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Monday Brain Exchange Week 33- Boston!!!

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This Weeks Topic:  All About Boston

This Weeks Question:  What are your thoughts on the Boston Marathon?  Have you, are you or do you plan to, run the Boston Marathon?  What do you think of the new regulations? 

When I started running, I never intended on even doing a half-marathon.  I definitely never saw myself running a marathon- in fact, the idea of running 26.2 miles is still hard for me to process.  I don’t quite understand the concept of running 26.2 miles as it applies to me.  I know I am training for it…I know I am signed up for it…I know I am going to do it…but the whole idea of it still blows my mind.  And you Boston runners- you blow my mind too!  I cannot imagine holding the Boston pace for 3 miles, let alone the 26.2 you had to do to qualify.  To me, you are all amazing. 

I will cross the Boston finish line this year- but as a part of the B.A.A 5k!  And that is the closest I will ever come to “running Boston” myself.  And that is really enough for me.  I never did have dreams of running Boston- hell, I don’t know if I will ever run a marathon #2- it just never crossed my radar as something I wanted to do.  I run at a middle-of-the-pack pace and that suits me.  Even if I could run at the current qualifying pace, they have now changed it- a change that I truly believe, was needed.  The thing is, because I am not someone trying to qualify, I don’t really think my opinion has its place when it comes to qualification requirements.

Boston for me, is all about a fun time!  I am looking forward to flying with my mom (our first time flying together) and spending quality time with her.  I am so excited for the 5K and lunch with awesome bloggers.  I cannot wait for lots and lots of photos and I REALLY cannot wait to spectate the marathon!  I am looking so very forward to watching you all start and finish this race! 

See you in Beantown, kids!!!


*MBE will not post on Monday, April 18, as I will be in Boston!  It will resume with a question the following week.

13 thoughts on “Monday Brain Exchange Week 33- Boston!!!

  1. As a former College athlete I have always defined myself through my sports… Once I became a Mom I lost that athlete. When I started running I found that I had the speed of my former self.. I wanted to achieve something that seemed unreachable. Boston was that DREAM for me, a DREAM that helped me feel like more than just a Mom. Race day in Eugene I was in the Zone and I qualified, I was on cloud Nine.. The stars aligned for sure as my other Marathons I have not even come close. For me Boston is the confirmation that I still have that drive in me to push my body beyond the limits.

    EXCITED to meet you 🙂

  2. Boston runners are amazing for sure!! That is a amazing amount of dedication to get there. Hope they all enjoy it and you do as well!! Its definitely about having fun and absorbing it all. Boston has never been a goal for me, but we all have our own goals, Boston bound or not and more power to all of us!!!

  3. I am obviously an outlier because Boston is just another “big” race that is of no interest to me – qualifying standards or not. I think it is great that it gives runners a goal to strive for, but in the big scheme of things, I’d much rather run around the river on a weekday on my own time with all the regular folks.

  4. I’m the same, I don’t really think I’ll ever run Boston and 26.2 in general is still a crazy distance!! How cool to go to the race!!

  5. LOL, I suck at life, and I don’t have a post done, and I’m so exausted today, I don’t think it’ll happen, haha! So, I’ll write here… I got to go to Boston for Christmas for last year, so that sorta scratched the itch. Now that I’m only working up to run short distance and long-distance running is not advisable, I think boston is out of the picture. BUT, your 5K gave me an idea… maybe one day I can do that!!!! Boston trip #2 – maybe next year??? Would be cool.

  6. when i trained for my first marathon i never thought i’d do a second let alone try to qualify. and here i am, # 9 next monday in boston! and i get to meet yooooouu!!! woo hoo!

  7. I am like you. I don’t think I could ever quialify and am super impressed with people who can quailfy! I also never had any intentions of running a marathon and am only really signed up for one because of peer pressure.. and because I want to challenge myself and see if I can do it. I’m not sure there will ever be a #2 for me either. We’ll see.
    I have no comment on the new regulations since they do not impact me. It does seem like something needed to be done though since the race was selling out so quickly.
    So excited for you to be going up to Boston for the races and for getting to run the 5k and to get to meet all the awesome bloggers who will be there. So fun. Can’t wait to see all the pictures!

  8. I had BQing as a goal, though not because I was OMG I MUST RUN BOSTON. when I started running for me (vs a team/sport) I didn’t know a whole lot about big races and what not, but I had heard of the “BQ goal” so I figured huh why not aim for that. I don’t like how the race is put on a pedestal. It’s a great race, but it’s still ‘just’ 26.2 miles.

    Umm you better find time to see me. I need to coordinate a Tues brunch.

    • Sad face- I won’t be there Tuesday! I leave Monday evening. But let’s try to meet up either Sat or Sun at some point! How can I leave Boston without seeing your face???

  9. I ran it twice, glad I did, don’t think I’d go back. Not exactly sure why but it doesn’t hold the interest it once did.

    Glad you’re getting to go and run the 5K. Good luck – and have a blast in Bean-town!! Be sure to check out the expo and leave lots of time, and bring lots of money, for it! 🙂

  10. Like you I never thought I would ever run a half marathon when I started running 2 years ago but in 12 days I will.

    I never really heard of Boston before I started blogging and reading blogs. And I admire every one who’s doing it but I admire everybody who’s running a full marathon.

    I have no intention running a full. The time you have to put into the training I just don’t want to give. The long runs I’m doing now are long enough for me.

    Have fun in Boston but I bet you will.

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