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Last Post Before Boston!!!!

I said that yesterday too. I lied. I am not lying today.

Just a quick post to answer some questions before I head off to job #2 and then try to catch a few hours sleep before heading off to Beantown 🙂 

What is my number for the 5K? 99.  I love it! 

What am I wearing? I will be in my gray/pink Brooks shorts and black long sleeves with my brand new pink “Runs Well With Others Shirt” that I got from winning Denise’s give-a-way.  I just got it in the mail today and I am so excited!  Yeah…I am breaking the rules and wearing something new for racing, but I justify it because A- I am wearing a shirt I have worn under it and B- it’s only a 5K.  Gotta look cute 🙂

What is my anticipated 5K time? I don’t have one.  I have a time I would like to beat for 5k’s in general this year…but this is Boston.  I may never run this 5k again…I want to take everything in and have a good time.  I anticipate I will be around the 30-minute mark…little less, little more…depends on how many people I see along the way and how often I stop for photos!

What are my plans for the weekend? I arrive tomorrow morning.  After settling into the hotel, my mom and I will probably grab lunch and then hit up the expo.  I will definitely be there around 3-4pm because I want to hear Matt Long speak.  I plan to spend a lot of time at the expo. And money.  Other than the expo and the 5k, my only other plans are to sightsee around Boston with mom, meet up with as many people as possible (I am attending the Brunch at Stephanies at Newbury Sat after the 5K), spectate the marathon and take a ridiculous amount of photos!   

Where will I be during the marathon? I plan to be around the 5K mark and the 10K mark for a period of time.  At different points I’ll probably be with different people but will end up somewhere near the finish to watch you all come through!  If you are playing even the slightest bit of attention to spectators, you will see me.  I’ll be wearing a Finishing=Winning shirt, holding my sign and cheering on like mad!

How long am I staying in Boston? Our flight leaves Monday night.  I’ll have a little time after the race (you reading this Meg and Lindsay!) but then it’s off to the airport!

Hope to see you all there 🙂 


I am not bringing my laptop with me, so I anticipate having 3429874 posts to catch up on upon my return…between reading and writing and working, I might be a little MIA…hope to catch up with you all by next weekend!

8 thoughts on “Last Post Before Boston!!!!

  1. sounds like a blast!! Spectating friends are the BEST thing..next to running with them of course!! 🙂 Enjoy..can’t wait to see the pics!!

  2. Fun-filled weekend for sure! Can’t wait to hear all about it. I’m a bit MIA as well because I haven’t gotten the internet hooked up at my house yet. Should be happening this Wednesday. Hope you have a safe trip back from Boston!

  3. I just now readed this (being super productive back at work, reading blogs). But thanks for the shoutout. I ❤ you and we will see each other soon!

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