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The Best Of Times…The Worst Of Times

As I have said many a times this year, 2011 has been very good to me.  I am very blessed and lucky.  But, unfortunately, things are not so good for people around me that I care about.

Let’s talk about all the good stuff first 🙂 

  • Florida-I DID just spend a long weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida 🙂  Seriously…most relaxing trip ever.  After we made it to the plane that is!  How’s this for excitement:  we leave Victoria’s house right on time and we are making great progress until we hit accident traffic that has all lanes shut down.  That’s right, completely stopped.  Once they had the accident moved to the side of the road we eventually got by but it delayed us about an hour.  At the point in which we got through the traffic we had about an hour to get to the airport and our flight was leaving in about an hour and fifteen!  To say we were crazed is an understatement especially when we hit some construction traffic.  Every minute that ticked by, we kept thinking we were done for; as if things couldn’t get worse, my GPS could not read the construction and took us down the wrong exit!  What a mess!  We arrived to the airport parking at 6:05.  Our flight was at 6:20.  We missed the shuttle.  Of course.  6:06…6:07…6:08…FREAKING OUT!  Finally the shuttle came and let me tell you…thank God we are runners- as soon as we got off the shuttle we booked it to security, which thank goodness did not have a long line and the people in line let us go before them.  Once we were through there it was another sprint to the gate.  We made it just as they started boarding.  Whew!  Our flight was completely uneventful, we landed and spent the rest of the vacation eating, drinking, beaching, running and sleeping.  And repeating as necessary 🙂  It was the perfect get-a-way; I am tan, got my fill of Vitamin D and ready to detox and get ready to train for 2011!
  • Training– the official training schedule is underway!  I know I said I was going with a no-plan-plan, but seriously…this is me.  I am WAY too anal to simply fly by the seat of pants when it comes to training.  So yes, I have a schedule.  However, I have also made it fairly flexible so I don’t feel stressed out if I cannot accomplish everything in one day.  The schedule works out perfectly; just about the time my tri season is ended, marathon training picks up.  I am really excited about this year and focusing so much on running!
  • R2– Yeah, so you might have caught it when I very super briefly mentioned I was dating someone.  Well, we are official 🙂  And in this blog, he will be refered to as R2.  He is an incredible guy and we have so much fun.  I look forward to seeing what is in store for us.
  • Boston 5k– I got in 🙂
  • What’s ahead- In two weeks from tomorrow, I will be heading down to VA Beach for the Shamrock 8K with my friend Nicole.  It’s just for the weekend but I am very excited.  I love road trips and appreciate any time I get away.  Then it is Boston time 🙂  Before we know it, Spring will be here and then Summer and the beach and all kinds of happiness!

And the not so good:

  • Today my roommate is putting her dog down.  She has had him for nine years.  To say that they are close is an understatement.  That dog is my roommates everything.  And not only am I so sad for her, but I am sad for me too.  I have some to love Bru so much.  I had a little sit-down chat with him last night to say my good-byes and I was a mess.  I was really hesitant to move in with Michelle because I didn’t think I would want to deal with a dog, but Bru is such a great guy.  I will miss our walks, playing and running around with him and most of all…I will miss him greeting me at the door. 
  • Tuesday night, the cuts from Chris Christie came down on our school.  If you politically affiliate with Christie, or worse voted for him, please do not leave me your comments here about that support.  Our school took away two jobs entirely and cut eleven people down to part-time with no benefits.  No benefits.  What a slap in the face!  And while it wasn’t me, and I am so thankful for that, it will be me next.  I’ll be next with no benefits.  And really, why would I stay at a job I hate so much, if I cannot even get the benefits.  Honestly, this is just their way of pushing people out without cutting.  But what is important to remember is that this is not a problem in just this town (although, if this blog wasn’t public I would have a lot more to say) it is a problem with NJ and NJ Education.  And Chris Christie.
  • One of my friends who was cut completely, is battling cancer. That’s right.  Cancer. With no benefits as of July 1.  Another friend who was cut to part-time with no benefits, currently has twin babies in ICU.  Both of these people and their families could really use as many good vibes, thoughts and prayers as they could get.  So if you have some extra time, send em along.

