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Post Race Thoughts And Onelittletrigirl Unplugged.

Hello interwebs.

I thought I might have a delayed reaction to not meeting my goal at the 8K last weekend.  The good news is that didn’t happen.  There is no bad news. 🙂  I am really truly happy with my effort out there- I pushed hard, left it on the course and did the best I could.  Like I said, just because my best wasn’t my best time, doesn’t mean I didn’t give it my all.  For my first 2011 showing, I am proud.  And I think it says a lot about where I am going with my running in 2011.

Oh and I managed to get a pretty good shot snapped during the race- woo-hoo!

Since returning from VA on Sunday, my training has gone awesome!  Usually post race, I struggle with the first few workouts but this week, everything from my swims to my lifting to my running has been great.

I gave myself Monday off to recoup from all the driving I did (11.5 hours in less than 3 days!) and then first thing Tuesday morning I was in the pool.  I lifted first and I have been working with some new weights and doing some new routines and finding that for the first time ever, I like lifting.  I think also, for the first time, I am really seeing results.  Ever notice how seeing results makes you want to do more of what you ae doing?  Yeah, I have that going on.  I swear my arms and back have never looked this good!  As for my swimming, I have been sticking to pure freestyle for the time being while I adjust to being back in the water after over six months off from the pool.  Next week though, I will start incorporating my swim workouts.  I am the swimmer in a relay tri the first weekend in June and it’s a good team.  My friend Shauna is the biker and she is amazing, as is my friend Lisa who will be doing the run leg of the race.  We are hellbent on hitting that podium!  Yeah, no pressure there, right!?!?

When it comes to my running, this is the best start to a year, and training schedule, I have had since I started racing.  However, with that said, I cannot get the notion that I will get injured out of my head.  It still amazes me how much of what we do is mental!  I thought about this a lot on my run yesterday morning.  Right now, I am only running short distances while I work my mileage up, but I know that if I cannot get rid of this fear it will start to mentally screw with me.  I just can’t let it go…for two years in a row, I started the year out hurt.  Starting over.  I am so afraid to have to start over again…I am really afraid that for the third time in a row, the marathon will elude me.  And I want it so bad!

In other news…I’ll be a little MIA this weekend.  I have already been unplugged from Facebook since last night (which if you know me or are my FB friend, you know how hard this is for me) and as of tomorrow morning I will be unplugging from blogging until my MBE post goes up on Monday.  To be more precise, I will be unplugging from the internet all together until Monday morning.  This weekend R2 and I are heading into the city.  Philly, that is.  (For those who don’t know, the “city” is Philly for those in South NJ.  For those in North NJ, the “city” is NYC.)  It’s no special occasion; we simply just wanted some time together.  Between our schedules (read: my schedule) we don’t get to spend a lot of time at once together.  But this weekend, we are  unplugging.  After my run Saturday morning we will be heading into Philly for a day of sightseeing (he has only been once and I look forward to being a tour guide!) and then later dinner at the Melting Pot and later to check out some of my favorite Irish pubs in the city.  All of that is going to be amazing fun but I really just cannot wait to sleep in- neither of us have anywhere to be and we can just sleep in!  Ahhh…the little things.  Good food, great city, sleeping in…oh, and my pretty awesome boyfriend too!

Lastly…I want to give a shout out to my friend Michele.  You would remember her from Shamrock last year; we went down together and she ran the half.  This weekend she is running her first Marathon, the Nations Marathon!  She has trained so hard…really given this her everything, and I just want to wish her the best.  Please send some great racing vibes to her for this weekend!!

Oh, and PS- LATER DUKE FANS!!!!!!!

11 thoughts on “Post Race Thoughts And Onelittletrigirl Unplugged.

  1. Good luck to Michelle and her first marathon, such an accomplishment. And yay for you and unplugging and down time, I hope it’s a wonderful weekend for you. And nice on seeing results, isn’t that THE best…seeing all the hardwork pay off! So yay again for that.

  2. I hope you have a fantastic weekend with your awesome boyfriend! I think it’s good to unplug from the internet every now and then. I find that I’m not as much on the internet at the weekend and am totally fine with that.

    You sound so positive about your training. I’m so happy for you it’s going so well!

    • Never ever ever ever say the “b” word again! I will drive to SC to knock you out!!!! I have been working very hard my whole life NOT to have babies!

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