long weekend.  Between working, training and various weekend events, I’ll be in the Florida sun in no time soaking up the much-needed Vitamin D.  ♥


How did you January shape up?