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If You Are Running Boston & You Read This Blog…READ ON!

I fully intend to include every runner who reads this blog on my sign for the marathon!  However, in an effort not to miss anyone, I ask that you leave a little note here if you are running next Monday!  You might not know it yet, but I am the loudest, most energetic, sepctator you could imagine.  A small little thing, but I carry A LOT of spunk!

So…give me your names if you are running and then watch out for me on the course! 

See you this weekend Boston kids ♥

9 thoughts on “If You Are Running Boston & You Read This Blog…READ ON!

    • I am not totally sure- I am def going to be around the 5K mark and then again at the 15K…but not sure where I plan to be towards the end. I don’t want to be in the finish crowds but I want to be near it enough to walk down after…so perhaps like mile 24ish??? No worries, you’ll see me at some point!

  1. Me Me Me 🙂 Tall Mom- Mel

    I am easy to spot, approaching Giant Status..

    So FUN To have spectators.. Generally even if I haven’t met a Blogger I will recognize them cheering.. So fun!!

  2. I can attest that her claim to being loud is fully warranted as I have met her in person! 🙂

    Please add Spike to your sign and I will see you Sunday!!!! 🙂

  3. Such a great, great idea. If only I were fast enough my name would also be on that sign 😦

    For you, I feel like I am now obligated to post little Henry pics every day. He’s a lot cuter (and less gross) than me.

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