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Boston Trip Report Part 1

Wow- some of you already have your 5K reports up and some even have full weekend reports- you people are quick!!!!  In an effort to not bore you all to death with one long report, I will make this a three parter.  First part will be Saturday, the second part will be Sunday and the third will be Marathon Monday.  There are going to be lots of reports to read- my advice is to read them all- we all have a different story and perspective.  But if you cannot read them all, of course read mine 🙂

The adventure started very early Saturday morning.  I was still packing as of 1am and had to be up at 5am!  It was going to be a whirlwind weekend and sleep was going to be a hot comodidity  Mom and I were off to the airport at 7:30.  While checking my facebook at the airport, I noticed Denise was on the same flight- I got up to look for her and she spotted me right away!  So exciting to finally meet!  We have been looking for each other at local races for a long time; meeting at the airport was extra special!!!  We had a little bit to chat before the plane took off which was great!  Once boarded, the flight was only 46 minutes (love it!!!).  After we landed in Boston, I snapped a quick photo with Denise and we headed off to the T-line…the first of many trips we would make on the subway!

As soon as we got to the hotel, all we could think about was food (ok, all I ever think about it food) and we got ourselves fed.  Then it was off to the expo to pick up my bib.  Honestly, I wasn’t over-impressed with the expo.  With exception to watching the awesome video they had running and finally getting my photo with Yasso (after three failed attempts), I was disappointed.  It was ridiculously crowded and overall, I have seen better at other race expo’s.  We spent quite a bit of time there but I was ready to go after a while.


After the expo, I decided to hit the up the Bloggy Happy Hour.  Unfortunately, the actual Happy Hour never occured.  The bar knew nothing about us coming so instead it was more of a hang out in the lobby, snap some photos and have a chat session.  Regardless of how it worked out, it was so much fun- especially because I got to reunite with Morgan,  meet Aron and meet so many new great people!

By the time I left the bar, I was beat.  My mom and I were both starving so we hit up some dinner before getting back on the T-line to head to the hotel.  I laid out all my 5K stuff and headed to bed.  I slept like a baby!!!

Up next…the 5k and more bloggy lovin!!!

17 thoughts on “Boston Trip Report Part 1

  1. Nice to meet you even though it was brief. I thought we were going to hit the brunch but both Em and I felt like going to the Expo early to avoid crowds and didn’t make it. I concentrated on my fave blogger this weekend so you are the only blogger I met! Sounds like it was a great weekend.

  2. Sooooo jealous of all your fun time in Beantown and getting to meet all the famous bloggy peeps! Looks like a BLAST! Can’t wait for more of the recaps!

  3. it was the perfect way to kick off the trip! so glad we finally met and i got to see you at happy hour. now let’s not wait too long before we meet up again!

  4. how cool that you ran into denise on your flight!! i am sorrryyy i missed youuuu. but we will unite soon and become super oblivious to everything else. 😉

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