Last year was a really bad year for me.  Sure, it had is highs, but there were many more lows.  During that time, many people sent their good wishes to me and supported me.  I know how very lucky and blessed I am to have so much good in my life right now.  And I just want those around me to have the same good. 

As for reading all your blogs…I’m working on getting caught up! 

11 thoughts on “The Best Of Times…The Worst Of Times

  1. i’m sick reading about the job cuts and lack of benefits. that is just terrible and wrong. i don’t even know what to say.

    i’m glad you had a great trip, though. and that trip the airport would have had me going crazy! congrats on the 5k…i’ll see you in boston, if not sooner in VA!

  2. My mom is a teacher too-believe me I feel for you. Sorry to hear about that the cuts are affecting your school in such a huge way.

    On a happy note, YAY for the BAA 5K!!! I registered too!

  3. I’m so so sooo sorry about your friend. I try very hard to remember that though my heel has made me lose so much in the past year, it could be worse.

    I’m glad you had an amazing trip, it sounds like heaven!!

    We were given notice at work tht 11-15 positions will be cut at work. Oh boy!


  4. I can’t stand all this garbage about people destroying education! How can they do this to the Future of our country?!?! I’m glad it wasn’t you this time but it sucks that your friends had to be the ones to feel the pain. We’ll be sending good vibes your way from IL! Lord knows it sucks here too!

    Glad you had a relaxing vacation 🙂

  5. I’m sorry to hear about the cuts at your school esp. for your friend. Our country is in a sad state right now and how people feel about education. We have gone through a lot in our community lately that I didn’t post – public blog too! But I have some bitter feelings towards a lot of people who just bashed teachers needlessly.. Yes you can disgree but do so respectfully and remember how much we do for your children. I read that at the governor’s conference in DC our governor was the only one that attended the pro union rally!

    On to the good stuff. I am also in the Boston 5K. Yeah!

  6. First things first, glad you got into the BAA 5k (so jealous you’re going to Boston!) and had a fabulous time in FL. Also, best wishes for you and R2. 🙂
    I’m so sad for your roomie and having to put her best friend down. I have seen my parents have to make that decision for our family dogs three times in my life, twice in the past 10 years. It’s hard. Delilah is the first dog I’ve ever owned that was just my dog (and not my family’s dog). I can’t imagine how life is going to be when we get to that point. She’ll be 5 this year so hopefully I have a while before I have to think about that.
    Sorry to hear about your school and all the cuts that have been going on. That totally and completely sucks. Sending good vibes your way and to your friends who lost jobs/benefits. My roomie is a teacher and it sounds like similar things have been happening here in MD. It’s awful.

  7. the us education system is a mess. i really believe that our generation was the last good one before (for some dumb reason) administration decided to stand behind the parents instead of the teachers. that teacher who was fired for her blog – she had a good post up recently about how education is valued in every other country but in the us it’s a “right” and how we just roll over for students. the future is going to suck when those kids grow up and are dumb as bricks but expect everything to be done for them.

    how am i so dense i missed the r2 signs? i am dense. i also missed the schmoopy signs on red’s blog so i guess it’s normal for me.

    glad you had fun in florida but sorry you had to come back to a crappy situation. i hope you and your co-workers make it through and move on to bigger and better!

  8. Hi Jill,
    Cheers to the start of training with no real plan! You and I are in the same boat…I nver really have a set training plan:) I have missed you and need to go back and read a months full of posts to catch up:) I have been so bad with blogging lately. I should e-mail you and fill you in.

    Yay, I am so excited to hear about R2!! He is one lucky man:) R2 you have a great girl! She is kind, charismatic, encouraging and beautiful! You better hang on to her:)

    Take care Jill! Hugs to you!

  9. I’m happy for you that your personal life is so good for you at the moment and hope you have so much more happy times with R2.

    For the people around you I’m sorry and feel sad for them. I know what it’s like to put your dog down and I have a friend who’s battling against breast cancer right now, she’s not even 30 yet. Sometimes life sucks so much!

  10. Oh my gosh! I cannot believe you made your flight! Awese

    R2 as in … R2D2?!?

    I feel so bad about your roomie’s dog and the cuts and your friend with cancer. Best wishes for all of them. I know having a supportive friend like you makes things a little bit brighter!

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