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Shamrock 8K Race Report

First race of 2011 is in the books!

I headed down on Friday to lovely Virginia Beach- had a fairly uneventful drive and got there about 2pm.  The expo seemed smaller to me this year than last and we really didn’t spend too much time there.  I wanted to get some CEP’s but they weren’t there so that was the only real bummer for me. That  night, her cousins (we stayed at their house right off the beach) made a fabulous dinner of Alfredo and Salmon.  Ah-mazing.  And then it was off to bed.

Pre-Race:  Up and at em by 5:30 and to the race by 6:15.  We got a fabulous parking space which was nice because it was raining. Ugh. I don’t so much mind running in rain, but I very much mind standing around in it.  Once we got down to 31st street where the start line was, we stayed out of the wind/rain at the local hotel.  Right before they started lining us up, the rain stopped.  But the wind…well, that would be a whole nother story!

Race: Nicole and I started off together at a comfortable pace just under 10 minute miles.  Everything felt good.  I was really just cruising…and at a pace slightly faster than I am used to for starting out.  It felt good, so I kept up with it.  The first mile flew by.  As did the second mile.  As I came into the third mile I knew I needed to slow it down- Nicole went ahead and I kept steady at about a 10minute mile.  I came into the 5k mark at a little over 29 minutes.  This was good!  It was all good.  Until I got to the boardwalk.  Mile 4 was a complete fail.  The wind was horrible- sand in my eye (even with my glasses on), wind pounding me in the face, everyone trying to run on the left so as not be hit by the sand…crowded, annoying, fail!  With that said, I did not let it get me down- I knew I had a bad mile, but I also knew I could still make my goal of under 50:00.  I pushed so hard.  Dug deep. Thought positive. I did everything I could.  I left it all out there in mile 5.  And I came in at 51:13.  1 minute and 13 seconds over my goal. 


Mile 1- 9:44

Mile 2- 19:38

Mile 3- 29:35

Mile 4- 41:07

Mile 5- 51:13

Overall, I am happy with my performance.  So I didn’t make my goal.  So that sucks.  But the race was hard fought.  And this time last year, I was hardly even running.  This was my first race of 2011′ my first race since November of 2010.  At the end of the day, I gave it all I had.  It wasn’t my best showing, but it was my best effort.


Division- 252/719

Gender- 1384/4867

Overall- 2994/7675

Post-Race:  Met up with Nicole (she ran 47:02!) and headed to grab our post race adult beverages.  Yum!  Snacked, listened to some music and then grabbed lunch at a local place called TapHouse.  Awesome lunch!  Then headed home and took a nap before going out on the town that night. 

It was a good trip and I am glad I went, but I was exhausted by the time I got home on Sunday night.  I drove right to R2’s house and stayed there so I didn’t even unpack until after I got home from work yesterday!  I woke up today, swam and tonight I work!  Training is in full swing; I feel great but I am tired! I need a vacation from the vacations I have been taking!!! 

And of course…photos:


19 thoughts on “Shamrock 8K Race Report

  1. Great race, Jill! Mile 4 sounds like it was pretty tough. Glad you hung in there and gave it your best effort! Way to start your race season!

  2. congrats! Sorry you came a little under your goal, but the the fact that it was so close it a great indication of your races this year I’m sure!! Love the green coordinated outfits!

  3. Congrats on running a strong race, even if you didn’t quite meet your goal. Windy conditions are definitely tough and I’m sure you would have met your goal in calmer weather!

    It sounds like a fun weekend and great way to start off your 2011 racing season. 🙂

  4. If you have given your best effort then that is all that matters. You can only give your best — nothing more — and if you don’t reach your goal then that day wasn’t your day.


  5. Congrats on your first race of 2011! Those conditions sound brutal. You did fight hard and you came so close to 50:00. That’s awesome! I love the part where you said, “It wasn’t my best showing, but it was my best effort.” I’m glad it was a fun weekend. Good luck with training this week!

  6. Jill I think you did a fantastic job. You had the weather elements against you in mile 4 and still managed to finish in, what to me is, a great time.


    I had to laugh at taking a vacation from your vacations 🙂

  7. I thought before I left a comment I should read your 100 things about you… Lots of fun and now I’m behind with my work…

    Pity you couldn’t stay with Nicole, next time. Nice effort fighting the wind on your own. Just keep running those miles and the sub 50 will come. (and then sub 50 for 10!!!)

  8. Nice job on your first race of the year. I try to warn people that the wind is what gets you in that race. Glad you overcame it and had so much energy to spare for the remainder of the weekend.

  9. Congrats on your first race of the season!

    The 8k distance has always fascinated me for some reason. I’ll be doing my first ever 8k in May I think. PR by default! Woohoo!

  10. yea!! nice job on race #1!! it was so windy down there and the boardwalk portion was killer. such a fun place to run a race, though.

    so are we putting money on it that we’ll see each other in boston??

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