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Up Next- First Race Of 2011

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

When I planned my race schedule for 2011, I was purposeful about waiting until I had some base-training before even thinking about racing.  The first plan was to race a half in March, but thinking that could be pushing it, I decided to keep it simple.  So, this weekend, my first race of 2011- a nice little 8K along with beaches of Virginia. 🙂  That’s right, I am headed back down to VA Beach! 

I really did want to claim redemption after last year, but the truth is, I really would just be pushing myself.  Right now, I have been following the 10% rule like it is my job and I have been really putting in some quality training.  The 8K simply fits better into where I am right now with my training.  And even though my runs have been good for the most part, I have no idea what to expect from this race.  My last 8K was only a few weeks after I was allowed to run again last year and I posted just over 50:00.  I would really like to break 50:00, so I have made 49:49 my goal for the race.  If I hit it, I do.  If not, I don’t.  Either way, the first race of 2011 will be in the books!

Two Sidenotes:

  • This morning at the gym…with eight available ellipticals, the hairest man alive who was also sweating like a pig and breathing hard while talking on his cell phone…got on the machine right next to me.  This happens to me ALL.THE.TIME!  Why is it that people insist on getting on the machine right next to me when there are plenty others available?!?!  Ahh…life’s greatest mysteries.
  • Today is the start of March Madness–> let the insanity begin.  My brackets are done and I am just waiting for 12:15 when it all begins to go down!  Let’s go UNC Tarheels ♥

17 thoughts on “Up Next- First Race Of 2011

  1. Good luck with your race! So jealous that you’re going to the beach again! It’s not FL but it’s still a beach. Enjoy yourself. Hope the weather cooperates.
    I put UNC in my final 2 so I can support your last statement!

  2. Well, I think hairy dude man has a little crush on someone. It’s so nice to be loved, yes? 🙂

    And I gotta be loyal and root for the underdog: Northern Colorado!! Go Bears!

  3. Good luck in your first race!
    And as for the elliptical. Ewww. And I don’t get that either. At the gym, I always try to find a treadmill without empty treadmills around me. And I always find that other people will settle in right next to me even if there are others available. They’re lonely?

  4. May the winds coming off the boardwalk work with you, not against you, this weekend. Shamrock was a PR marathon for me … hope it’s a PR 8k for you!

  5. I had to laugh at grizzly standing next to you because that sort of things happen to me all the time too 🙂

    Have fun at your 8K, I bet you are going to improve your time.

  6. That hairiest man was me 😦

    Kidding, you can do lots of things to get that person onto another machine and not make the same mistake again:
    – He’s on the phone, it’s your turn to make loud, disruptive grunting noises
    – He’s got no social awareness, so you shouldn’t: spray your water bottle in your mouth spit-up a bit in his direction.

    Hope that the 8k was a blast!

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