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It Was Bound To Happen

Today I slept through my alarm.  I set it properly and it went off correctly.  I slept through it completely.  The music that typically wakes me up within five minutes or less, played for a FULL 45 minutes before I woke up!  How does that even happen? 

Okay…this is how it could have happened:

Yesterday’s schedule:  5am wake-up call –> run at the gym –> work 8-4 at job #1 –> home and changed for job #2 –>  work 5:30-11:30 at job #2 –> finally home at 11:45 –> in bed and asleep somewhere around 12:30am.  19.5 hours total.

The thing is, that is a fairly typical day for me, with the exception of job #2 which I am usually home from by like 10pm.  Last night I had to close which is the WORST, but happens infrequent enough that I deal with it when I do get scheduled for it. 

So I slept through my alarm…so it happens, right?  Well, of course I know that.  And if I were reading a post of yours I would tell you not to worry about it.  I would say it happens. I would say there would be other days. No big deal.  It’s okay.  Don’t stress out.  Move on.  Fit it in somewhere else.  Or don’t.  Either way, I would tell you that it was okay.

But this is me, not you.  And I am a perfectionist.  Maybe a little anal.  Or completely. 

Of course I know it is okay to miss a workout- especially when it is a swim; I can recover from a missed swim with no problem.  I know it is okay that I cannot make it up this week, there is just too much to do.  I know in the end it is no big deal.  I know it happens.

But here’s the thing…now I can’t highlight the swim on my workout schedule.  (Hey- I said I was anal!)

I am only three weeks into my schedule…yes, it was bound to happen, but so soon?  I think I need more hours in the day!  Anyone have some they would like to donate???


18 thoughts on “It Was Bound To Happen

  1. At least it didn’r happen on a race morning :-)!
    Chill and highlite that block as a needed recovery session, a part (4th leg)of training we all are guiltly of missing too often….I know I am!
    Train safe

  2. Sleeping through my alarm is one of my worst fears. I know, it’s probably not that big of a deal, but I really do fear it. Thus, I set two alarms and when I am somewhere that I don’t have the ability to set a 2nd alarm in addition to my cell phone alarm, I freak! LOL. I have probably slept through my alarm 3 times in my life… I hate being late, so the two really go hand in hand! hehe. The fiance can wake up to his phone alarm set on vibrate… not me!

    Sounds like you had quite a busy day yesterday! Yikes.

  3. I slept through my alarm last Wednesday – partly my fault, partly the alarms! But it really upset me! I hate not waking up when I should. Even when I feel like sleeping in and being late to work I can’t NOT get up at 6am!

  4. You’re right, it’s not a big deal and you surely needed the sleep, but I understand how you feel. I have a really hard time letting stuff like this go. I like Brian’s idea of highlighting the block as a recovery session! Good luck with your busy week and try not to beat yourself up over this morning.

  5. I have a flexible work schedule so maybe this doesn’t apply to everyone, but I always feel that if I sleep through my alarm then I really NEEDED the sleep and give myself a pass. I don’t do my workouts before work though so if I sleep in, it doesn’t affect my plans (also, I don’t often have a real plan for my workouts other than long runs).

  6. HELLO! I’m just catching up, and I have 13 of your posts to read :-D. I have the hardest time waking up on time!!! So, I’m impressed that you have such a work load and wake up on time all the time (well, except this one day, WHICH IS OKAY, and I’m allowed to say it b/c I’m not you, right?). Anywhoo, you’ll get a hang of it, I KNOW IT!

    okay, i’m off to read your older posts.

  7. you do way too much!!! i can’t wake up to music for fear that it’ll blend into my sleep. i need the annoying obnoxious beeping sound.

  8. I know you know this. But I am realizing with renewed importance the power of stress in my mind and body. My life is a bit in turmoil. (yeah, I don’t blog about these issues. My blog is life-is-mostly-rosey) I have been trying to deal with the issues since January. I thought I was doing a fair job of coping. I am not. I firmly believe that as a result of the stress I have gained about 7 pounds, while training for the 50 miler and running 50ks. I record my diet and it’s mostly on track. Something as simply as stressing over a missed workout (which means nothing in your already mega-fit body!) can do far more damage than missing multiple workouts.

    I understand that anal part of this, I live there too. (Hello, I’m shelly and I HAVE to run everyday, twice a day!) But I’m older and set in my ways. You are young and set able to adjust habits. Deep breath, in and out. Now I’ll tell you what you would have told me. Let it go.
    (mothering lecture over)

  9. No way I’m going to donate some of my hours to you. I could definitely use an hour-tranfusion myself. 24 hours just isn’t enough. I wish we didn’t have to sleep.

    I know you don’t want to but I’m going to tell you anyway: it’s okay Jill. Your body obviously needed the rest. I could (at my age) never keep up this schedule of yours so I’m very impressed you do it all.

    Idea? :

    Highlight swim of the week: the one that was supposed to be a swim but wasn’t.

  10. That’s a long day. String a lot of them together with less-than-ideal sleep and you could end up burnt out. Definitely try to NOT stress about this. I know, I know, easier said than done.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean. Except I’ve gotten so slack there is rarely a day I do get to highlight…. I’ve become Little Miss Schedule Tweaker. Daily. Haha.

  11. If you find out where to get those extra hours, please share with all of us!

    I think it is better to sleep through your alarm than to hit the snooze button too many times and run out of time to workout. I always feel bad about making that semi-conscious decision not to workout. You were just totally exhausted and your body made the decision for you! Also, I love the suggestion of changing your schedule so you can still highlight today!

  12. I think the stress of sleeping later than usual is enough but missing a work out on top of it? Unfair, totally hard to deal with. It get it. You’ll feel okay about it by tomorrow, I’m sure but I wish you didn’t have to deal with this STRESS at all. Big hugs!!

  13. Whenever I oversleep (very rarely for me too) I feel more well rested throughout the day but so guilty and awful. I hope you find those extra hours!!!

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