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30 Days Of Truth- Day 5

Day 5- Something you hope to do in your life

I have been fortunate enough to experience a lot so far in my life.  I have earned, afforded myself and been given many opportunities. 

As a kid I took swimming lessons, did gymnastics and karate.  I started figure skating at age 4.  I began softball at age 5.  If there was something I wanted to try, my parents allowed me to go for it!  Some activities were short lived (karate) and others lasted a lifetime (softball) but they all began as something I wanted to try…or hoped to do. 

Before I was 18, I traveled to Italy and England.  I had my naval pierced, got a tattoo and went skydiving within a few months of graduating high school.  I built a house for Habitat in Kentucky and spent a few months living in Florida.  By age 25, I had moved out on my own and in the last few years I have traveled to Aruba, Florida time three, Colorado and various other places. 

I have lived a full and exciting life.  However, I am not even yet 30.  I truly believe the best years, are the ones ahead of me!  There are all kinds of things I still want to do with my life.  I want to get married, be a good wife and own a nice house.  I want to be a really good mom.  I want to afford my own children the same great opportunities my parents gave me.  I want to take great vacations and experience as many adventures as possible!

I hope to accomplish much more in the years I have on this Earth…I have a bucket list that is honestly quite long.  But at the end of day, all I really hope to be is happy.  It took me a long time to appreciate all of the things I have done in life- appreciate all I have seen, the places I have been and the life I live.  At the end of the day, whatever I am doing…I just want to live happy.

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12 thoughts on “30 Days Of Truth- Day 5

  1. I am so jealous of your multitude of childhood activities!! My parents enrolled me in dancing and piano. I loved the piano, hated the dancing. I wish I had tried more things, because there are so many things I never got a chance to do when I was a kid.

    Great post!

  2. Sounds like you’ve lived a full life! Our lives also sound pretty similar. I was involved in so much stuff when I was younger! I only did softball and band until I was in high school, but I was in track, bowling, band, billiards (don’t ask), and cross country in high school. I’ve also been very thankful of all the places I’ve gotten to travel to and the family vacations I took growing up. I have the aspirations as you for my future too. I am the proud owner of a lovely house and engaged… and eventually want children as well. And I truly believe we have the power to make ourselves happy – we just need to keep a positive attitude. I can see you’ve been very good at this as well. 🙂

  3. I’m not going to say money is KEY to being able to do so much with life, but it definitely opens doors and let’s you explore more than you could without. I never had that as a kid and I always wanted to give my children the thing I never go to do. But life happens and when it comes uncertainity and this life I have right now is not really the one I wanted but I do try to make the best out of it I can. And I am so happy that you are, too!
    Enjoy the weekend!!

    • Oh wow- I didnt realize this post came off like we “had money” because that is very much not the case. My parents sacrificed a lot to give me a good childhood. And they saved well so that I could have great experiences. Additionally, I have learned from them how to save well and how to afford myself nice opportunity. I have and do still struggle financially- but I try to remember that I won’t always have opportunities so if I have to struggle it is worth it.

  4. you have such a great attitude. and i agree with you, the best years are yet to come!! i had a great time in my 20s and have done a ton so far in my life, but things just keep getting better.

  5. You’ve done a lot! And you’ll do the other things on your list. Keeping a positive attitude and striving to be happy will make good things happen in your life.

    My 30s were terrific! I felt like I finally came into my own. Even now I have the feeling that the best is yet to come. I like living that way.

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